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  1. If you limit access to the stash then could you run into the problem where you couldn't pick up new items because your inventory is full? in reference to needing to drop something.
  2. I am buying a new PC for this game. I realize that might sound silly compared to the resource monsters that have come out in the past (Crysis) or will in the near future (The Witcher 3), that many people have pledged to upgrade or bought new PCs for. My rickety laptop has served me well playing the IE games, but when I backed this game I realized that it would be the one to get me back into PC gaming. I'm just currious if anyone else had to do the same? Or am I the lone guy with a pc built from the scraps of a Ford model T truck and a dozen melted down AOL CDs. I can't w
  3. To the devs a heartfelt thanks. I had always dreamed that we would be able to play games that captured the fun, strategy, and wonder of the IE games. You guys rock!
  4. I hope that these two things are fleshed out, even if they are in the same place. The stronghold seems good from previews. I just think that a $200,000 stretch goal shouldn't be combined just for convenience or because they are viewed as the same thing. The backers raised the cash and they decided how much they would need for said goal. Also if there is a second place to rest on the map then all the better. Who wants to trek across the map all of the time?
  5. That's great! I would caution though not to go too much like DnD art, I find Magic cards to have more interesting style as well as being more thought provoking.
  6. I would like to see a variation on the special effects of weapons, the fire/ice/acid/electricity is getting a bit stale, i'd like to see weapons that reduce armor effectiveness, bleeding, cripple limbs, cause effects such as dazzed or stun, have a very small chance to do something like turn someone to stone, or completely heal you (1-5% chance) not just a sword with 1d6 fire damage.
  7. "As for the artist that painted the orlan... I can say that it is the same artist that painted the image of Sagani. Rob may/may not reveal the artist in his next update. I'll leave it up to him." A Dev comment on the new update! Here's to hoping, it is a bit in his style. Sauce: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/63308-update-41-dd-dwarves-and-doors/
  8. The name reminds me of Boudica, so I wonder if they have a correlation as powerful women who ended in downfall. Great stuff!
  9. I think that a finesse fighter could be really fun, someone who can dance around the enemy's blows and strike with a rapier. "My name i Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die."
  10. Found this on the Reddit thread, that seems pretty strait forward so far, still hoping for some fun to play priests! (though as this was pointed out could just be my ignorance to how good priests/clerics were in the other games!) squiddybiscuit You mentioned in an interview that there is no resurrection, and very little healing, in Project Eternity. What exactly does that mean for the Priest, who is traditionally very big on those two things - will he basically be a combat focused class? Also, assuming there are "undead" in the game, will there be a "soul" twist to them? Obsidi
  11. Sorry! Read cleric as priest. True about the low stamina, so it might not be as bad if they are able to restore stamina.
  12. I didn't see anything about this, sorry if there is. Now that we've been told that there will be minimal, if any, healing in the game and no real resurection (besides necromatic forms) I'm currious what they will do with the Cleric class. Classically clerics are your healers and rez masters, along with a lot of magic/turning abilities against the undead. Now that the first part (and the only real part why I ever rolled them in my parties) is gone, what will be their main focus? I have a few ideas as to where they might lead/be useful, as well as a couple things that I think would
  13. I have to say that this is integeral to these games in my opinion. The scrolling logs at the bottom of the screen saved my life (and my sanity) countless times. Combat importance - In these games tactics are vitally important, an if they go with a system as complex (or more) as the DnD rules then you have to know what weapons are working and which ones aren't. Of course they can have them shout things that clue you in "This weapon does nothing??" ~ Minsc, plus I like seeing what my characters are rolling, ("Ones again!?! Start swinging that sword harder!") This also applies to spells a
  14. This was in the back of my head, when I saw the first concept art I was a little dissapointed, not becaus it's bad, but because Justin Sweets was soooo good in the IWD games! I'd fund this seperately as well!
  15. Greatness! This is (as a lot of us) exactly what I was hoping for. I do agree that the angle isn't as high as what were used to in the older games, so it causes a little hiccup in my brain, but I trust these guys and can't wait to see what's next!
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