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  1. I am a bit dissappointed. Not with the silly text change itself (who reads them, anyway), but with the idea that independent artists have to change their contents because of overreacting outrages. I might be offended by the lack of left-handers in the game, but you won't patch them in because of me, you leftphobic hipocrits. I go play Zelda! No, seriously, the game is great and Obsidian is one of the best RPG-makers out there, but my ideal of a crowdfunded hardcore fan centered badass developer game has got a crack.
  2. Yeah, as I've played Skyrim I wished, there would be a hardcore mod without marks, minimap, fast travel etc. It would totally change the gameplay, make it more "adventureous", see dark souls. So please no marks.
  3. I hope you can change the camera angle with the mouse wheel in the game. Haha, just kidding The screenshot is very promising. Hope the water will be fully animated.
  4. Hm, I'm very sceptical about $3.5 Millions, although the second city would be great.
  5. Since PE has almost $2.5 Millions now, I'm curious what were the budgets of other similar games like BG1/2, Torment, Icewind Dale and so on. Any clue or reference?
  6. One remark from my side, how the dialogs should NOT be - like in KOTOR! I love this game, but all this star wars good/evil scenario has reduced the number of decitions to one - am I good or am I evil. Decided once, you will click the corresponding dialog option again and again without thinking, because it is the only way to go your way. My all time favourite in this regard is of course Planescape:Torment, but also Dragon Age and Baldurs Gate had great dialogs.
  7. What I liked in DA:O though, was how it gathered (some?) statistics elsewhere and you could just look who's doing what % of overall damage. I'd like to see something like that, more detailed even. Overall hit percentages for characters (today/all time), hits taken, kills, damage dealt. So if you like, you can go and see who's not pulling his weight. Oh, Angry Bob cant hit worth crap with those awesome twin dualblades. Now, when you say it - it was also a great function. Not an alternative for the combat log, IMHO, but a good addition.
  8. Hello everyone, what do you think about the detailed combat log. Personally, i loved it in Baldurs Gate and KOTOR and missed it in Dragon Age. I think the combat log is the best way to understand complex game mechanics, compare weapon and armor values and improve survival chances on the very hard level. What do you say?
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