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  1. Witcher 1 is i think better in those aspects. Ok now let's change now our standpoint and focus on PC. Lying to NPCs that's a idea that is in my opinion interesting. This is hardly used in gaming !. Even wondered as I how many times NPC trusted you like you were Jesus or something ? For example after a few days of doing nothing i will comeback to quest giver and will tell him that i cleared that house from spiders and i will receive money from him. It would also mean that NPC should be more reactive meaning that if i lie to him he should do something if he realize that I lied to him
  2. Hand of developer is what must be avoided. It's standard in gaming that developer is responsible for creating, delivering and resolving events but real fun for player is when he is the one who solves problem not developer. So player must have some clues and he judges on those clues. So when you confront a villain which is accused of murdering someone and you have clues there should be no explanation like in 99% of games (hahaha yes i was the one !) but He should still say it wasn't me ! And you if you have sold proofs should judge him even if he is saying it wasn't me.
  3. Lies for sake of lies are stupid idea and I fully agree on that. What you described "agenda" is one of things of my "real lies" idea. Agenda is what drive characters and PC is not center of their story. So if event ties npc and PC, NPC must think first what he want and player is the one who will judge this. For example On crossroads you meet other NPC. You ask for direction to certain ruins and they show it on your map. Upon reaching ruins you discover those ruins were already looted by someone so you decide to drop quest and tell quest maker that ruins were already explored. Tha
  4. Well thats true but games like DS3 and Fallout 3 had quest markers. Yeah page for quest would be cool in my opinion to. Also it would be absolutely amazing if they would include not only facts but also some lore stuff. Meaning something like in Witcher 2.
  5. Thoughts ? I absolutely hate quest markers in games and moreso games that were designed around them. They take away idea of exploration and thinking and give you only point to progress story. Thanks to them you do not search for other option doing quest, you do not explore areas beside where leads quest mark.
  6. Also i think this idea needs to be tied with removing quest markers. Because quest markers simply ruing idea of exploration and thinking.
  7. Haha not only that. Even if you have solid proof they still say "No. that wasn't me" and here you are standing like idiot because you are used to thrustworthy NPC even villans and you simply doubt yourself. Section of poisoned dude and detective aspect of that comes to mind. First time after my investigation i killed Rumsmeat dude. When i was replaying game my investigation gone in different way and by the looks of it Rumsmeat was innocent. I killed him earlier because he was already mean sonofab... and i felt into trap and killed him. Whole investigation was just mind blowing **** when
  8. I know, they did but yet their implementation of this "feature" can be much much much much better. People should have their own agenda, they should sometimes lie like we do sometimes in bad way sometimes in a good way. Player should be involved and try to read NPC agenda. This also means that sometimes there is way of knowing true. Some character may lie you but player should judge if that lie was something major or not and if this change anything in player view of this character or faction. Avellone is terrific writer as we know this already but he should improve in that aspect. Less narr
  9. Shameless bump. Also to add to this debate. It was mentioned earlier in RPS article but you people should try to play Pathologic if you get chance of buying it. It is crappy game, full of junk and sometimes very bad gameplay. BUT... atmosphere, world, story and lies are 1st grade gold. As i mentioned my best game ever is PST but if Pathologic wasn't pile of crap because of gameplay that game would be my 1st and PST second. Story-wise and dialog-wise PST is better but real lies in Pathologic simply elevate game and player involvement like no other game. You simply think all the time about w
  10. Yes i know that. Good guy was used as your friend not as good guy directly. Sorry to not make it clear at first.
  11. Not at all, I don't say every NPC but simply player should't feel secure with people who he doesn't know. It's not like every NPC in game should screw you but player should think about his position, what quests could do and to not take every word from NPC as 100% true. As of Morte. There is no freaking way to miss that Morte is actually good guy. Game reminds that to you in many places and there is no chance to miss that if you are homo sapiens. Difference to my idea is execution. You should try The Void or Pathologic and see what i mean. But those aren't easy games in therm of gamepla
  12. I know that Obsidian is already using that idea but my concept is little different to that. It means that player should experience it first hand and not by developer creation,execution and resolve combo. What it means ? For example Morte. In PST for most of the game Morte lies to you. But you as player do not take any part in it. You are not the one who discover lies because you investigated and thought " wait a minute ! He said he didn't known me before then why he said that or why this man told me about him and me ? " Game stops and start dialog with Morte and you are asking qu
  13. I can't think anyone in gaming industry who can do better this than Obsidian with their quality writing heritage.
  14. That is also big part of lie game. Sometimes you cannot simply know the truth. Freespace2 ending comes close to that MAYOR SPOILERS: Whole game you are fighting with aliens which with each day are just more powerfull and future of people is rather bleak. But at the ending whole superbig fleet of aliens ship vanish in light of exploding star and they (aliens) probably didn't want to make war at all, they probably just wanted to use star and go back home. War is won, enemy run and you ask yourself for what were you fighting and if there was any enemy at all.
  15. They are already doing it in their games but those lies are mostly passive. Meaning even if you discover lie it is not that much connected with you because whole lie is created, delivered and resolved by developer not by player. Give player choice to say no or give chance of asking addition questions where outcome is not clear and if player know to some extend that this quest is fishy he can try to confront with lie and resolve problem different way. ****-ups should be part of gameplay. I wanted to be good but party A lied me and now party B hates me.
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