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  1. With all the angst ridden posts and backers being angry for no reason that have come out of the wood lately there seems to be a distinct lack of appreciation for the devs. Run on sentence much... I just want to say thank you. All the bull**** and stress that has to be involved in finally releasing your work. All the naysayers and angsty folks on the forums. You've handled it all admirably. Sit back have a drink or three and pat yourselves on the back.
  2. Agreed. I backed the project because I've always enjoyed Obsidian games. Bugs and all. They write excellent narrative and games like this let that shine through. It's a well told story you get to be part of. Appreciate that.
  3. Remember is not about a discount, is a risk, the game can be good or bad... Backing something isn't really about risk/reward. It's about having faith in certain people or certain devs to produce the product you want. When i back things I back the ones I know the devs will produce a game I like. The only risk is whether the project is completed or not. So far I've not been disappointed in any project I've backed producing a finished project I enjoyed.
  4. Started playing the new build late last night. Fought the party to the west of the first village, there at the bridge. Equipped new gear from the loot and immediately went to the weapon merchant in town to sell off the extra. Talked to the merchant, finishing all the conversation lines, then went to buy/sell. While selling I realised I wasn't sure if the armour I'd put on my newly made cipher was actually the best option. I exited the merchant UI on accident when I right clicked on the armour I wanted to compare. Since then the merchant UI will not show up with any merchant in town. I c
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