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  1. Yep, what this guy said, Just make sure you still have access to the kickstarter account and email you used for the kickstarter.
  2. Sounds like a great Idea. But like others that were concerned has voice, something like this shouldn't be a very common occurrence we should also think of the logistics of implementing a system like this. R&D is really costly >.< and I doubt obsidian has the funds to put towards something like this. Maybe in an expansion?
  3. What if.... all those places with insides that are a lot bigger than the outsides are all actually... get this... TARDIS's!!!!!1111111 ohohhohohohohoho Ok ok, I kid I kid but for the forgotten realms universe you can easily explain that some of those places are actually dimensional pockets funded by very wealthy people.... that is until you summon an extraplanar creature and NOT be sucked into another dimension or are unable to summon said creature in the first place, or you realize that the place that is a lot bigger on the inside looks like and functions as a hovel in normal society.
  4. Everyone appears to know you as a troll, well I am relatively new to these boards. Therefore, I will Humor you. I have no self image, my self esteem is so low in fact, that I would rather create characters and live in a fantastical world than contemplate my day to day life since it is so depressingly boring, mundane, and loveless outside of my own family. I have no prospects for marriage as my finances are purely dependent on hand outs from family for the moment, I really have no room to grow but sideways Until I gain the credentials needed for a better job. So to answer your question, No, it does not bother me in the least. It is fun to dwell in the realms of fantasy, but reality is always there, like the horror at the end of "Apocalypse Now," waiting in the shadows to devour your own immortal soul. Are you satisfied mr. Troll?
  5. I feel PE has a great opportunity to use tracks from lesser known artists to give them greater exposure for their good talent
  6. >.=.> <.=.< Well given my avatar is also an anthropomorphic feline of a sort, I have no choice but to support this thread and advocate a playable feline race. If the Amaumau were a feline race it would still make sense because everyone knows cats love fish :3.
  7. Sounds interesting, but if something like this is ever implemented... it has to be optional. Sounds like something WE can do for fun once we get more information about the world.
  8. Heh, I think most people do. In my case as is the case of many others, I like to escape from my reality and subject my mind to endless possibilities.
  9. Oh. Mah. Loarrrrrrrrrd! How could I Forget Okku!!!!!! But seriously, a flying CRT Monitor with limbs? Sweet. What did they do?
  10. You speak the truth about the latter section of your response. But being someone that has never played Planescape Torment I am ignorant of what bounties it may offer in terms of interesting companions, would you care to enlighten this scatterbrained fool?
  11. Hello Forumites and Members of the Obsidian Order. Given what has been revealed about the world thus far and the overall theme of the playable races revealed, it is to my understanding that we will be given a pallete of tolkien-esque playable races that may or may not be flavored in ways to make them interesting and not generic. Obviously if all the playable races were something odd like bug men, alien like slugs with psedopods for vocal speech with multiple eyes, ghosts and ghouls, or anthropomorphic/magical Animals like Gnolls, Dires Tigers, and Werebears [oh my!], then the more hard core RPG players from the 70s to early 90s will most likely drop the project altogether. Not to mention it would make it exceedingly difficult to make a compelling story centered around your actions as said creature in a different type of game world. So with these little tidbits of exposition in mind after that huge run on sentence that would make most editors consider the euthanization of such a person as I, consider the companions. Several Companions have been revealed to us already, all of them human or human looking, though the guy that looks like a mage may not be human [he kinda reminds me of the scholarly Illum from D&D]. Other than the basic and predictable backstories following human mercenaries looking for work with a troubled love life, or perhaps the scholar with his own agenda after professing interest of some sort of otherworldly quality of yourself, what sort of stories and interesting perspectives may be expressed by these companions? The Baldur's Gate Series, the Neverwinter Nights Series, Even Dragon Age have all, very successfully I might add, made me care deeply for the campions I chose to travel around with. But even then, I began to grow bored of the fact that they come from the expected and tried and true backgrounds [other than Minsc]. This Brings me to my actual point of this poorly worded Dissertation, Companions. Dragon Age Origins: Pebble[That Pessimistic Golem Statue thing with the lisp and odd sense of Humor] NeverWinter Nights 2: Neeshka[Had to Mod her to give her the Tiefling Tail] Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer: That Ghost Wraith Thing of Evil Doomy Doomyness Neverwinter Nights 2: Storms of Zehir: The Lizard Man that Guides you to his Chief Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark: Mother Fracking[the kind where you use high presure of water to break of rock for oil] DEEKIN [The Kobold Bard of awesomesauce that may or may not multiclass into Dragon Disciple and become a winged Kobold of fire breathing goodness] Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker: The Solar outsider, The WereRat What do all of these companions have in common? They are all Non Human and Come from very different baackgrounds. Why do they matter? They bring very interesting, if sometimes humorous, perspective on things in general. They allow you to view their race or their circumstance with a perspective that is otherwise unavailable when fighting their patron races be they lizard men, golems, undead, kobolds, were creatures, and planar outsiders. I feel Project Eternity can greatly benefit, story telling wise, with a companion that is not any of the playable races and is out of the Tolkien "norm." I am currently not quite sure how it would fit with Project Eternity Lore, or how awesome the team behind making the companions actually are in creating interesting and memorable characters. Creating Companions based off of class or racial stereotypes can indeed railroad the character of that Companion into a specific path, but I for one believe that creating exotic and very different companions can add more to the game than it would detract. I am not sure how my thoughts will be viewed/praised/flamed, but please talk away, I am happy to discuss things as long as things stay civil. P.S. I am not crazy nor on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Just trying to express myself after being subjected to days of boredom and instant insanity puzzles [Look up Instant insanity puzzles and realize my dilemma] P.P.S. Thank you for reading, I hope you had fun.
  12. When I heard that part of the update regarding barbaric elves, I immediately thought of this web series along with an Elven Barbarian named Edda In some of the later episodes she faints from exhaustion :D that -2 to con.
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