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  1. Ok this will be a very quick bug fix I think, Saganis head has different color then the rest of her body,please fix it it makes me insane...
  2. I dont know bout Karkarov but I fought a dragon. The easiest way to kill such is with a long spear or halberd and targeting the belly as it swoops down on ya. You need a shield also to protect urself from fire. The best way to kill a dragon though is with harpoons. You have to think a strategy how to catch such a beast. THe easiest way is to circle it as it is asleep. Then you just shoot from all sides and hold the lines allowing someone to strike his heart with a long spear. Dream If you want to kill a dragon just visit the lodge of the dragon hunters up in Canada they will show you some of the beasts.
  3. 1:24 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn3q3XYWUNU It looks really ineffective If u look closer they dont try to hit eachother, its obviously because this is only for the show but still you see how hard it is to hold two swords at once ?
  4. WAIT ! I just had a much better Idea. Maps of areas. You could buy them from some shopkeepers. Maps of some areas. If you would buy such a map the whole area is revealed of course without the encounters.
  5. This is tricky but I would just make some points on the map that are vital. If u walk to this points for example cave, temple, lake, hat in forest the whole FoW dissapears( ofc the transparent one leaves but I hope it would have a bigger radius in IE games its tooooooo small ) Or just erase the FoW like in Sacred. In sacred FoW was only on the mini map.
  6. No. I hope there will be no shapeshifting and stupid stuff like that what u can see in DnD. DnD is the least making sense fantasy setting in the World IMHO I prefer Westers or Adventuria much much much much more than Faerun which has only a cool name of the continent.
  7. Personally I dont like buffing AT ALL I didnt buffed my party in any of the IE games. The same goes for stupid potions like Thiefing mastery potions and stuff like that. Wouldnt be it harder to play without all this buff thingies ? Its harder and more realistic. And healing like using bandages and stuff should be only available after battles.
  8. I dont like the class ranger in DnD ... I mean animal companions like bears ? Cmon gimme a break. Dual weilding ? Useless, as cool as it looks its just not practical to use two swords at once. Rangers shouldnt wear any armor at all. I would love to see ranger made more realistic. DnD isnt really a good example from which u should take ur inspiration from. I personally recommend you to take a look at The Dark Eye which is IMHO superior to DnD.
  9. I hate to much variety. I love the classics. First of all I love animals in the woods like deer,moose,bears,fox,wolves and so on. They should behave like animals too, hunt eachother eat plants and deer should run away quickly. Wolves and bears should not attack at once they should roar and growl and suddenly jump on you. That would be awesome. If it goes for undead I dont want to see flaming skeleton warrior of vengeance and stuff like that :| this is always pretty stupid. Skeletons should have a variety of armors and weapons which are of course worn and rusted but still. Well. I dont like to much variety because in our world we dont have to much variety either ( in one region ofc ) I dont like to have my immersion destroyed by greater flaming poisonous basilisk of vengeance if you know what I mean. I prefer to make the creatures more detailed each one with their own original behaviour and habitat instead of just making random monster and throw them at you.
  10. I like the Amauan warrior. I find it cool where as the wizard looks really dumb. He should be looking more savage. Actually I would love to see the Amauan look more like the savages from the 13th Warrior ! http://c.wrzuta.pl/wi10244/0a40367b00068bd84ff8a2b0/trzynasty_wojownik LET DEM BE KILLIN ! and the orlans... I HOPE they will not look like ferengi. Maybe they could look like that ;D ! http://www.obviouswinner.com/storage/post-images/human-yoda-1.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1349134650826 Isnt that awesome looking ? Yoda with human skin and a robe ? A fantastic example of Orlan wizards.
  11. Im just playing BG and I walk into every house because I think there might be interesting encounters or quests which is pretty darn unrealistic. Who in Moradins name would walk froom door to door and look into someones house. Therefore there should be a knocking mechanic. You knock on the door someone is answering. - Hello, who is this ? -We are mercenaries have you any job for us ? - NOPE GO AWAY Done. At night it should take loooonger to answer and ppl should be mad that you are knocking. They wont open. If you wanna play a thief than you just knock and if no one answers u go in and at night u just go in. Wouldnt that be cool ?
  12. Hey maybe they should name the game just like the continent of the setting ? This would be cool.
  13. I would rather have a normal character,boring,average looking,with no ambitions,and he likes to drink. I have enough that my team conists of odd indivduals who have an AMAZING past that u wouldnt even dream off ! Minsc was cool but do we really want a character who talks to vermin and acts all kinda of herp derp ? HODOR ?! No thanks. I want a cool normal guy who works for his money being a mercenary.
  14. Sacreds quests and monsters were random, or at least felt that way. It was big with lots of stuff, but it still felt empty. Maybe thats just my opinion though. No,no ur totally right. Sacred was visually Awesome but it was booooring
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