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  1. Much as I think that the Ice Temple interior is maybe my second least favourite part of IWD2, (after the Fire Domain... urgh that is frustrating) I really don't think the problem with it lies in its puzzles which are pretty simplistic, but more that for an area where you have to do several things it feels fairly directionless. As I say the puzzles aren't that hard but it is structured in a fairly abstract way with no reason to make the leaps of logic required to assume that battle square = getting bedroom key or those random phrases you know for the portrait for no explicable reason get you
  2. Just started another play through of IWD2 and was reminded of how aggravating and over the top the intense amount of puzzles were in the Ice Palace level. I try not to use walkthroughs at all and hope with PE there are not areas with insane amounts of puzzles to complete like the ice palace, kills the game atmosphere for me and my hardcore Shield Dwarf axe wielders, with their low IQ they get bored quickly.
  3. Yes??.....Please!!!!, Maybe?? His talent sets the epic feeling for all titles he has worked on... But I know .... its probably way out of budget for the PE project... that's if he was even available Ohhh well, a half crazed barbarian can dream anyway....cant he
  4. Probably don't have to worry about this one. I don't think any of us want another Hawke. you think wrongly then while you may be right that many people on this board will share this opinion, i for one, and i'm sure i'm not alone on this, think that few things can lift a game up as much as a well voiced main character the mentioned dragon age 2 (at least the female hawke, which i played), aquanox2 and alpha protocol are only some examples that profited massively from well voiced main characters on the contrary, i would say the missing voice acting for the main char in games like disho
  5. They don't need to hire ANYONE at all. For God's sake, give me Microsoft's Sound Recorder and I'll create a bunch of wav files for the game. Make it believable and sincere, add some persistence and anyone will break into the voice over field. It simply takes desire and passion to voice a character. Agreed Fel, but without the voice being "believable and sincere" it would then be useless and a waste of time and money thus making it very important to pick voice actors that have some experience in the field and not just any wannabe Ok, ok back to my tenth play through of IWD2, I know,
  6. What I'm really looking for, and BTW thanks for the input everyone , is at least having all npc's with voiced dialog the first time that you encounter them, this concept was very weak in games like IWD and BG as someone mentioned above more than a few npc's in those titles should of had their initial meeting voiced. "Initial meeting only" voice design on all important and some secondary npc's would give the player a solid more realistic foundation to work with in their own imagination when trying to evaluate an npc's position and personality in the world and will help aid the player in making
  7. Will we have to do a lot of dialog reading like the ole IWD classics or will we be treated to top notch voice acting? God Speed!
  8. May he be of thee elect and escorted by Angels into the presence of God..
  9. Splitting time between IWD, ME2, DAO Again!
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