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  1. A key that illuminates all loot on the ground and visible items that can be interacted with. In isometric games it can sometimes be difficult to see where things like doors are because of the fixed angle. Hidden things you would still need to poke around for and secret doors wouldn't show up either.
  2. What if it was the other way around: not that you would sacrifice a companion to save a village, but would you sacrifice a village to save a companion? And what would that companion do if they found out? Could make for some very awkward conversations... I'd like to see it.
  3. Ouroboros are for fantasy.Mobius strips are for sci-fi. Don't you know anything? Well, firearms imply steampunk which is the combination of sci-fi and fantasy. Can we have a Mobius/Ourorborus strip... symbol thing?
  4. I think if you went around killing companions whenever you wanted, it wouldn't do well for the morale of the remaining companions. Machievelli did say that it was better to be feared than loved, but also warned about becoming hated. I think the BG system of 'hey, let's split up now but maybe join up again later' or 'don't let the door hit you in the backside on the way out' is enough. Technically you could also kill them at any point, but you could just revive them again and there wasn't any gameplay impact. (although it was the easiest way to break up the Khalid/Jaheira and Minsc/Dynaheir pairs)
  5. Well, it's not like Bethesda has a history of suing people over incredibly stupid things that they don't have copyrights to, like the word 'scrolls'... Oh, wait...
  6. Hearing some of the talk about Baldurs Gate reminded me of something. In BG1 whenever you opened the inventory the game would automatically unpause. This meant that it suddenly became very important to know exactly what the tooltip of an item said or what inventory slot it was in, because seconds matter. For BG2 they went the opposite route and automatically paused for the inventory, so you had time to look at what you had and determine your next move. I think the BG1 inventory is an example of how not to make your game 'hardcore difficult'. It favors those who memorize everything and punishes those who aren't as experienced with the game. With the BG2 system the battle itself can be just as difficult but treats players more fairly. If you weren't playing the game for the nth time or using a guide and didn't know that a vampire/basilisk/mind flayer/whatever was ahead, how are you supposed to respond if you can't get the item out in time?
  7. I would like to see some kind of kensai-type class that wields a weapon that is the physical embodiment of their soul. And with the right skill you can change it between sword/axe/spear/gun etc. Some cool animations and sound effects to accompany the transformation would be cool.
  8. Since the purpose of Kickstarter is to raise money, it would be counter-productive to spend money to advertise... that they're raising money.
  9. And the tooltips should be CORRECT! Some games it seems do the balancing last and update the effect of an ability but never go back and document what change they made, leaving the poor ignorant player holding the mislabeled bag.
  10. Since we now know that firearms of some kind will be included, what will the differences be between them and the standard bow/crossbow?
  11. That leads to homogeny at higher levels though once people figure out what the best builds are. Each class should be able to do something impossible for any other class.
  12. I would much prefer improved specialization within a base class rather than multiclassing 3e style. Prestige classes are ok, but they sometimes required multiple feats or a high skill level that wasn't very useful other than to qualify.
  13. I see it being something like Watcher's Keep from BG2. It was a new location with quests, npcs and loot (oh, the loot!) that you couldn't find anywhere else. I don't know if the storyline could be considered 'major' but that is easily fixable.
  14. I don't know how possible this would be but... how about some branching at the end of the main storyline based on random chance. Let's say that as you're getting ready to finally track down the Big Bad it could turn out: 1) The BB was really a different person/faction tricking you 2) The BB is taken out by an outside force that you knew about in the game but had assumed were relatively passive (think a massive Qunari invasion at the end of DA2, or even DA:O) 3) The BB really is the BB Just think it would add more spice if the villain wasn't always the same every time. And if the 3 scenarios each had different tactics/weaknesses it would discourage min/maxing if players couldn't be sure what to prepare for.
  15. Maybe they can put multiplayer as a $10 million stretch goal? @Sarog So true; Bioware gives us crap (DA2 and the ME3 ending) and Obsidian gives us cake!
  16. I'm surprised why we haven't seen this in games already. IRL I've been flirted with by a gay person before, told him I wasn't interested and he moved on. No big deal. Maybe in games your character instinctively knows which characters are amenable to their affections and will avoid showing affection to anyone else. I mean, unless you've played the game before or are using a guide how would you know ahead of time if someone were interested in your character or not?
  17. This is an excellent question, and I'm suprised this is the first time I have seen it. The only two things I can use to guess the game's main theme is the name and the discussion of souls; shattered souls, unbroken souls etc. So perhaps it has to do with reincarnation and a battle that continues across time and through countless generations (see my avatar )? There's definitely potential there. I think the mature theme would be 'Do I continue the struggle like I have in my previous lives? Do I try to find a way to end the cycle? Or, if I think the cycle will continue no matter what I do, go the hedonist route and get as much out of this life as possible'? (tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TakeAThirdOption)
  18. I support the ideas put forward in this thread, but fear that with a topic name like this the trolls and bigots will soon take over...
  19. I think the way an idea like this would work best is if Obsidian posts the categories and the fans do the voting. That way there wouldn't be an impossible to implement idea (ie: playable dragon race) that gets 85+% support. The danger here is that if a less popular feature were included but a more popular feature was not the FANBOI RAEG would become difficult to contain, especially here on the official forums.
  20. As far as I can tell, those that oppose including romance fall into three basic categories: 1) I don't like romance/romance in games doesn't belong -I have nothing against this opinion, but the idea that nobody should have the option because you yourself wouldn't take it/don't like it is difficult to justify. 2) Romances in other games were done poorly -Here I agree completely. Romances in many (perhaps most) other RPGs that have them were shallow/tacked-on/badly written. That is a reason for them not to be included in THOSE games, not necessarily THIS game. Other games have bad combat/inventory/character creation. Does that mean that those can't be high quality in this game? 3) There is a limit to the amount of money/time/manpower available for this game and the inclusion of romances will result in some other feature (usually not specified) that I and everyone else want more -A romance requires additional work by the writer(s) and the voice actors. Things like coding and QA would be required for a romance or whatever other preferred feature people might want instead so I'll call that a wash. Judging by the high level of activity in this thread and the breakdown of the poll results romances seem to be a popular feature. If you have any specific suggestions for how the writing staff and VA should spend their time that we the fans might like better I'd love to hear it. However, the idea that Obsidian should not have romances but have better animations/UI/graphics/etc instead is misleading, those resources are not easily transferable.
  21. While the idea of firearms in a fantasy RPG can be wonky; I do want the game (which includes them) so I vote yes.
  22. Based on the Eurogamer interview, it actually sounds like rather than the stretch goal adding a race to character creation it would add a new race to the game. So without that goal it wouldn't just be that your character can't be a gnome, but that gnomes don't even exist. (At least that was my understanding). As for the new region, note that it is tied with a new faction. I would compare this to F:NV which also had factions. The powder gangers, great khans, and fiends all had areas they were based in, but they weren't unique 'region' hubs. I would interpret this stretch goal as saying that they would be upgraded to the NCR's military base (and outposts), House's New Vegas or the Legion's camp.
  23. I don't think you can judge the limitations of a companion interaction system (like the lockouts) based on KOTOR2. When the development schedule was slashed for that game, who knows what was intended to be included but ended up being cut.
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