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  1. Isn't the game coming out next year, anyway? They could announce the backer site in December and possibly still have things ready. You also have to consider the fact that Kickstarter itself only allows a single survey to be given out per project, in which case Obsidian has to be absolutely sure that those who donated that way get a survey they can rely on. If they send one out to me today, and I unexpectedly have to move next month, we're all screwed (except for the lucky sods what have moved into my home).
  2. Or perhaps you have to hunt down the new life the soul was supposed to replace and kill that instead? It would certainly not help a necromancer's reputation if his work involved killing off pregnant women or destroying entire families to be sure.
  3. I don't really see it as a problem- if someone wants to powergame their way through the game, more power to them, I say. It might be also be nice to go hog wild as some high-powered superhero your next game through. After all, there's nothing stopping you from simply starting up a new character, and a New Game+ shouldn't be too much of a strain on Obsidian, as well as affording additional player options.
  4. Have you checked with your bank yet? Some banks have a per-day purchase/transaction limit on their cards; it's what happened to me at any rate. That being said, I also donated via PayPal, because I want Obsidian to have more of my money. You go, guys!
  5. This is good to hear; I just hit my card's daily spending limit, and hearing that I can add-on in a few hours is heartening!
  6. Problem is, that could screw people like me, who find that their pledges aren't going through (seriously, I must've tried at least 6 times).
  7. $323; $250 tier, $30 shipping/handling, $25 black Obsidian shirt, $10 playing cards, $8 title. Or at least, that's how it'd be if my damn payment goes through, stupid Amazon. Why won't they take my freakin' money?!
  8. Righto! Looks like Amazon's loss is PayPal's (and Obsidian's) gain! EDIT: So just to be sure, this is the process I'll have to go through: 1) 'Donate own amount' option 2) Donate the $$$ I want to, with shipping, physical goods and tier level in the 'Special Instructions' box 3) ??? 4) Obsidian profits! Am I correct?
  9. Well, they were drunk Also, remember that KotOR 2 was released half a year ahead of the schedule Obsidian planned for thanks to Lucasarts wanting to get the holiday crowd, and they still came out with a diamond in the rough, so even if they stay true to the 18 month project, they're going to make something good again. Also bear in mind that South Park should be finishing soon; combining the money and manpower from that game with the resources from this Kickstarter, I think they can finish by 2014, if not by April, of course.
  10. Hey there, Amazon is being stupid and won't process my payment (I've tried at least 6 times!), so screw 'em. If I donate via PayPal, I can still include extra money for physical goods and shipping etc.? You guys will still send an email?
  11. Will those levels have drugs and hookers, though? This is important Seriously though, congrats!
  12. Seriously, if I could do this, I would. Unfortunately, all I have is the Internet...
  13. Where AP's PR went wrong was advertising it as a shooter, I think; it was an RPG with RPG mechanics, and the reactivity was top-notch. How many times have you played through it, and how different were the playthroughs? Professional Ninja Thorton is VERY different from Shotgun **** Thorton.
  14. True, but if push came to shove, I'd say plot. Skyrim, Oblivion etc. had an interesting setting, but I had more fun playing them on the tabletop (my DM just ported in D&D 4e) than I did in the games themselves. I just never felt 'involved' in anything.
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