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  1. http://www.femininebeauty.info/f/stunkard.obesity.stigma.pdf Gluttony is a sin. Honestly fat acceptance is a more modern thing and it would be very weird if people got fat everywhere considering the diets available. Perhpas theyre is some really addicting magic candy or something or curse but beyond that I dunno man. Don't play with sin.
  2. Yeah, would be interesting to see if they make a spiritual sequel in the future but PE won't be that, it'll be a combination of the big IE games which is a very different (although good) thing. And my first reaction on seeing the PE kickstarter with the setting and everything was that they had decided to let everyone do their thing which is very good for a company . Hopefully there will be space in the future for a small PS:T like project but atm it will be very exciting to see how PE fares!
  3. The biggest change is **** PUBLISHERS. There are plenty of AAA game that benefit from publisher backing and huge marketing waves but it just feels good that there is a healthy alternative to selling your soul to a publisher for no profit or ownership of IP. So publishers probably won't care super-much but developers who want to make niche games and actually earn real money might.
  4. I think jargon is important. Biemhac will be no problem if you encounter the word before the fact, like some nasty tales which might set a good impression and give a more specific feeling rather than a generic functional word. I'm all for the jarg
  5. I hope they make no sacrifices in quality for quantity.
  6. I honestly think it is a compination of conservative RPG makers and avoiding paying for a license. Tbh a Torment sequel would do ways better today I think considering how much bigger PS:T has gotten.
  7. It's not 2d in baldurs gate, it's pre-rendered 3d. Personally I'd love that instead of dynamic 3d.
  8. OP here and I agree. I just want to clarify that this wasn't the point of my thread but rather how the updates didn't really go into the lore that much or that the goals didn't reflect it much either and I felt a need to voice my opinion, you'd be suprised at the people who sometimes are angry and never says anything because they've grown out of their rage pants and thus gives no feedback. With the Ziets goal + lore coming I am happy. Unless the lore part is really sucky that is, but I doubt it .
  9. This is what they have hinted at earlier but not really shown yet concretely how they will do, which is the worrying part. But the lore update is soon upon us, so we'll have to see then .
  10. Yup, great stretch goal. Tomorrow will be even more interesting when we get some lore and get to see that screenshot .
  11. I have a friend who is convinced the game will be just a hack and slash action-game and almost withdrew his pledge. I just told him that he should trust Chris Avellone and that the game will be great. And I tried all the rational ways of explaning why the updates are all about the mechanics and all but it didn't sway him. So that is why I signed up on the forum to rage about the lack of good updates on the story and vagueness of the games actual elements. It didn't really affect me as I'm a huge PS:T fanboy and enjoy dungeoncrawlers too but it really hit me seeing a person who love RPGs like Fallout and stuff be really put off by the updates and made me take the updates lack of motivation for our "niche audiance" more seriously. So I tried to voice my concern to see if Obsidian could release some info / goal that would quiet my doubting friend and hopefully pull in more . It's almost ironic how revealing more about your game "compared to DFA and Wasteland 2" can cause lots of problems and weird expectations in many and they demand to know more.
  12. You are right. Sorry. If anyone was offended by my rage post, I apologize. It was just that I read the new update and was very dissapointed and then I came to the forum and saw lots of people just writing it off. "They do what they have to do to get more money", no they are not, they are making bad assumptions about their userbase. We don't want pets or tacked on levels to a dungeon, we just want a solid good game and even hard as it may, they should create good stretch goals which really get you excited about the game and want to have in. But perhaps it's just me who thinks like that . Also wasteland 2 at 165? Seems pretty weird choice to me. Most want the cheapest "get the game" pledge so a 35-40 would've been more appropriate even though I think most RPG fans has already pledged for that game.
  13. Another sucky update. Guys, you guys suck too for sucking it. I'm still excited for this game because it's probably just the PR guy being bananas. Seriously, why can't we just get information about the game and pledges that jumps the quality of the game in big increments? Btw, don't defend ****ty tiers by saying "it does what it has to pull in money". We are gamers here, we want cool tiers that make a better game. Not a ****ing optional unfitting pet. They should've just prepared this kickstarter better beforehand, might've gone way better, but hey, they made it atleast .
  14. If they could really "WOW!" people with a video, I think they could get more backers and people upping their pledges. Mega dungeon is just a boring idea that doesn't inspire as there is nothing that sets it apart from any dungeon in any game (from what we know).
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