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  1. I would be happy for a remake of VTM:B. Enhanced Graphics Fix the bugs Add the cut content change the endings so its not a gun fest and those who focused on social/stealth would have a way to finish it without combat More endings Add new content, BUT have it respect the original world, do not modernize it or add modern social issues in any way shape or form, the game was loved because it WAS the wod universe, gothic punk, sexy and not politically correct. Easy Modding options If they make a VTMB 2, the same thing, respect the original game world for what it is, there is a reason people loved the game so much that it was patched by fans for years. Do not change the formula! keep it gothic punk, sexy, very mature and awesome. Probably best to keep it set in the 80 and early 90's for the gothic punk feel. Oh, one other thing. Its a long shot, but could you add vive/vr support? VR is amazing and I got the VTM:B to work with the DK2 years ago and just walking around the WOD universe was freaking cool. Long shot, but Never hurts to ask.
  2. Part 1? uggh, please do not say we are doing episodic content for expansions, that...just no. On a side note, they are partnering up with paradox interactive which is exciting because they are the ones with the amazing crusader kings II franchise. I am very interested in the details of how that partnership will work, if PI gets to put its own content in, then I hope to see obsidian give them free reign and let them put whatever they want in and not try to micromanage or censor their content.
  3. I am definitely in the whole rest mechanic sucks category. Especially for the wizard class, if I known how bad it was I would have picked something else for my main character than this broken class. All the rest mechanic does is force people not to play wizards, but hoarder gun singers who use boring rods to attack, but never use their spells because running back to an inn to rest or restock is just too tedious. Sure, it was ok a couple of times, but after the dozenth It just became unbearable. I think an options setting would be the best, to turn off the system or at least adjust it. Something that might have been a sort of middle ground solution is that if the map is free of monsters/hostiles you should get a free rest in that area (there is literally NOTHING to attack you, so why can't you rest)? Also, gaining talents to turn your spells into per encounter would have made leveling up/talents much more enticing. Regardless, the rest mechanic is probably the worst things about this game to me and I really wish it would go.
  4. In JRPG's that is what they do (minus comic book bubbles, it is just text at the bottom), along with having different expressions (surprise, happy, angry, embarrassed, sad, thoughtfull..etc). It works really well. Another thought is including art scenes (again, like JRPG's do it). This is during iconic moments like introducing characters, or important events, or just interesting scenes. An example, when you go to interact with one of your companions you left behind, it will switch to an art drawing of them reading a book, or practicing bow with a text describing the scene in detail. Something like the art/text scenes that popup sometimes, but with actual full art in them.
  5. Well, motivations vary why people would choose to be evil. Some are just naturally twisted individuals, the old revenge route is well known to turn good people evil, more dark grey characters do evil things for self interest (think mafia killing rivals, leaving horse heads in bed..etc or just general assassins), then you have the temptation of evil. Worship an evil god for vast power, but the god requires you to do evil things, or maybe someone does evil things for survival, take catching a disease like vampirism, requires you to be a parasite on people which will obviously loosen a few Morales after a while.
  6. Added a bit to the game having to watch how many spells I had left and how many camps I could set before having to head back. A lot of the time I ran into extra camping supplies and made it a pretty far way without having to return to a vendor but there are areas where you will have to oblige, quit your mission and go stock up. It's a mechanic of the game that works and does add that slight layer of "difficulty", or tedium might be a better word. It's not like the enemies will respawn and you have to fight back through them. It only makes it so you can use up your spells and some actions, so it isn't quite as easy to plow through the game. The mage would be ridiculously overpowered if you could just spam your strongest attacks on everyone over and over. So now you have to manage them and who deserves the strongest. And yes, camping supplies would be used up after one use; firewood, food, tinder, etc. cavemandiary is right. Theurgist, no offense but the way your complaining sounds like you'd be happier just button mashing mage attacks over and over? All I can imagine removing the mechanic would accomplish is cutting a few hours out of the game. It's already short enough. I think you're right for sure. I agree with you. But I do think that we should at least be able to sleep for free at a camp that you killed all the enemies at already, and no enemies are nearby. I think that's practical. But they don't allow you to do that at least. Even in a cave, when you've killed everything - there is nothing to stop you from resting but the game restricting you in such an unrealistic sense. I mean... a game with some realism in it, I would expect them to at least let us sleep where no enemies are and a camp is already present. But they just don't. That's just what I think. It would be a vast improvement (and it would make sense) that if you kill all the enemies on the map you are on (or dungeon level) you should get a free rest there.
  7. I would love to see an RPG game where you can actually play evil and have an evil party. Maybe a darker version of Villains by Necessity (evil was defeated and good rules the world, now evil character ban together to bring evil back to the world). Or even better would be to use something like the amazing Fire Mountain's Way of the Wicked pathfinder adventure path books for villain characters.
  8. The "rules" are bad design and forcing everybody to play a way that is the opposite of fun. Not casuals, but long time RPG players. The monsters are not really hard in POE, in fact someone pointed out that wizards actually slow your party down and its better not to include them at all and use other classes instead. Let me repeat that, WIZARDS SLOW YOU DOWN COMPARED TO OTHER CLASSES. The talk of balance is a joke, wizards got the shaft. So you like to conserve your spells and use the rod or whatever instead? Good for you, your not playing a wizard, but a gunslinger and probably using your other characters more than the wizard. I would actually like to use my wizard to do wizard things. It is not a cheat to ask them to fix their horrible broken rest system.
  9. That is a strawman and you know it. Nobody (as far as I have seen) has asked for reduced enemies, easier enemies, or anything like that, and it is not a cheat because it is the EXACT same thing that was in previous RPG's. The current system is just broken POS with a bad philosophy designed around it. Again, I ask how putting in an OPTION in a SINGLEPLAYER game will affect you or anybody else? It simply doesn't affect your game in any way, shape, or form than what it is now unless you just cannot control yourself and you have to click the checkmark in the options menu. Yes, there is a cheat command, but that does not fix the horrible game design that is baked into the game. As for balance I disagree, the game is broken for wizards, your not playing a wizard, your playing a gunslinger. Which reminds me, it is funny how enemy wizards are not nerfed by the system and do not need to stick to only rods and wands to attack.
  10. This was one thing I loved in VTM:B, you got very different reactions and dialog options based on your character (bloodline, sex..etc). The whole thing about POE that individual philosophy is more important than race/sex/species just comes off as totally unbelievable. Especially when we have things like torture, incest, child killing and other things in POE. Yet people are able to look beyond their race/species/sex..etc? Again, (for the sake of argument) while I can almost see the same species sticking together because they are the same species, there is no way they would be that way to other species.
  11. That is one of the problems I notice a lot, the different races do not really feel different but, more like reskinned humans most of the time. That is something that always bugs me in games, whether it is fantasy races or aliens. I am like, why even have different races then?
  12. Simplification? We asked for a game like the old RPG's which allowed you to rest anytime(not saying it was perfect, but its a million times better than this bad POE bad design). This isn't simplification, this is just unnecessary unfun timesink forced on people needlessly. Not asking to remove it for everybody, just an option to turn it off for people who find it unfun and breaks the fun of the game. How does the option hurt anybody in a singleplayer game?
  13. Yea, especially when you rest and suddenly its night, should just rest till morning or give you an option on when to wake up.
  14. The loading times are ridiculous and the game is not optimized at all. Why are some of the small areas not all combined on a single map with boundaries to keep it separate (looking at you stronghold!)? Also, why can't we have multiple maps (that are near each other) loaded up at once? When you transition you just switch maps inside the ram instead of loading and unloading the areas. This game requires a lot of transition screens and this is not even including the oh, so wonderful (/s) rest mechanic that makes you have to trek back eventually to restock tent supplies or rest.
  15. A) Yea, if you are a high level wizard and your spells are too weak, it will feel broken. B) Wizards casting time is already long, adding more and most of the fights will already be over by the time you cast your first spell. There is still no valid arguments against including an option to turn off resting limitations. It is a singleplayer game, it changes nothing for other people who still want to use the current system. That's fine, but in the same vein it should be in a menu that has options for Monks using their abilities without needing wounds, and Chanters be able to use their invocations with no restrictions. As it happens you're in luck and this is somewhat accessible from the console. As far as the mechanic goes the idea was a strong one but as long as people are getting round this by backtracking and resting constantly it's just not working. I'm never a fan of soft restrictions like this anyway because people will frequently use the path of least resistance, even if it isn't good for them. If that's you though then the best solution is probably to force yourself to abide by the limits as designed. Don't rest until your characters are all out of resources AND are low on health. If that's still not getting through with the supplied resources then try turning the difficulty down. If you think it's boring for a character not to be using all his resources every fight remember he's just 1 character out of 6. Control them as a group and consider when it's best to use which characters resources. I cannot speak for the other classes, I can only speak about wizards since that is my primary class and the only one I have seen people really have issues with. The wizard is clearly broken compared to the other classes because of the rest mechanic. Saying to ignore my character and just stick with other characters is silly. I picked wizard because that is what I wanted to play, but thanks to the system you do not play that, you play a bad gunslinger instead. It is just not fun. Again, can easily be fixed with an option to turn off rest limits. Having to resort to a mod to fix the broken system does not fix the broken system.
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