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  1. I'm not so sure that I'd say that Durance and GM belong in the asylum. I'd say that Durance belongs in a Magranic monastery, while GM needs a lot of psychological counseling. It's not like GM can't function out in the world. But her issues are pretty severe. And I agree about Eder. His problem is entirely something that many people can relate to. And he's very laid back and likeable. I guess people miss the point that when you the protagonist have psycological Warden issues and nearly every member in your party is somewhat unstable it tones down the variety and immersion of each c
  2. womanhood/maternity grieving mother stuff, she clearly has issues, case in point. lol though you guys picking a single word out on me though
  3. Let my point this out to you, this is a long read but ive taken great depths to pinpoint every aspect for your reading pleasure. Hmm where to start with this game, I was enthralled with anticipation at this game from the beggining and had high hopes for it with all the trailers out, I had watched for the kickstarter. My first character was a wild female orlan cipher and having no idea of the lore involved I greatly enjoyed all the glossary references and easy to access information. My character quickly developed into a crossbow and was heavy into support/high damge. Characters se
  4. Honestly I am confused as to the extreme low score you have given over a few simple language issues instead of aspects like core gameplay, graphics and lore. You rank it 3, which means your accounting over half your score over the labeling of titles/people/places ect. You claim to say the stronghold was dull but I mean seriously you are for one thing an intruder so people are not going to be very talkitive and secondly there is about 4 or 5 different ways to finish that quest. I have been tempted to write my own review in due course but its doubtful that anyone would actually read it with
  5. With Durance use Prayer with the damage perk ability, if your a priest as well it does nearlly 90% damage, its pretty nuts. I always found shadows ALWAYS go for your magic user so just buff him up. Never fight with a maimed character also because they always teleport to that one as well.
  6. I was always annoyed with the explanation of Adra. Simply put I was looking for a weakness agaist the Adra dragon and so I read all the Adra details saying it was conductive ect but nothing about what makes the material weak to use in my combat spellcasting and enchantments ect. Meh I never really cared about what exactly Adra other than that one moment.
  7. Technicly your working for Dunryd Row as your faction but Crucible knights I choose over the lot as your pretend faction, Seems a fairly obvious choice cause the rest were just plain rude to me. I don't care about alignment but if npc are rude to me ill kill them the first possible chance I get by the way BugsVendor is that avatar a pic of the actor who plays Margery Tyrell in game of thrones lol? Quite funny
  8. The problem lies with the dispositions being at the start because you have not expanded your character enough to make low costing alternitive personality choices like that. I actually missed out on the passionate one at the start with my priest, I had the benovolent choice at the end but not enough Perception to continue on. (I like dialog options but my char does not buff soley for dialog with items he is kind of support/tank with dual weild flail and my god (eothas lol) he kicks butt when prayer perk/spell gives him all those bonuses. Edit; I forgot to mention Aristocrat has a tonne of d
  9. I would of thaught Goldpact and Magran got the most so far ive experienced in dialog choices. I am sure its not too hard to add a few more choices into the mix especially since this game has pushed back away from the baldurs gate style of killing in combat to gain exp. Its dialog scripting, was it really that hard to write a few more characteristic choices and pad this game out a bit more? The game really focuses on the main story and nails this without a doubt but ask yourself what really was the point of even choosing a diety or a background if it makes no relivance at all.
  10. I am doing a Male version of essentially the same thing as you, except its from some different regional background. I think the one with the crumbling empire give +1 int or something. Massive spoilers ahead! The most Eothas dialog options ive had so far have been in Guilded Vale, not even in the city so far. You would think picking a piece of the godhammer bomb and submitting it to the priest and try and have the option of converting her to a different faith (because she fails at following Magran i.m.o) or some conflict with Durance would happen but there is absolutely nothing so far.
  11. Or you can just petrify her for 20 seconds and then destroy her. I read somewhere they have stealth-nerfed it. No idea, but it was always resisted when i beat her yesterday, including every other prone/sleep spell. Interestingly enough Eders knockdown worked every time. Just send your tank in with the best defense gear, stay at max range with everythone else and unload at her/heal your tank. Was very uninteresting in the end. I didnt even need stealth, the dragon triggers to attack you if you get too close to his horde and why risk your tank endurance untill the very end.
  12. Hmmm I didn't full on hate any character and wanted them perma removed. Edar and Durance I liked the most Kana I liked his character but seriously I wanted to shut him up every ecounter plays that combat chant sound. Sagani was ok, pretty standard character dialog but still was interesting enough to keep her till the end of my first playthrough Aloth, worth keeping combatwise but character dialog is hugly amusing especially with edar Grieving mother: voted her because she was constantly moping and couldnt get over herself, Felt sympathy at the start but by the end I really wanted her t
  13. Yes, might as well activate god mode while your at it.
  14. first time was like wtf, ok fine you want an o.p attack thats fine. This is 90% chance working ratio of how to kill the damn adra dragon. I think this is the biggest foolproof method ever TO KILL THE DRAGON (feel free to repost just give me credit )
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