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  1. I'm not so sure that I'd say that Durance and GM belong in the asylum. I'd say that Durance belongs in a Magranic monastery, while GM needs a lot of psychological counseling. It's not like GM can't function out in the world. But her issues are pretty severe. And I agree about Eder. His problem is entirely something that many people can relate to. And he's very laid back and likeable. I guess people miss the point that when you the protagonist have psycological Warden issues and nearly every member in your party is somewhat unstable it tones down the variety and immersion of each character. I would of liked to see something more domestic or buisness to be taken care of quests involved or even aquiring some rare item like a flower to cure some slow leathal poison just off the top of my head.
  2. womanhood/maternity grieving mother stuff, she clearly has issues, case in point. lol though you guys picking a single word out on me though
  3. Let my point this out to you, this is a long read but ive taken great depths to pinpoint every aspect for your reading pleasure. Hmm where to start with this game, I was enthralled with anticipation at this game from the beggining and had high hopes for it with all the trailers out, I had watched for the kickstarter. My first character was a wild female orlan cipher and having no idea of the lore involved I greatly enjoyed all the glossary references and easy to access information. My character quickly developed into a crossbow and was heavy into support/high damge. Characters seemed not to develop any characteristics or persuation adjustments being apparently a looked down upon race, gender nor my area of choice for a background played any part to the story whatsoever, I kept asking myself what was the point other than to boost my stats which is the atribute sheets sole function. There were very few excemptions for encounters such as the knight crucible at the entrance of the building clearly having issues. In contrast faction disposition played more important roles and that of choices made.The fleshed out bits were more about the cruciable, the dozens, townships ect, it seemed like a push towards creating more lore-worldly game rather than centred on your character (perhaps to build upon in a second release?). NPCS were great and I really enjoyed all aspects in persuing to finish each storyline, however there felt a huge lean towards playing a good alighnment styled character, and when I mean this all the choices seemed to reflect towards the betterment of everyone not just yourself. Characters in your party tend to stray towards more personal mental issues and at one point I felt like locking all my party in the sanitarium, I think other than the chanter and the godlike it seemed like everyone was suffering from a congnitive funtion whether it was having less of a soul, a double personality, maternity, struggle of belief in a god, eccentric eratic behavior ect. I would of rathered more variety in quest dialog and personal banter especially playing my second playthrough as a priest of eothas npcs have little reaction in this case Durance being a priest of Magran to your character build which was a huge letdown. Immersion/Lore was probally the thing that kept me playing till the end, and although chunks of opportunites were missed in reactions to the protagonist, what made this game was all the different relgions, districts and creatures how you developed your combat from encounters. The scripted choices were one of the most awe catching pieces of this game trying to solve puzzles, using items to open or cross area's ect. This is something I would like to see more of in games. Skill sytem: I loved the skill systems principle; However there was much inbalance such as survival did not play no where near enough of a role to justify points to be spent on. Yes there were dialog for survival but few, in comparison to having heavy development in mechanics/athletics/lore which were primarily used. The leveling up system itself was very d&d inspired and I liked the system. The only other letdown was when you picked your perks and in the offensive category it had specific references to creatures. Looking through your glossary none of the creatures are labeled in your glossary so what you thaught was a perk agaist Beasts was actually a Wilder. only on the wiki on the internet is the creatures explained. I dont know about you but Stag category sounds like it should be placed into wilder, and dragon doesnt really come to mind under the stag category? Few notes to make: I absolutely hated the camping system, can not rest in dungeons without a campfire, the fact it would probally draw more attention to you from the light and there was 0 monster encounters sleeping was also a shame. I can see the benifits of having a campfire system but it would of been far better to give 0 resting bonuses or Hit points using no campfire so you can aquire your spells back. Crafting was great; I did not use it enough in my first playthough but second time I made heaps of potions, this should be more emphasized in the tutorial next time rather than the odd crippled limb needed to be rested. (with that thief guy you rescue/kill at the start) Keep: Great idea but I felt it needed more of a political role, only at the end of the game did it seem to get the reverence it was all made out to be. Dialog language: Fampyr/Vampire stuff. Honestly I didn't care about it really I thaught it was odd but seriously there are better things to be looking around at this game than a couple of jumbled up re-written names. Backer npcs; Honestly I never even read any storyline from these npcs that you could reach your soul out. I felt this broke the game, and though understandly these players backed the game the developers should have taken greater lenths to put in perameters to reduce the amount of godlike and lore breaking npcs. They also tend to have far unique clothing distinct which would make me think they were important. In turn made it annoying as they could of been used instead as quest giving characters. Graphics: 4/5 Storyline: 4/5 Combat System: 5/5 Skill System: 3/5 Dialog and Lore: 2/5 18/25 result
  4. Honestly I am confused as to the extreme low score you have given over a few simple language issues instead of aspects like core gameplay, graphics and lore. You rank it 3, which means your accounting over half your score over the labeling of titles/people/places ect. You claim to say the stronghold was dull but I mean seriously you are for one thing an intruder so people are not going to be very talkitive and secondly there is about 4 or 5 different ways to finish that quest. I have been tempted to write my own review in due course but its doubtful that anyone would actually read it with interest when I see stupid posts like this filling up the spoiler section. I am sorry but there is no other way I can describe your post but... stupid.
  5. With Durance use Prayer with the damage perk ability, if your a priest as well it does nearlly 90% damage, its pretty nuts. I always found shadows ALWAYS go for your magic user so just buff him up. Never fight with a maimed character also because they always teleport to that one as well.
  6. I was always annoyed with the explanation of Adra. Simply put I was looking for a weakness agaist the Adra dragon and so I read all the Adra details saying it was conductive ect but nothing about what makes the material weak to use in my combat spellcasting and enchantments ect. Meh I never really cared about what exactly Adra other than that one moment.
  7. Technicly your working for Dunryd Row as your faction but Crucible knights I choose over the lot as your pretend faction, Seems a fairly obvious choice cause the rest were just plain rude to me. I don't care about alignment but if npc are rude to me ill kill them the first possible chance I get by the way BugsVendor is that avatar a pic of the actor who plays Margery Tyrell in game of thrones lol? Quite funny
  8. The problem lies with the dispositions being at the start because you have not expanded your character enough to make low costing alternitive personality choices like that. I actually missed out on the passionate one at the start with my priest, I had the benovolent choice at the end but not enough Perception to continue on. (I like dialog options but my char does not buff soley for dialog with items he is kind of support/tank with dual weild flail and my god (eothas lol) he kicks butt when prayer perk/spell gives him all those bonuses. Edit; I forgot to mention Aristocrat has a tonne of dialog options more than any other choice in this game I think.
  9. I would of thaught Goldpact and Magran got the most so far ive experienced in dialog choices. I am sure its not too hard to add a few more choices into the mix especially since this game has pushed back away from the baldurs gate style of killing in combat to gain exp. Its dialog scripting, was it really that hard to write a few more characteristic choices and pad this game out a bit more? The game really focuses on the main story and nails this without a doubt but ask yourself what really was the point of even choosing a diety or a background if it makes no relivance at all.
  10. I am doing a Male version of essentially the same thing as you, except its from some different regional background. I think the one with the crumbling empire give +1 int or something. Massive spoilers ahead! The most Eothas dialog options ive had so far have been in Guilded Vale, not even in the city so far. You would think picking a piece of the godhammer bomb and submitting it to the priest and try and have the option of converting her to a different faith (because she fails at following Magran i.m.o) or some conflict with Durance would happen but there is absolutely nothing so far. Even doing Edars quest and finding the piece at the encampment with the 2 magran thugs had no eothas dialog options just stock standard stuff. other than the temple fighting Radric you have a Eothas dialog choice of attacking him, which I didnt use, I killed kolsc and then Raderic because they both were enemies of Eothas far as I am concerned. Ive pretty much up to the Adra dragon now, done all the quests in the city I just have not triggered the riots yet because I want to finish the Paladin and druid npc quest logs first. Its kind of one big discusting lie, you could say this game is pretty HOLLOWBORN in dialog LOL. There is no soul to this game just a combat shell surrounded by a fantasy world thats irony for you!
  11. Or you can just petrify her for 20 seconds and then destroy her. I read somewhere they have stealth-nerfed it. No idea, but it was always resisted when i beat her yesterday, including every other prone/sleep spell. Interestingly enough Eders knockdown worked every time. Just send your tank in with the best defense gear, stay at max range with everythone else and unload at her/heal your tank. Was very uninteresting in the end. I didnt even need stealth, the dragon triggers to attack you if you get too close to his horde and why risk your tank endurance untill the very end.
  12. Hmmm I didn't full on hate any character and wanted them perma removed. Edar and Durance I liked the most Kana I liked his character but seriously I wanted to shut him up every ecounter plays that combat chant sound. Sagani was ok, pretty standard character dialog but still was interesting enough to keep her till the end of my first playthrough Aloth, worth keeping combatwise but character dialog is hugly amusing especially with edar Grieving mother: voted her because she was constantly moping and couldnt get over herself, Felt sympathy at the start but by the end I really wanted her to give it a rest with the babies and move on. Pallegina; about to take into party in my 2nd playthrough, my guess is this character reminds me of Jaheria from baldurs gate. Hiriavias; same deal but I think its going to be a really poor version of Jansen, I am not overly fond of druids but want to see whats up with him.
  13. Yes, might as well activate god mode while your at it.
  14. first time was like wtf, ok fine you want an o.p attack thats fine. This is 90% chance working ratio of how to kill the damn adra dragon. I think this is the biggest foolproof method ever TO KILL THE DRAGON (feel free to repost just give me credit )
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