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  1. For my part, i really don't understand what's the whole "I WANTA MY TRANZLATION!" thing. I hate dubbed movies, i really HATE them. There are two (opposing) ways of translation: a) the stupid way (kinda sorta like google translate) b) the intelligent way (when you would much rather preserve the idea instead of the structure) Seen as how a lot of times translations tend to be more of the "a)" part i prefer the original. Plus, most of the times (like for example jokes) might lose their meaning when translated (like jokes made using homonyms). But really... i mean really. You do understand that there are even movies (not so good, but still) - comedies - that are based on the differences between, let's say, BrE, AuE, AmE and so on? How about Welsh or Scots coming in here and asking for a "localized" English translation? What about the Aussies? They really must be pissed... Nevertheless, if i AM wrong, and the difference between "Latin" Spanish and "European" Spanish is really the bothersome, and OE agrees than by all means. But i will always be one of those that think that any translation is just a waste of cash. (and yes, i do understand the need to reach other markets as well). On a final note: I see that you're reading, you're writing and most probably you can also speak English. Are you telling me that the game wouldn't have a lot more flavor in English rather than Spanish? So why do you even want a translation? Help me here... since you can post in this forum in >ENGLISH<. P.S. I do hope i haven't offended anyone with this, but really, i do hate translations especially when i know the original language. And in this case, at least the OP, seems to be perfectly capable of playing PE in ENGLISH. P.P.S. I am neither Britt nor Yank.
  2. It will most surely will. 3D NPC models with 2D pre-rendered background. Fixed camera (no rotation) if that is what you mean (EDIT: sorry, saw some other replies. it seems that OP does NOT mean that :-D) So for scroll-able camera - ye, i think it's a must really.
  3. separate bank account for the win! this. WWKF (without wife's knowledge fund) lol. technically she knows about it, but doesn't inquire about it and just leaves me be with my "special projects" ) Tell me about it, my wife won't be happy......but well worth it, I have until April 2014 for her to get over it. Yeah it helps to discuss it with her first! A lesson learned for sure if it's a discussion - yes.
  4. great ending. didn't think we'd reach 4M btw, congrats fellow OO members, in the last day there was a surge in the number of people joining (me included), and i think this has contributed to the excitement behind all the PE funding.
  5. the point is that if a trend starts then your comparison is not quite realistic. you'd have a 50M investment with a 200M return vs. (20x)2M investment with a (20x)10M return. i'm pretty sure that those 3 video games huge successes on KS (DFA, W2 and now PE) WILL generate a lot of analysis reports...
  6. Becouse of EA, Dragon Age orgin, dragon age 2 and mass efect 2 was unfinifhed or some kind of a joke (and they had big wased potential). I thing that crowdfunding is a big step for games. If it works and more companies like obsidian apply this idea ... It will by 1 step coser to my dream ...... EA rotting in helll !!!!!!! after what they did with SWTOR... EA rotting in a rotting hell...
  7. lol, passing 3.5M (with a healthy and visible increase, just refresh the page a couple of times) without any other goal? this is crazy
  8. yep, nothing to do with the last digit. mine is actually a round number :D
  9. Oh, i didn't quite express myself right. I was referring only at what seems like a new stretch goal (the "big castle" thing).
  10. precisely. It would be great if we could continue to back the project (or even new backers) even after the KS event.
  11. Hi there, Since the excitement about this project has gone sky high i was wondering if Obsidian is going to make some post KS stretch goals. The funds could be collected via Pay Pal or other means. Since the 3.5M stretch goal is now history (KS + Pay Pal > 3.5M) and i am pretty sure Obsidian has even more ideas maybe we could stretch it a bit further, at least one more goal. What do you say guys? Would you add some 5$-10$ to your pledge in order to accomplish even more great stuff?
  12. From our side it's a honorary system, but OEI can check it. Just think of the shame when it turns out someone tried to cheat. Welcome, Brother. dlux will add you to the member's list soon. thanks. yeah, i did think about the "honor" (and i guess it would be quite pathetic actually to find someone that "cheated") but maybe convincing Obsidian to add "Obsidian Order (8$)" as an official add-on would be great. just a thought ;-) and thank you. i hope we'll be able to shape this game after KS ends too. i am really excited to see how this goes.
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