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  1. Thanks for the quick reply When you bring this up, you might mention that the behaviour actually gets worse, the better the party gets, and the higher the resistances/defenses are. When more than half the party (or all of 'em ) are charmed or dominated, you can just wait it out, lose some endurance, and have a cup while the counter goes down. If only a single character is affected and the rest of the party are set to "defensive" and immediately gang up - I've seen Durance, Aloth or Kana drop faster from (un)friendly fire than I could pause...
  2. Seriously, they way some enemies keep spamming confused, charmed and dominated effects on the party, it's more than enough that the affected companions act Bloody F***ing StupidTM for the duration (like, switching weapons to the silliest available choice ). But the unaffected party members dropping 50 points in IQ as well? Hello? Could we please have a setting where the party AI does NOT automatically attack (and possibly kill) the charmed companions? Like "never attack a party member, even IF there's a damn red circle under his/her feet"? That just turns the entire party into bumbling fo
  3. Same problem here. Did you have the dungeon expansion to your stronghold already built? My guess would be, that the conversation choice to bring him in or kill him, that you get then, breaks the quest. If you decide to imprison him, you can't claim the reward (which is strange, why should the head still attached to the rest of him NOT yield the bounty?) and if you finish him in conversation - no head. This would also mean, that building the dungeon irrecoverably breaks the bounty quests...
  4. Turn-based combat. I played for a few hours after finishing Divinity: Original Sin twice, and just got reminded hard why I always preferred it. The flock of hopeless, headless chicken that a lousy AI moves around with no ounce of common sense, that require constant babysitting to even walk to a halfway sensible position or attack the most obvious enemy... Turn-Based Combat. Period.
  5. I, too, would strongly prefer a "soft" level cap. Depending on how much xp you need for the next level and how much is available in the game. An artificial, hardcoded wall o' bricks you just hit somewhere makes the whole adventuring thing suddenly seem hollow and pointless. An exponential level progression table and limited exp available in the world should make it pretty easy to limit the end game level difference between a quick playthrough and a manic completionist to a few, maybe as little as 1-2 levels. It just feels extremely wrong and frustrating, hitting the cap 2/3rds into the game
  6. With this fabulous number reached, almost 70k backers and Project Eternity now being the most funded video game on Kickstarter, I think Feargus' question in a recent interwiew has been answered. And the answer to "would there be enough interest in bringing back the Infinity Engine style games again?" is not "Yes". It is YES! Congratulations everyone!
  7. I have not seen the pathfinding problem fixed in any game to date. In NWN 2, summoned creatures were almost unusable because they kept blocking doors and hallways, In Dragon Age, I wanted to smack the archers, always stopping their move and beginning to fire right in the doorway, In Skyrim, followers keep losing their way, it keeps to be annoying in Diablo 3 and in Torchlight 2... IMHO, the fix here would be for the devs to simply admit the fact: Nope. We can't. Good pathfinding AI is still a few years in coming, hell, a decent pathfinding common sense has never been done. Lets just cut th
  8. That's probably the thing that has been irking me the most about basically all "modern" RPGs. Mindless, ridiculous boss fights against things that simply have 9 million hitpoints (feels less than a fight and more like chopping wood...), resist every special ability you might be able to throw at them, and then, more often than not, spawn in hordes of pointless mooks from thin air without end. Those things kill all strategy, all tactics and all roleplaying in the old, "classical" sense. Strategic combat was about resource management - knowing when to cast that limited spell, when to use tha
  9. You folks are absolutely EVIL! When that poll was around "What would make you pledge more" I answered "Nothing short of a hefty raise from my employer"... So when, unexpectedly, that raise finally came true yesterday, what do I see today? You post THIS! Dammit, that's spooky. Just doubled my pledge
  10. 44 (Yup, I actually played the SSI AD&D gold Box Games when they came out ) Planescape: Torment Fallout 1&2 Baldur's Gate series Mass Effect (1!, not 2 and *definitely* not 3 ) Dragon Age (Origins! Not that cheap sequel... ) Gothic 1&2 (there is no 3 or 4, no matter what people try to tell you ) Drakensang 1&2 Probably in that order...
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