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  1. For my part, i really don't understand what's the whole "I WANTA MY TRANZLATION!" thing. I hate dubbed movies, i really HATE them. There are two (opposing) ways of translation: a) the stupid way (kinda sorta like google translate) b) the intelligent way (when you would much rather preserve the idea instead of the structure) Seen as how a lot of times translations tend to be more of the "a)" part i prefer the original. Plus, most of the times (like for example jokes) might lose their meaning when translated (like jokes made using homonyms). But really... i mean really. You do understand that there are even movies (not so good, but still) - comedies - that are based on the differences between, let's say, BrE, AuE, AmE and so on? How about Welsh or Scots coming in here and asking for a "localized" English translation? What about the Aussies? They really must be pissed... Nevertheless, if i AM wrong, and the difference between "Latin" Spanish and "European" Spanish is really the bothersome, and OE agrees than by all means. But i will always be one of those that think that any translation is just a waste of cash. (and yes, i do understand the need to reach other markets as well). On a final note: I see that you're reading, you're writing and most probably you can also speak English. Are you telling me that the game wouldn't have a lot more flavor in English rather than Spanish? So why do you even want a translation? Help me here... since you can post in this forum in >ENGLISH<. P.S. I do hope i haven't offended anyone with this, but really, i do hate translations especially when i know the original language. And in this case, at least the OP, seems to be perfectly capable of playing PE in ENGLISH. P.P.S. I am neither Britt nor Yank.
  2. It will most surely will. 3D NPC models with 2D pre-rendered background. Fixed camera (no rotation) if that is what you mean (EDIT: sorry, saw some other replies. it seems that OP does NOT mean that :-D) So for scroll-able camera - ye, i think it's a must really.
  3. separate bank account for the win! this. WWKF (without wife's knowledge fund) lol. technically she knows about it, but doesn't inquire about it and just leaves me be with my "special projects" ) Tell me about it, my wife won't be happy......but well worth it, I have until April 2014 for her to get over it. Yeah it helps to discuss it with her first! A lesson learned for sure if it's a discussion - yes.
  4. great ending. didn't think we'd reach 4M btw, congrats fellow OO members, in the last day there was a surge in the number of people joining (me included), and i think this has contributed to the excitement behind all the PE funding.
  5. the point is that if a trend starts then your comparison is not quite realistic. you'd have a 50M investment with a 200M return vs. (20x)2M investment with a (20x)10M return. i'm pretty sure that those 3 video games huge successes on KS (DFA, W2 and now PE) WILL generate a lot of analysis reports...
  6. Becouse of EA, Dragon Age orgin, dragon age 2 and mass efect 2 was unfinifhed or some kind of a joke (and they had big wased potential). I thing that crowdfunding is a big step for games. If it works and more companies like obsidian apply this idea ... It will by 1 step coser to my dream ...... EA rotting in helll !!!!!!! after what they did with SWTOR... EA rotting in a rotting hell...
  7. lol, passing 3.5M (with a healthy and visible increase, just refresh the page a couple of times) without any other goal? this is crazy
  8. Oh, i didn't quite express myself right. I was referring only at what seems like a new stretch goal (the "big castle" thing).
  9. precisely. It would be great if we could continue to back the project (or even new backers) even after the KS event.
  10. Hi there, Since the excitement about this project has gone sky high i was wondering if Obsidian is going to make some post KS stretch goals. The funds could be collected via Pay Pal or other means. Since the 3.5M stretch goal is now history (KS + Pay Pal > 3.5M) and i am pretty sure Obsidian has even more ideas maybe we could stretch it a bit further, at least one more goal. What do you say guys? Would you add some 5$-10$ to your pledge in order to accomplish even more great stuff?
  11. From our side it's a honorary system, but OEI can check it. Just think of the shame when it turns out someone tried to cheat. Welcome, Brother. dlux will add you to the member's list soon. thanks. yeah, i did think about the "honor" (and i guess it would be quite pathetic actually to find someone that "cheated") but maybe convincing Obsidian to add "Obsidian Order (8$)" as an official add-on would be great. just a thought ;-) and thank you. i hope we'll be able to shape this game after KS ends too. i am really excited to see how this goes.
  12. Unfortunately not. It's independant from add-ons. We've been the first but unofficial PE add-on if you like to see it that way. oh, ok then thanks for clarifying. so if i chose to pledge another 8$ i should not pledge those $ for an add-on? (on another note how do you guys check this since i guess nobody restricts me from choosing an add-on when the KS funding ends). what the heck... it's just 8 more $ here you go oh, Draco of the Obsidian Order as title Previous New Pledge: $52.00 Pledge: $60.00 Reward: $25.00 Reward: $25.00
  13. Unfortunately not. It's independant from add-ons. We've been the first but unofficial PE add-on if you like to see it that way. oh, ok then thanks for clarifying. so if i chose to pledge another 8$ i should not pledge those $ for an add-on? (on another note how do you guys check this since i guess nobody restricts me from choosing an add-on when the KS funding ends).
  14. so if my tier is 25$ but my pledge is 52$ (added for exp. and digital strategy manual) do i qualify?
  15. sorry, didn't see there's another topic on it: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/61302-how-do-i-add-extras-to-my-pledge/ please close it or merge it with the previous. thank you.
  16. Hi there, Quick question. I wish to change my pledge and add the expansion but when i select "Manage my pledge" i can only select other tiers, no Add-on list is visible to choose from. Am i doing it wrong? Thank you for your help.
  17. First of all i don't understand what you mean by low level nukes. Generally speaking a low level ability will most likely wound the opponent, so you need to use several of them in order to kill one opponent. So if you start circling through 3-4 low level abilities/spells (for example Fire Arrow, Swipe, Poison, Bash) you will get them ALL to low Efficiency but high Proficiency. Nonetheless, your main nukes (so to speak), the combos that have those in their composition will also suffer from the lowered Efficiency. Second, what do you mean by "restoring not too long"? The decay in Efficiency is the same across the board, for each spell/ability/combo, it should not differ from one to another. So let's say that you circle them (this is the point actually, to make you use not one, not two but many spells/abilities and decide when to use them based on when you really need them). If you use the same you will gain Proficiency in it (so you get better at using it) but nonetheless you Efficiency will drop (for that ability/spell/combo) and thus you will be forced to use another one (while using that another one your Proficiency for the previous ability/spell/combo) will start decaying. The point is that the moment your efficiency starts to regenerate, you proficiency will start to decay. This happens after a set amount of time, not after you stopped using it. So even if you start using another ability/spell/combo it should take some time before the previous ability/spell/combo is back at top notch Efficiency. So i think that in your example (with 3-4 combos that mix most of your abilities) you will soon find yourself in the position of not having ANY ability/spell/combo that's Efficient enough to do the job (since you used them all, even in sequence, before they got the chance to start regenerating Efficiency). Even more, let's say that you manage to keep them at respectable level of Efficiency by circling them. Well, circling them like in a WoW style manner would do you no good, simply because some of them are better for one encounter while others might be useless (fun RPG system). So you need to prioritize, to only use what is really necessary. The encounter itself restricts you from using such tactic. As for your "upper nukes" they will be either at low Proficiency (let's say that you make combos out of spells/abilities that you don't cycle) or at low Efficiency. Which means that they are no longer "upper nukes" are they? Yes, use them in sequence and whatever only to find out that you barely made a dent, you Efficiency if in the grave, and you have nothing to fight with since you already had the Efficiency of your other skills in the pit. To answer your question - you would be prevented by the very fact that low Proficiency skills can't really be "nukes". So again, i don't see the benefit or just using the same X number of skills regardless of the situation, just to keep them from decaying in Efficiency. I really think that any player using such a system will have to try and balance it out, having in mind not only the current situation but also trying to have back-up for the next encounters too. Yes, of course you will specialize, but you will also be forced to use other skills too, otherwise you'll get very low Efficiency on the skills you're trying to specialize into. Example ("spam"): - Encounter 1: 2 Skeletons (vulnerable to Bash, Earth, resistant to Thrust, Fire, Water, immune to Air) You start spamming Bash, Thrust (little to no effect), Earth, Fire (little to no effect). So you wither have a hard time killing them (half of what you use is not going to do that much, also you lower the Efficiency of both Thrust and Earth for nothing) or they defeat you. - Encounter 2 (after encounter 1. You have respectable Efficiency to all those 4 abilities/spells due to cycling them): 3 Rogues (vulnerable to Bash, Thrust, resistant to Air, Water, immune to Fire) If you start cycling again you will have the same hard time as before, simply because 1/4 of what you use is doing nothing at all. So what would be the point of cycling? Ok, let's suppose you'd keep them all at a good Efficiency, and also you prevent Proficiency decay, but each and every encounter you'r struggle because not all the abilities/spells/combos you use have the effect (memorizing anyone? choosing not exactly the best spells?). On the other hand, as i see it, it would go like this: Example ("think"): - Encounter 1: 2 Skeletons (vulnerable to Bash, Earth, resistant to Thrust, Fire, Water, immune to Air) You use Bash and Earth spells, which lowers you Efficiency with those, but gain Proficiency. Meanwhile the Efficiency to all other spells/abilities/combos (except those that use Bash or Earth) stay at max. - Encounter 2 (after encounter 1. You have low Efficiency to Bash and Earth): 3 Rogues (vulnerable to Bash, Thrust, resistant to Air, Water, immune to Fire) You use Thrust, and Bash and Earth recovers Efficiency (but starts to decay Proficiency). The difference between the two? Well, in the first case you struggle with most encounters by not thinking (spamming) or even get lucky sometimes and kill them straight away (no system is perfect ) and in the second example you kind of kick their arses most of the time (of course you might get unlucky and get into an encounter when most of your good abilities/spells/combos for that specific encounter are at low Efficiency - but as i've said no system is perfect) but only if you think and plan ahead, keeping some skills on a good Efficiency. So in a way you are right, you must cycle through, but you can't really do it in the fashion you are describing (or you can, if you really want to just "spam" for the sake of it). On a final note: Any system can and will be abused. Period. Cooldown? - Spam Memorizing? - Reload I think this system somewhat mixes the two, not having an artificial cooldown (the PC actually decides when to stop using a skill and for how long based of the Efficiency/Proficiency level) and also forcing you to think (reloading just before the current encounter would do you no good) while providing the planning ahead of the memorizing system (using a skill based on the specific of the encounter, your planning ahead and the level of Efficiency/Proficiency) with the freedom of the cooldown (you can really use whatever skill you want). And instead of having artificial boundaries, you get to think for yourself when and what to use (and it's not the same thing every time, either because of the encounter conditions, or the system limitations).
  18. If you "spam" them you will get to a very low efficiency quite fast. True, you will gain Proficiency So what's it gonna be? Do you risk having your Efficiency so low for your next encounter only to gain some Proficiency in this encounter (and dispatch of your attackers with ease)? Or considering a longer fight... Do you really want to save the nukes for when it matters or just spam them away (and make them useless in the process) and see where you go from there? Quoting myself here: "So if a certain ability does, let's say, 10-20 damage, after it's first use it will drop to 9-18 damage, after the second use it will again drop to 8-17 damage (rounded up) and so on." After 10 "spam" uses, the 10-20 damage ability will be at 6-12 damage (with 5% decay in Efficiency) or 5-10 (with 7% decay in Efficiency), 3-7 (with 10% Efficiency decay). Still a good nuke? The decay percentage can be tweaked, i only used 5% as an example. Also, this will lower the effects on ANY combo that uses that ability/spell (the effects of that ability only) as well as, in the case of a combo, it will lower the Efficiency of ALL the basic constituent abilities/spells leaving you with low Efficiency "nuke" combo AND low Efficiency basic abilities/spells (this is probably the worst case scenario).
  19. I know it's not pretty nice to advertise your own topic but here goes my suggestion: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/60953-spell-ability-system/ I think it's simple and elegant. Yeah, i do
  20. Hi there, I've put my TLDR in the Cooldown 2.0 thread but i really want to expand a bit. Seeing as there is much discussion around this cooldown thing i would like to propose a mechanic that seems pretty good to me (or course it does, duh!, i'm proposing it lol). Ok, let's get to the point. 1. Basics Each ability or spell has two components: Proficiency and Efficiency. Proficiency is gained (points) through the use of abilities/spells or combos, and starts to decay naturally (percentage of the current number of points) after a fixed amount or time. It stops decaying once you use the ability/spell or a combo that uses that ability/spell. Efficiency is lost (percentage of the current number of points) through the use of abilities/spells or combos and starts to regenerate naturally (points) after a fixed amount of time. It stops regenerating once you use the ability/spell or a combo that uses that ability/spell. 1.a. - Proficiency is measuring how skilled is the PC in using that ability/spell. It goes up each time you use an ability/spell against and enemy that is not below a certain level compared to yours and scales with that level difference. For example if you use an ability on a target that is 3 level below you (or more), you will get no Proficiency points, if you use the ability/spell against a target that is the same level as you, you get 5 Proficiency points and if you use the ability/spell against a target that is 3 levels above you (or more), you get 10 Proficiency points. Of course, some other game mechanics (like the ability/spell is saved against or blocked completely) might be used when fighting against targets way above your level. Proficiency is used to advance your ability, either by directly applying a buff to the effects of that ability/spell, or by simply moving towards the next tier (so using Bash will slowly gain you Proficiency points towards Improved Bash). The latter would mean that the PC only learns the most basic spells/abilities from external sources, and the more improved abilities/spells he discovers by actually using the related lower tiered ones. Also, Proficiency slowly decays (at the same time as the Efficiency goes up) but it will never reach 0 (it decays by a fixed percentage of the total points that you have, so the more time passes the less it decays). 1.b - Efficiency is measuring how that ability/spell is performing, considering on how many times it has been used, successfully, over a certain period of time. The Efficiency is regenerating naturally (or through other means like drinking from a well, whatever), slowly, over the course of time. Each time you use an ability/spell however, it drops by a percentage (let's say 5%) so that if you use it 5 times in a row it will only be at 77% Efficiency. This translates into reduced effects (for the sake of simplicity only direct damage or damage over time, or direct protection/healing or protection/healing over time). So if a certain ability does, let's say, 10-20 damage, after it's first use it will drop to 9-18 damage, after the second use it will again drop to 8-17 damage (rounded up) and so on. As you can see, it's not going to be a liniar drop so you don't get to use it only 20 times before reaching 0. You will actually never reach 0 as it will always go down by 5% (of the total Efficiency points). The first time you use it it will drop by 5 points, the second time again by 5 points, by the time you reach 80 points (out of 100) it will only drop by 4 points. All numbers are rounded up, so if it drops by 4.6 it actually drops by 5 points, as opposed to 4.2 that would translate into 4 points. There might be game mechanics or skills/perks that either reduce this decay per usage or rise your maximum Efficiency to more than 100 points. It's really open to any kind of tweaking, just like the Proficiency. EDIT: I forgot. Just like Proficiency, the Efficiency percentage that decays with each use should be calculated using the same rules, related to the level difference between the attacker and the target. 2. Combo I know that this is not really related to the system, but it would work great with it. The system lets the PC combine any previously learned ability/spell. At first you will be able to only combine 2 of them, but maybe as you get better and better you might combine more than 2. The effects of the combo are the added effects of the basic constituent abilities/spells calculated at their current level of Proficiency and Efficiency. The Proficiency and Efficiency system works in the following way for combos: - Each time you use a combo you will gain some proficiency points just like using an individual spell/ability but those points are divided equally towards each basic constituent ability/spell. - Each time you use a combo you will lose 5% (again just as an example) from the Efficiency of each constituent ability/spell. 3. Conclusions Such a system, at least in my intention, would do away with resting and cooldowns, mana or stamina. Every PC will only have those two resources (when talking about abilities/spells or combos), the stats only adding the the effects of those. The complexity of it comes from the two diverging directions. PCs are free to use whatever ability/spell or even combo in their arsenal. The advantage is that the more you use an ability/spell or combo you will slowly advance towards better abilities/spells and of course combos, the drawback being that if you abuse the system you will soon find yourself with really weak abilities/spells and combos. Moreover, the PC must decide weather to use a "strong" combo (strong because it has the added effects of the base constituent abilities/spells) or a more basic ability/spell. You wouldn't want to get caught with your pants down (low Efficiency) when encountering a strong hostile NPC because in your last encounter you "wasted" your best combos on some low level critters. The system could be tweaked and tested, and those numbers that i threw here are definitely not the best, they are only used as an example. The beauty of this system is that it no longer requires a cooldown, no longer requires a rest (or maybe you could regain the Efficiency but lose Profficiency through rest). Such a system means that the player really needs to use an ability/spell in order to advance (so encourages him to abuse it) but also means that the more it abuses it the weaker that ability/spell it will get (for the moment). Such a system would mean that the PC will have overpowered combos, but it also means that the player will surely not want to "waste" those OP combos on critters and will always try to save them for when it matters. This would add so much complexity to any fight (imho) as you will always try to "balance" the rewards of killing the opponents as fast as you can with the risk of not having your best combo at top efficiency for the next encounter. Also, in longer fight this would mean that the PC must rely on a well rounded and diversified arsenal, because if he uses the same abilities/spells and well as combos that use those abilities/spells as basic constituents he will soon lose all of those due to them being weaker because of low Efficiency. On the other hand he is encouraged to use them as often as possible in order to make them better (gain Proficiency). I'm pretty sure this is not perfect, some of you might just think it's rubbish (and by the way it's somewhat inspired from Rage of Mages 2, the Proficiency part at least) but i like it (again duh!) and with some tweaking and/or refinement i really think it would work. There's at least one person here that would, in theory at least, be excited to see it implemented. 4. Expanded The game could play with such a system, by adding skills that lower your Efficiency decay but also lower the Proficiency gained (you get a PC or companion that is able to use the preferred abilities/spells more often while not being able to advance that fast), or by adding items that will tweak any of those components (or by adding Max. Efficiency points). You could get abilities (non PC, or even PC) that would temporarily raise your Efficiency (PC) or temporarily lower your Efficiency (hostile NPC). And probably much, much more than that. P.S. Oh darn... lvl 10 Fire Dragon... where's my Ice Shard + Stun combo? Oh sh!t, Ice shard is at 65 Efficiency... what do i do, what do i do. Why did i used Ice Shard on those lvl 7 Rogues?!?!
  21. just a thought. why not make spells and abilities work this way: the more you cast them the more proficient you get at using that spell/ability, but the drawback is that each spell/ability has an efficiency meter or something, that replenishes slowly. each time you use that ability/cast that spell the efficiency goes down a bit. this way you'll encourage people to use a multitude of spells and abilities (because their most favorite is not going to be that efficient if abused) and no longer need the cooldowns. think of this efficiency meter as getting bored or whatever. on the other hand it's pretty much logical that the more you use an ability, the more you cast a spell you "train" yourself. so instead of learning a new spell you only get the basic spells and by using them you advance to the next tier (or even lets you do combos that will add some "experience" points to each of the constituents). example 1: ability: Bash (damage 10-20) spell: Plague (damage 5-25) For each use (within 5 minutes) the efficiency goes down by 10%, so after the first use you get Bash (damage 9-18) and Plague (5-23) (rounded up). Also, with each use you advance a bit towards the next tier (Improved Bash and Mortal Plague). Example 2: For a combo ability (Swipe + Bash) you get fatigue for both abilities (both lose efficiency) and the "experience" towards each tier of the base components (both Swipe and Bash) is divided between the two. This way you let people make combos, and even if they are overpowered they must use them carefully because not only they will get fatigued when using the combo, they will also get fatigued in their base abilities/spells (for this example Bash AND Swipe). Also, using combos means that actually you will advance more slowly in each of the base ability/spell but you will advance at the same time with more than one. So you have advantages AND disadvantages. Hmm, the more i read this the better it gets :D. I would actually like to see such an implementation. Oh, that would mean that there is no need for neither cooldown nor rest. P.S. some more refinement. the experience gained takes into consideration the difference in level between the attacker and the target. If the target is well below the attacker, you get no experience, only fatigue (so if you use overpowered spells on low level targets you don't get any bonus - forcing you to rather use more basic or normal attacks). On the other hand if you chose to do it you might get caught with your pants down (low efficiency for your best combo or base ability/spell) when facing a tough opponent. Also, casting basic spells or using basic abilities does not count towards the efficiency of the combo (so you can use your low level attacks on low level targets and still keep your best for when it matters).
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