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  1. So I'm on the quest Skipping Ahead, at the Spire of the Soul-Seers Rooftop where Flaune Elette is being attacked by mercenaries. My objective is to kill them, but doing so doesn't progress the quest. Flaune Elette never acknowledges being saved. There's also a bugged cutscene that plays out when I move near her for the first time (regardless whether the enemies have been killed or not), where the camera pans over, nothing happens, and then returns to normal gameplay. Here is my savegame and log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18KNY4nh95PAyPuF-PBXEKNXWWFoJRTRS/view?usp=sharing
  2. I just had a thought about portraits. Now that the graphical detail of character faces has been improved, and we have several options to customize our character's face, I think it's even more important to include less defined portraits I.e. veiled faces. In the first game I used a portrait of a guy with a pulled-down hood as the discrepancies with my 3D model's face were mostly hidden. So more Nazgûls, niqābs and ninjas in the portraits please.
  3. I was playing the quest "The Bronze Beneath the Lake" and killed the Giantslayers as part of that quest. I then completed Lle a Rhemen and went back to Admeth's Den. Inside Admeth's Den, the Giantslayers are back - as "ghosts". I can interact with them and read their souls like normal backer NPC's. However, when I start combat against the mercenaries inside Admeth's Hall and turn everyone hostile, I cannot target the Giantslayers with attacks, but they can attack me. Furthermore, when they are involved in combat, the cursor gets stuck in attack mode, even after I've succe
  4. Is Rocksteady working on Arkham 3? Is Valve working on Episode 3? Probably.
  5. I wouldn't have anything against a Fallout game set outside the US. In fact, I don't understand all the "It wouldn't feel like a real Fallout"-comments. Fallout isn't set in 1950's USA. Fallout is set in a post-nuclear world, and the main theme is new civilizations springing up and fighting for resources because war never changes. Post-war USA was a major influence on the Western world just as it is today, so a game set in non-communist Europe would have pretty much the same style as the other games anyway, if you go with all of the pre-war world being stuck in a retrofuturistic 1950's.
  6. I won't vote because I haven't played nearly enough of those games to meet the requirements for voting. Garrus in Mass Effect really felt like a friend to me. Perhaps it's because the PC and Garrus both are law enforcers, but for some reason he just fits perfectly at Shepard's side. He's one of those party members I gladly play the companion quest for, and not just for the rewards. I just want to help my loyal, badass and somewhat humorous friend. The bottle-shooting scene is pure brilliance. Kreia in KotOR 2 is the best mentor there is. She's a larger-than-life character. It's li
  7. I am the dark side of the force incarnate

  8. Why on earth did I register here on christmas eve. Why was I even here?

  9. Great! A prime example of this is KotOR II, where if you go to Nar Shaddaa last, you only get to know a third of the companions in the hectic endgame. Perfect. I'm playing Fallout: New Vegas and I love how Boone gets pissed and threatens to leave when I randomly slaughter NCR citizens (quickloaded afterwards obviously). Anything that makes a companion more like an independent person than a subservient drone is good. Which ties into... An awesome decision. This way, if a companion really asks for a good strangling you can simply tell him to go f69k off when he wonders if he could ta
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