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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I've been playing Grounded since it first launched, and really love the game. With the latest updates and expansion, I'm enjoying it even more, exploring all the new bugs, areas, recipes, and other secrets of the game. However I do have a few suggestions for quality-of-life improvements, general feedback, or other wish-list items for future updates. Some of these were in my original post from 2020, but many of the things suggested there have since been implemented, which is awesome, so thank you to the Devs for continuously listening to player feedback! Quality of Life: Please make items assigned to the Hotpouch not take up Backpack space. Not only would this inherently expand desperately needed personal storage for supply runs, but mimic the equipped armor setting. You can still have it that if you die those items aren't available until you pick your backpack up again. This also would help with cycling tools/weapons and trying to maintain sorting in your backpack as equipped items would go back to their pouch and not the first empty spot in the backpack storage. Add sort functions/options to storage such as by item type/class, tier, vertical/horizontal space, etc., and the ability to move all like items in existing nearby storage via "auto-sort" or transfer (either directly from the backpack or at least individually for each chest) when in the base with chests and such. Hotpouch Control/Radial - change to "Tap LB" to quick cycle through the Hotpouch items (like Minecraft), and "Hold LB" to open Hotpouch radial menu as currently done Adding a basic compass marker to SCA.B HUD/UI = can be a purchasable upgrade Adding a "dodge" function, perhaps by double-tapping the crouch button, while moving/strafing to give alternative ways to engage enemies and avoid being hit. Including an option to slide by holding crouch while sprinting. Feedback: Tier II weapons/armor don't seem to scale as well as they did in the past, even when upgraded with the Anvil. Overall, the transition from T2 feels much weaker and therefore progression much slower than past updates. Either damage doesn't scale as much, or bugs are more durable/hit harder, or a combination of those things, but progression really stalls for a long time when you are tyring to explore the labs and move up the ranks, especially with how much larger and diverse the world is now. Flying insects are a bit too powerful for current gear/mauneverability. As most flying insects (Bees, Mosquitos, Fireflies) are highly mobile and do a lot of damage, stay out of melee ranged for the most part, and blocking/dodging isn't as effective as it needs to be based on damage output (even with T2 weapons and armor, see above). This makes farming certain instects, like bees that are needed for a lot of the late game items, a wicked slog because you can only engage a couple before needing to restock (arrows, bandages, smooties, armor repairs, etc.) and heal. Some of the recipies seem a bit "unbalanced" for the parts/resources needed based on availability, ease of access/farming, and manufacturing. The basic cycle to obtain is great, but late tier upgrades and items, while supposed to be difficult, are severly impacted by the limited manufacturing process and spawn rates/locations of items versus quantities and types needed. This is common in other similar games of this genre but they typically have a better manufacturing process that makes it easier and not feel so overbearing at times. Wish-List: Continued diversity of insects, parts, and recipes, especially for unique items, weapons, and armors - i.e. a Grasshopper that gives legs which can be used for... (see next items) Grasshopper Boots = increases jump height and reduces fall damage Slingshot = uses Pebblets, Pollen, or bombs (Brat/Splatburst) as a ranged weapon Grappleshot = alternative way to scale/climb the environment then always needing to build structures Additional "[new]burst" bomb variants that create AOE effects (Fresh, Gas, Glue etc.) and that can also be fired from a slingshot (see above) Healing Ointment = for immediate health recovery instead of recovery-over-time like the Bandage Dynamic weather, such as rain (I know everyone has been asking for this) Refridgerator/Cooler = new base structure/chest type that prevents food from spoiling (too fast) I'm sure I will have more to add as I continue to play, but thanks for reading and to the Devs for making such an amazing game so far!
  2. I adore Grounded, the devs have really made an amazing game! After about 76 hours in, I've completed the main quest and explored nearly every inch of the yard, which saddens me greatly. I've been thinking over a lot of ideas to add more content, and this monstrous list is the result (may be edited). If you choose to go through and read it all, you have my gratitude! TL;DR: Story/lore ideas, new locations, enemies, factions, items, and gameplay mechanics. Lore: Story ideas for worldbuilding. Town is owned by Ominent entirely, most residents are employees and their families; scientists, engineers, researchers. Encouraged to be as productive as possible, many residents perform experiments at home, keeping equipment, specimens, prototypes, etc. at their residence Other neighbors near current home: mycologist, entomologist, nanotech engineer, genetic engineer, roboticist, herpetologist, marine biologist Entire town is quarantined due to outbreak of infectious parasitic fungus and sealed under massive dome. Residents have been evacuated, everything is deserted. Areas: New areas as separate world spaces and maps. Progress from one to another via transition locations like holes in walls or swimming through pipes, open windows, etc. House/front yard Other neighbor houses/yards Sewers Gas station City area outside Office inside Library Labs School Aquarium Terrarium Museum Bugs: Specific types of critters for the bug faction. Dragonflies, damselflies larva and adult Butterflies, moths, caterpillars, cocoons Flies, maggots Centipedes, millipedes Fleas Mantis Worms Scorpions Tardigrades Jumping spiders House centipedes Silverfish Murder Hornets Wasps Leaf cutter ants Snails, slugs Roaches Scorpion fly Stick bug Thorn bug Goliath beetle Hercules beetle Crickets, grasshoppers Flower-spike bug, adult and nymph Silkmoth Tarantula Assassin bug Camel spider Bot flies Tongue eating louse Trilobite beetle Velvet ants/cow killers Katydids Other Enemies: New enemy types and factions. Large Scale Animals: Similar to crow or koi in proportion. Squirrels, Rats, rabbits, frogs, newts, fish, crabs, birds, snakes, lizards, turtles, bats. Drops unique animal specific items like fur, hide, scales, feathers. Cannot be killed but flees area for awhile after defeat. Use grappling hook to mount and climb around on to attack vulnerable areas. "Smaller" critters: similar to the above, anoles, geckos, amphibians, rodents, etc. Not as big as large scale animals, but around the size of larger insects. Microbots: small scale robotic enemies similar to those ingame. Formed from experimental nanotech and shrunken Burgl type bots. Animal like designs for maintaining ecology. Drops metal, circuits, wires, etc. Think Horizon Zero Dawn but tiny micomachine toy-sized. Planimals: evolved form of meat sprouts/infested fungi. Predatory mobile plants and plant-like animals. Killer tomatoes and such. Drops plant materials. Chimeras: experimental genetically engineered hybrid organisms, scaled down with Spacr tech by Ominent for easier containment and research. Items: New items/production station ideas. Grappling hook: crafted utility item for mounting large scale enemies and navigating the environment. Unlocked through science shop. Utility items: new category of item for existing gear and new items. Gas mask, goggles, canteen, headlamp, breathing gear, grappling hook. Seperate slots from inventory like other equipment. Can be worn with armor, updated models to fix any clipping or replaces armor cosmetically. Equips when needed or triggered use from inventory. Start with two slots, increase in science shop. Unlock tool belt in science shop to gain ability to equip hammers, axes, shovels, knives, and torches to utility item slots. Utility pouches: craftable, wearable inventory expansion for specific item types like food, smoothies, ammo, and healing items. 5 slots per pouch, can only obtain one of each pouch, slots appear beneath standard inventory for total of 20 extra slots. Crafting blueprints unlocked through science shop. Equipment flavor schemes: different color schemes for armor and weapons based off of scab colorations. Applied with one time use dye appliers, a new craft able item. Research blueprint at science shop. Use with gear at paint station, new craftable production station. Select item and unlocked scab color scheme at station and apply with use of dye applier. Can also restore default colors at paint station. Mushrooms: more mushroom types that can drop different resources (caps, stems, etc.). Also add mycelium/hyphae fibers that can be woven in to rope. More meats/hides: creature specific hides and meat and and creature specific chitin. More armor/weapons: diverse equipment types that reflect the different types of creatures and materials available. Mixed sets that incorporate both creature and plant parts. Chem lab: new production station that can craft pheromones to alter bug behavior or take them. Craft bug repellent to keep away hostile bugs. Can also craft medicinal substances that can heal or buff players, or poisons to coat weapons with. Climbing gear: utility item, specialized craftable set of gloves and shoes that allow player to climb up vertical surfaces. Might require insect parts or maybe reptile parts, something like the feet of an anole or gecko. Stone building materials: large, stackable, carryable stones that have to be transported like stems or grass planks. Smooth round riverstones, slivers of slate. Glass: craftable glass from sand smelted in an oven. Used for windows and weapons. Wagons: buildable wagons and carts that can be harnessed to an appropriate pet, acting as mobile storage and a way to ferry large resources like grass and stems. Cable cars: upgraded ziplines using parts of a normal zipline and spinning wheel with added basket to ride in. Can be used to travel in either direction via hand crank. Can be further upgraded to add storage for carryable resources like grass or stems. Gliders/parachutes: dandelion reassigned as parachute, usuable as utility item. New craftable gliders made from insect wings, plant fibers, amphibian and/or bat webbing. More forward than downward motion compared with dandelion tufts. Can also craft better parachutes from clover leaves and spider webs. Maybe tap jump when airborne to deploy parachute, hold to deploy glider, or parachutes only deploy automatically when falling. Mechanics: Ideas for new gameplay features. Dodging: dodge and roll with B button to avoid attacks. Drains stamina. Hotbar tweaks: infinite hotbar wheel. Assign as many items as you want to hotbar. First 8 can be accessed via number keys, everything else has to be used from the wheel. Think like warframe, it just spirals more with each item you add, with the first assigned item looping back as the last item is reached. Target lock: lock the camera to a target when in combat. Inventory Sorting: button to auto-sort inventory and storage by item type, merge stacks. Fatigue: fatigue meter fills the longer player stays awake. Sleeping reduces it to zero. Long periods without sleep is penalized by reduced stamina, maybe even inventory capacity. Sleeping in better beds also applies bluffs like reduced stamina drain, reduced hunger/thirst drain, resource stack increase, hauling buff. Scab can remind player when to sleep at specific time. Toggleable and adjustable in menu. Dual wielding: use tools and weapons in either hand at the same time. Harvest alternate resources without changing tools or get resources faster if using two tools of the same type. Wield two different types of weapons or two of the same type for more combos/crits. Character customization/outfits: different non-armor clothing like shirts, headgear/accessories, pants, shorts, shoes, etc. Different hair styles/colors for each character, different backpacks. Can be crafted from ingame materials like plant fiber or webbing, and found on small toys or action figures. Can provide a buff of some kind but no defense or resistance. Special full body skins (like the skeleton) can be unlocked by player with some kind of holographic emitter gizmo. Mod support: allow players to browse, download, install, and manage load order of mods through the game itself through the starting menu. Scab display: allow players to toggle display of additional elements like minimap, compass, clock, temperature gauge, season. Pet expansion: tame all creatures except large scale animals, rideable mounts, flying mounts, hitching posts for fast travel. Different sized pet houses for different sized pets, feeding and watering station, pens they can be sent to when not in use. Maintain happiness with treats and toys specific to each animal. Fast travel: requires mount and hitching post at starting and ending points. Travel progresses game time and drains hunger and thrist, both based off of distance traveled. Can only fast travel within a distance that doesnt completely drain hunger/thrist. Temperature: extremes in hot and cold debuff players with status effects. Cold reduces max health and movement speed, heat reduces max stamina and increases water/food drain. Seasons: summer hot to moderate temperatures, current animal and plant spawns, current available resources, longest days shortest nights. Fall cooler to moderate temperatures, fewer creature spawns, more dry grass, browner foliage, shorter days. Winter cold temperatures, barely any creature spawns, little plant growth/resources, bare foliage, animals hibernate, water freezes in to ice, must be harvested with axe, koi pond, swamp, and puddles freeze, longest nights. Spring cool to moderate temperatures, more creature spawns (but lesser than summer), more plants/resources (slightly less than summer), budding green foliage, longer days. Each season lasts about 90 days. Adjustable time-scale: allow players to adjust the time scale to normal in game time where 1 second is 1 minute, or a real time mode where 1 second in reality is only one second in game, each in game minute only passes after a minute real time. Hunger and thirst drain slower in real time mode, day/night cycle passes realistically. Can be set to match computer time. Bug part sorting: a production station that sorts non-specific creature part stacks in to a more specific item like leg, mandible, head, antenna for more advanced crafting. Example, spider parts can be sorted in to spider leg, spider eye, spider mandible, spider meat. Repeat for each insect. Items can still drop from killed creatures, like ant heads or gnat meat, but specific items can drop less in favor of general "parts" that have to be sorted later for the more useful items. Anyway, that's all I've got so far. May add or remove things, but if you've made it this far, thanks for the read!
  3. 1) In PoE1, most battles play out the same way over and over again, it gets boring. We should have less battles, but more interestingly-designed encounters with more variety. Hope to see more enemies with more pronounced strengths and weaknesses, e.g. extremely high hp and regen, low hp but extremely hard to hit, oozes that multiply, glass cannons, a huge army of weak enemies etc, that will require different strategies and gear, even on easier difficulty settings. Another aspect is to create interesting battle scenarios, e.g. split your party into groups to defend different entrances, escort a caravan, protect a fragile character. Perhaps a few epic battle scenarios which allow a 10 member party. 2) PoE's artwork is the best out there. However the maps and dungeons all follow very similar and predictable designs, the same thing in different skins. Please do not limit maps to the same dimensions. Create more variety, each dungeon should have a unique distinct archiecture, e.g. a huge open cavern, a claustrophobic labyrinth. For good map/dungeon design, please check out Wizardry 7/8 and Dark Heart of Uukrul. Good dungeon design is a lost art. 3) Create some challenging dungeons where we cannot rest or escape, forcing us to prepare carefully, test our limits and come up with strategies to survive. 4) PoE1 had too much text and uninteresting details. Just 1 interesting line will do, rather than 10 monotonous ones. 5) Rename enchanted items, customize look of item, more enchantment options such as stun and crit. 6) A workshop where we can craft various golems, which we can deploy in battle, or to carry out tasks. 7) Allow more traps to be set. Deploy temporary defensive structures such as ballistas, cannons or magic totems. Tower defense-like battle scenarios where we need to build up defenses and withstand waves of enemies.
  4. The current build is totally feature complete but I've noticed these tiny things that I miss and somehow wonder why nobody implemented them: - you can pan the game screen with keys (say arrow keys, they are configurable), so why can't I pan the boundaries on the map? It would make totally sense to use the very same keys to move around the map -- right now you can only click on a new location to move the boundaries, so... add those keys please! - three buttons on the map for slow/normal/fast speed -- fast is often used to navigate the map but there are no buttons on the map itself to change speed. - saving may take some seconds, it's annoying that there is no feedback about the START of the saving (there's only a log message when save is complete). It would suffice to blend in a green "Saving..." message on the bottom of the screen. - during save it is possible to press the pan keys, once saving completes the screen snaps to the very extreme of the pressed key (e.G. when I press "left" during save the screen scrolls to the very left right after save). It would make sense to disable all input when the UI is unresponsive or to clear the buffers right after save. - the bestiary is updated "behind the scenes" but I don't like to miss out on those updates. would it be so difficult to mark updated entries? just color-coding (yellow highlighting the updated entries) would be enough, much like quests white/grey colors. anything would do, really. - I've seen what you've done in the documentary "road to eternity", obsidian!! I've seen IT!!! so... where can I send my money to back "Eternity 2"? SUATMM!
  5. Even though I have a HUGE backlog of games waiting to get played and I realy should clone myself to keep up with it, there are games I am planning to buy. Here is a/the list (queue Law and Order jingle) : 1) Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe: a remake of the old Shufflepuck Cafe game, it looks fantastic and apparently plays realy well. It released today and I am doing my very best to stop myself from buying it. 2) Frozen Endzone: I mentioned it today in another thread. It is the sports game of the people who made Frozen Synapse, one of the best tactics games ever made. I am very excited to see how they handle a future sports game a la Speedball. It is currently in beta. 3) Pandora First Contact: The spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri ? We have forumites who have played it and I think the verdict was wait for a patch. So I am waiting, biding my time. 4) Dominions 4: I like the idea of being a godlike entity and trying to take over the world. I am not much for multiplayer though and apparently the AI still needs work. 5) Age of Wonders 3: Very excited about all the character creation options, though they make me a bit underwhelmed with the prospect of the single player campaign and the story characters: I want to play my own hero edit: and I didn't include the kickstarters I have backed, since technically when they come out I'll have them and wont need to wish for them
  6. Dear Obsidian and future players of Project Eternity Here is a suggestion: Make a community wishlist, a separate website/webpage that holds a list of features that players would like in the game. New entries can be made by users, and every entry can be voted upon by users, the most voted will then trend among the top, giving you as designers and developers a clear indication of what the players really desire. As opposed to crawl through this forum in an attempt to get an overview of the various features that players would like to see in the game. An obvious example of a community wishlist is present at GOG: http://www.gog.com/wishlist An absolutely phenomenal system, that is easy to view and gives a clear indication of what the users would like. What do you think?
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