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    Yet another GreedFall trailer, just days before its launch.
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    Most are pretty straightforward. Edér: Fighter/Rogue distraction tank with Cadhu Scalth (+modal), Kapana Taga, Reckless Brigandine, Hold the Line, Helm of the Champion, Entonia Signet, +Protection and +Deflection gear, Persistent Distraction, Armored Grace, Adept Evasion, Riposte, Mob Stance, Refreshing Defense, Deathblows, Unbending (and so on). Basically like an Unbroken/Trickster but without the goodies of both classes. Still works very well. Goal is to have a sticky tank with 5 engagement slots without using Defender Stance. The items help a lot in that regard. Also works with Defender Stance if you want other gear and more defensive capabilities. Anyway you only need enough staying power to bind lots of enemies to you at the start of combat. You distract all of them automatically (very nice passive auto-debuff with no "saving throw"). You will still deliver decent melee dmg but at the same time be nearly impervious to ranged and AoE dmg (shield modal + Adept Evasion). Because of that you can get hit by your teammates' AoE spells (e.g. your Wizard's) and don't care much. Usually your bound enemies do care though and die. Tekēhu: SC Watershaper with Deltro's Cage + Lord Darryn's Voulge as "stat stick". Or same with him as Watershaper/Stormspeaker. Pallegina: Herald tank. High defenses and passive healing. Fat armor, Lethandria's Devotion, Sasha's Singing Scimitar (Shopcking Prelude + Refreshing Finale: use empowered White Worms and later empwered Eld Nary), Blackened Plate Armor with "Life in Death", Exalted Endurance + Ancient Memory and so on. Keep near your allies. Maia Rua: Scout with focus on arquebus. All the stuff that increases arquebus dps: Gunner, Marksman, Driving Flight, Stalker's Link, Marked for the Hunt, Deathblows, Accurate Wounding Shot, Arterial Strike, Blinding Strike, maybe Pierce the Bell against the really high AR foes (it has +5 PEN). And so on. Maybe not Toxic Strike since her INT is pretty low. Use the Red Hand or Dragon's Dowry. Dragon's Dowry is one of the best weapon for backstabbing: sneak up to a target, use Arterial Strike to "backstab" and immediately retreat with either Escape or Evasive Roll (usually Evasive Roll is better since you need more Guile than Bond in an encounter). If you use Escape and enchanted her armor with "Return Fire" and also pick Superior Camouflage it's not uncommon to trigger Return Fire's crit conversion often. If you don't want to backstab then just stick to the Red Hand and fire away. Aloth: SC Wizard - nothing special. Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry, Rekvu's Fractured Casque. Injure yourself with Necrotic Lance in between fights so you always carry an Acute Rash injury (it's a very minor debuff but you gain immunity to interrupts and +1 spall casts per spell tier). Either go for Chromprismatic Staff as stat stick (Power Level bonuses) or Blightheart (+10% corrosive lash for spells is great) or Griffin's Blade + a small shield for more staying power and a bit increased spell dmg. Or use Magran's Favor + Sun & Moon for your fire spells. SC Wizard "The Terror": use Effigy's Husk + Whitewhitch Mask + Eye of Wael (=+3 PL to illusions) and aim for Illusion spells like Miasma + Curse of Blackend Sight, Repulsive Visage and Enervating Terror, Gaze of the Adragan, Wall of Many Colors, Kalakoth's Freezing Rake. You can use a club + modal to lower Will by 25 on a single target if you wish. Best in this case might be Shattered Vengeance with "Coordinated Escape". Very strong debuffer (lower Will to the ground with Misama and then terrify the heck out of everybody) but also later a strong damage dealer with Freezing Rake. Use Concelhaut's Draining Touch + Essential Phantom for this trick: the Draining TOuch will not go away on a Phantom after a succesful hit, so it can keep hitting the enemy with it, It does very high corrode damge. Especially since it targets will and not deflection. You are a strong strong will debuffer: see the synergy? The Phantom will hit enemies like a truck because it frequently crits with Draining Touch. It will heal itself in the process (draining) and apply weakened to the target. If it drops below 50% health it will also cast Repulsive Visage because of the mask. If it dies it will trigger the Husk's raw AoE attack on death. If you use Shroud of the Phantasm you can do all that times 6 (six Phantoms) - but of course only 1/rest. If you use Arkemy'r Grimoire there's an Illusion spell names "Arkemyr's Brilliant Departure" which makes you invisible and doesn't break if you only cast CC on enemies (no damage though). That means that you can cast for example a Miasma on a crowd without becoming visible. It's like CC god mode a bit. Also Wall spells (Wall of Many Colors but also Wall of Flames) will not end the invisibility because they are hazards (their own game character entity) which will not be connected to you dealing damage. Xoti: SC Priest- Very straightforward - just works. Use her lantern - it's great for that. User her as main support/secondary healer and kind of offtank. SC Monk. As melee Monk use her fists mostly and aim for Whispers of the Wind + Resonant Touch and make her the main damage dealer in order to get something out of her subclass. As mid-ranged SC Monk: use Serafen's two Hand Mortars and go gunmonk. This is very strong with Stunning Surge, Flagellanth's Path and Whispers of the Wind/Resonant Touch. Use Lightning Strikes, Duality of mortal Presence (INT) - no need to pick Turning Wheel since it's melee only. Pick everything that gives you ACC, PEN and INT (AoE size): Enduring Dance, Thunderous Blows, Razor's Edge, Ring of Overseeing, Ring of the Marksman, Aloth's Armor, Heaven's Cacophony and so on. Start fights with Enduring Dance and then fire away with Stunning Surge. Use wounds for Thunderous Blows in between, later for Whispers of the Wind and Resonant Touch as well. Stunning Surge will ost nothing if it crits only once in the AoE and you will even get back Mortification from her class passive if you kill (which happens a lot if she's the main AoE damage dealer). She works great with a single-target-focused Maia Rua: Maia picks off the dangerous single targets, Xoti wrecks the mobs. This woirks very well with a stiyk tank Edér and Aloth using Pull of Eora to cramp as many mobs a possible into a tight space. Also Aloth can use Dazzling Lights to lure enemies from stealth into a tight spot where Edér then egages and Aloth casts Pull of Eora. If you use Pull of Eora much gie Edér an item that makes him immune to push/pull effects (like the Horns of the Aurochs or the Upright Captain' Belt - very good in this case). In all monk cases go for Precognition as amulet and Stalking Cloak for the back. Whispers of the Wind makes you invisible so you will stun every enemiy you hit with it. Serafen (I like him if that isn't obvious): Witch with Willbreaker and White Witch Mask, use Blooded - works very well with the Mask. Use Spirit Frenzy/Tornado to apply Staggered (-10 Fortitude) and Secret Horrors to apply SIckened (another -10 Fortitude). Cast Borrowed Instincts a lot (+20 ACC besides other stuff) and hit enemies with the modal "Body Blows" on (-25 Fortitude) - then using Soul Ignition/Disintegrate and other fortitude based stuff on them. Your accuracy will virtually be +65(!). Use Brute Force to target fortitude instead of deflection if it's lower (often is with the Morning Star + Sprit Frenzy + Secret Horrors). The Morning Star also lowers Will (-3 per hit) which is great for most other cipher powers that don't target fortitude. Also use Psychovampiric Shield to lower enemies Will by -20 and Deflection by 10. Use Whisper of Treason and/or Puppet Master, too. Although you are a melee guy you should use these because they are very strong. Don't hit your charmed enemies - else they flip back. Let them fight for you instead. Skill your Will into the sky (Iron Will +15 & Bull's Will +10) and use the highest shock AR gear you can find (so.. NOT plate armor). When casting, don't be too near to your allies in case you miscast (can wipe your friends). Use Deltro's Cage Helmet to profit from the miscast (if you survive). Witch with Lord Darryn's Voulge, Deltro's Cage - mostly applying Static Charges with Carnage and using Soul Shock on your tank. SC Barb, aiming for Driving Roar with Blood Thirst, Bloodlust, Spirit Frenzy, Acina's Tricorn, Lance of the Midwood Stag (Lord of the Forest). Let a fellow druid cast Woodskin or Form of the Delemgan on you right at the start of battle. Or count on the weapon's enchant,ment to give you Woodskin at some point. In this case it can be good to also wear Nature's Embrace. Gain +2 PL and attack from second row with Spirit Frenzy + Carnage and use the yell/roar to deliver dmg and apply Shaken, Daze and Staggered as AoE CC until you get Driving Roar. At that point just be your party's best ranged damage dealer with incredible dmg output for just 1 Rage per cast. Also pick Improved Critical etc. Against crush-immune or resistant enemies either use your Lance or pick Instrument of Boundless Rage. Use two Necklaces of Fireballs: one in the stach and one on your neck. Before getting Driving Roar cast up tp 8 Fireballs per encounter (trigger Staggered with Spirit Frenzy, Blooded also works and so do Frenzy and Bloodlust/Blood Thirst for casting speed) after encounter stack the empty necklace with the full one in the stash - tada: both have 8 charges again. If you like fire attacks a lot you can also go Magran's Favor (+ Bleeding Cuts) + Sun & Moon + Instruments of Boundless Rage + Necklace of Fireballs + Spirit Tornado + Dragon Leap + Barbaric Shout + Barbaric Retaliation + Blunting Belt + Patinated Plate (Bronze Juggernaut + Constant Reboud) + Death's Maw + Stalwart Defiance + Thick Skinned + Blooded + One Stands Alone + Heart of Fury + Barbaric Smash + Blood Surge + Blood Thirst + Bloodlust (hope that all fits into one char Can't remember the exact portfolio). Maybe also use Three Trolls Stiched or Nemnok's Cloak. Ragged Cloak for more retaliation damage. Jump into the midst of the enemy and let them hit you. With dazing and such high AR they won't do much damage but crit you a lot, triggering Barbaric Retaliation with Bleeding Cuts and self heal from Sun & Moon. If you're too low on hralth use Stalwart Defiance. All the while cast Fireballs from the Necklace or use Instrument of Boundless Rage or simply Barbaric Smash. All your fire based attacks will have +4 Power Level during daytime. Suicide Bomb - SC Barb: use Effigy's Husk, Effort, Shroud of the Phantasm in hard fights, else Mantle of the Seven Bolts, Vengeful Defeat, Heart of Fury, Pather's Leap, Blooded, Accurate Carnage, Blood Storm and so on. Jump into enemies and start hacking away. You want to be very fast but not too fragile. Should you go down: Deal tremendous AoE damage from Effort (Full AoE Attack), Husk (Raw AoE attack), Vengeful Defeat (Full AoE attack) and Mantle (Shock AoE attack) to everything around you. Get revived by a Paladin, Priest, Druid or Chanter and try again. Very good on itself but not if you don't like resting. In tight encounters use the Shroud to summon 6 copies of you which have low health and do the same on death as you: EXPLODE! . Nothing except fat bosses might survive this if your timing/position is good... If you want you can copy the Ring of Reset from the Deck of Many Things. You can do that without the console if you export a custom character with the ring (use a lvl-1-adventurerer with only the ring - to avoid hich recruitment costs). Hire him then in the other game in a tavern and take the Ring. Now you have two. They can form a stack in the stash. If one is emoty stack it with the other one and it will be recharged. This way you can go down 3 times in an encounter (trigger AoW dmg) and get back up right again without taking an injury. It's cheesy - but if you like that build idea but hate resting this might be your thing. It's a lot of fun. By the way: Ring of Reset doesn't work on Phantoms... (see Aloth). Well... some might not be that straightforward now that I read all this again...
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    Now I need to get everyone a magazine subscription so they can fight effectively:
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    Trucking and transportation is a big thing in Sikh culture, so in California where you have a decent Sikh population, you get some pretty solid Indian food out near the truck stops.
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    Yes. Usually a Druid is a better healer than a Priest anyway. Except Furies of course. But maybe you shouldn't restrict Tekēhu to healing. As a Watershaper he has amazing foe-only water/frost spells like foe-only Chillfog and so on. That's what makes his subclass so good. But yes - he can also heal pretty well.
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    https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-49555613 This was well said by Tom Hanks. I think it is a good practice to try and step back from our line of thinking once or twice a day and try to approach our thoughts differently. It's easy to fall into a rhythm of cynicism.
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    As I already said in some other thread: if your MC is a damage dealer and you give him the noble male voice and then also bring Konstanten you are in for some laughs. Both voices have similar tonality - and both have an infectious laugh. Especially if they land crits. Konstanten is hilarious but the noble is close behind. I played Konstanten as Barb/Skald and used a Morning Star with Clear Out - so the crits were plentyful. My MC was a Mortar Monk. It was all like Barry White and his long lost brother doing "hohoho", "hahahaha" and "teheeehehe". I was smiling constantly because of that.
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    Whaaaaaa? Im not faithless, Im a Pastafarian. The rest of your post is accurate though.
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    My advice on companions would be use Tekehu because of how unique he is compared to others he has 2 hidden subclasses on him and he turns into a shark for style points Eder is decent as main tank and xoti single class priest as healer support If you decide to play Serafen go either Witch or Barbarian he is horrible as single class cipher in my opinion wild mind is just sh1t p.s. since we are talking about companions here is there any mod that allows you to change their stats and classes or you have to console it ? How reliable is consoling new subclasses into them can it break the game ? Would be fun to play subclasses i want on story companions who have their own quests and barter
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    I saw once pallegina-crusader build, where you stack defence when disengaging and run like crazy between enemies. Provoke as many disengagment attacks, as you can - they always misses you and WotEP has upgrade that riposte on every miss. Quite efficient but micromenaging hell. Aloth - wizard/fighter or wizard/rogue with spirit lance. Maximize lance AoE and - as a fighter - spam clear out, as rogue - pump deflection with magic and use riposte. Xoti - monk/priest - one of the most powerfull classes with brilliant/SoT/BDD trick, enduring dance and dichotomus soul. Barbaric retaliation works with hand mortars which is overkill with avenging storm scroll. Like every build with mortars.
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    Binged on "Chernobyl". Great stuff. Acting, camera, minimalist soundtrack, everything. Empathy points gained: for being upset about human and pet deaths equally. Empathy points lost x2: for wanting to replay S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: SoC.
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    This is what i was talking about Never thought about switching to Modwyr after creating chillfogs with Gravecalling. I ll have to try it! And that necklace thing, I have to think about a good build for that, thanks Boeroer!
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    I often wonder about a lot of folks that just up and disappear. Went for a long walk today on this small trail next to a tiny little creek. Was fun and nice to get out and stretch my legs a bit. Been stuck in a tired routine of just work, home, and back again. Went to an Italian festival yesterday and that was also nice. Currently upset that my UPS doesn't work for ****. CyberPower still hasn't responded to my ticket from last month so I'll probably just get a new one and never buy from them again.
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    I wonder how Calax is doing? Haven't seen him around for a long while
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    Okay. Whatever you guys want to think. It was foolish of me to bring it up in the first place, I suppose.
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    The thing is G2A hurts developers. Epic games annoys customers. People find it difficult to care for something that doesn't affect them directly.
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    Backed Solasta and Toby's Island but still on the fence for Homeworks 3 since they want 50 bucks at the lowest tier and I was just going to give it to my brother. I'm quite fond of him but 50 dollars is 50 dollars.
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    Okay. Just seems weird that a Microsoft-only release for TOW might have been okay, but releasing on Microsoft and the Epic Game Store makes a lot of people want to hoist the Jolly Rodger or rip off the developers through grey-market keys. It's one thing to take advantage of arbitrage and score a cheap key through differences in regional pricing, but much of what makes the discount economies of G2A or Kinguin work is the bulk offloading keys purchased with stolen credit cards. Experiences do vary, and many gamers have okay experiences with those sites, but it can be really hard to explain why a vendor has dozens of day one keys for hot releases sold at a steep discount without considering the potential for fraud. While the sites themselves claim plausible deniability in the sourcing of the keys, participating in such marketplaces often serves to enable money laundering more than helping that one user that somehow accidentally has an "extra key" for a game they purchased. If that's the route players chose to go, I at least hope they get something positive out of the experience before a chargeback hits and invalidates their key. Best of luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor, etc...
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    The downside of this schtick is if one of your allies inconveniently tags the target by accident with a stray Carnage, bounced shot, or other hard-to-control source of damage, that's going to be some annoying micromanagement (and potentially lost DPS if you have to significantly suboptimize your party's attacks for fear of eating the Takedown Combo) unless you're doing a solo run. But it's certainly a fun schtick to theorycraft on!
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    These are strange times when Ktchong and I are backing the same candidate.
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    Tekēhu is good if you get past the initial phase. You should do the Gullet with him - it gives him more depth and shows him being more serious, benevolent and caring. He is a good boy. And as I said his subclasses are good, especially the druid one is one of the best. I my opinion the best of all companions' subclasses. If you generally loathe flamboyance or are even anti LGBT then I guess you will never like him though. Serafen's Wild Mind subclass is very unpredictable and that is something that most RPG players don't like. Most of his negative sideffects when casting powers are not too bad and are easily balanced out (and more) by the potential good side effects. But "Miscast" can actually wipe your whole group. It deals 3x actual focus as shock damage in a pretty big AoE around Serafen. At level 20 this can mean over 750 shock damage per attack roll. Of course this rarely happens. But when it happens to players they usually are so annoyed that they declare the subclass as "useless" (forgetting all the times Serafen got a +5 PL boost while casting ;)). But... actually you can use Miscast to your advantage (although it's fiddly). If you just give Serafen a lot of Will defense (Miscast targets Will) and AR (especially shock AR - a druid might help - Mantle of the Seven Bolts also helps) and place him near enemies and not near your party members he can sometimes wipe the whole enemy mob with a miscast and survive. So for example you could try to tank with him as a Witch (Barb/Wild Mind) and use the barb yell for +engagement and dazing while casting powers in the hope of a Miscast. With Deltro's Cage + Helmet you can benefit from the Miscast in two ways: either turn on Shock Shield in order to get healed by the shock damage instead of getting toasted - or getting toasted and receiving a huge shocking lash for your next attack rolls from the Helmet. Or it simply misses because of your high WIll defense. Note that a Witch can get +15 Will from the cipher passive "Iron Will" AND +10 from "Bull's Will" (generic from barb). They do stack. Add some items with Will or +all defenses. Maybe eat fitting food. Raise RES and INT... Even if he goes down from that Miscast - several enemies will do so as well. Give him an item with Second Chance or revive him: easy. Just accept that he might die from time to time while killing everything around him. It's not a bad thing then. Several items can add more AoE dmg when he goes down (Skaen Robe, Mantle of the Seven Bolts, Effort Great Sword etc.). You can play with this. It can be fun. So... "useless" is - as always in these forums- a lot of hyperbole.
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    Try MS-DOS 6.22, the DriveSpace compression should help tidy things up.
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    I was pretty excited about TOW and 2077 and probably going to get Day 1 until learning they’re both FPS. I just don’t generally prefer that. Both games seem like they are better suited to 3rd to me. Game looks cool but no longer D1 for me. Probably get it someday on discount if it’s well received.
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    i'm still at it, but slowly so I don't completely burn out. I don't know about anyone else, but the way I'm doing it is extremely repetitive and tedious (basically breaking it up into easily-rehearsable and heavily pre-planned chunks), so I can only do so much at a time without needing a break to play something more mindless like division 2. At least it's not as bad as PoE1 the ultimate, which was mostly just attrition and I literally started a different "just for fun" PoE1 run in the middle of it just so I could actually enjoy the game.
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    Tyranny and PoE 2 are *both* really good and I've played both multiple times. I'm really sad that Tyranny is unlikely to get a sequel.
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    Oh boy, oh boy! I can't wait to get insomnia!
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