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Pachfinder Bugmaker: The Rekkoning

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I couldn't play for a while, but now I finally finished chapter 1. I don't know if this was possible before the expansion, but I fought the Stag Lord after reaching level 5.

The new content sure made it easy. There is even a cave that allows you to give capes and rings of protection to everyone who didn't have it yet.

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Got most of the way through Vordakai's tomb, but then I ran into the elementals. Man those were tough to beat, even with the right protection spells. It was like hitting a brick wall, so I set it aside a couple of weeks then tried again. Poof! It was a cake walk. Maybe a bug fix happened while I was out? At any rate, glad to get through that part.

"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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