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  1. I think that algae is a great way to add another harvestable resource. I would make a great alternating to mushrooms and maybe it could harvest power like a solar panel. I thing that the knifes being added in the next big patch (I believe) would harvest this resource. Thanks for you time and your thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Greedings, i was thinking of some kind of active party (combat, 5 members) and non-active party (conversations, reactivity, banter, no size limit) system. Maybe attaching companion's content (dialogues, banters, etc) to invisible objects? if that makes sense I make just one complete play through, so the companions i dont bring are just lost forever, and i noticed recently that there are a fair amount of people who see this (i saw some similar suggestions somewhere) or other consequences of the party limitation as a problem, so i decided to try and suggest this. Some thoughs on this:
  3. The question came up during this Q&A Josh Sawyer and Bobby Null and they mentioned that they aren't currently planning to enable customization for multiclass titles. However, they did mention that they welcome further suggestions (which can be added to Heijoushin's existing thread - http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/91412-care-to-guess-the-names-of-the-other-multiclasses/ - if you're so inclined) and that they might reconsider if there's enough of an outcry against the titles that Obsidian comes up with. I assume that they might also reconsider if forum-goers express enough interest in
  4. Genetic engineering is about to become a major part of our lives. What do you think about its morals? If you need a briefing, check this link, it gives a nice overview https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jAhjPd4uNFY
  5. So this is an idea that I find extremely interesting, and I really want to see what you guys think. Please do give reasons in the comment section. Thanks for any shared opinions
  6. Right, I've been wondering which classes are the least and the most popular. Few explanations are in order I think: I didn't put Cipher in the least popular because let's face it, that's like putting Eder in the least popular comp poll. All it will achieve is gather sub 2,5% votes which could be interesting if they are put elsewhere. I didn't have enough space in the favourite class poll, so I comboed Ranger and Rogue. Please specify which you've chosen and why. I'll cast my vote at a later date so I don't muddle the sample(I most certainly won't talk about it for at least a fortnight). Tha
  7. With newest version ( I assume after updating to 3.0/WM2), changing the attributes of the Obsidian companions such as Sagani no longer works, unlike previous versions. While you can change in game with AttributeScore, any reload from a save sets the companions attribute stats back to default. Apparently they are now picking up companion default attribute scores from a table somewhere on loading a save. Atfer patching game discretly changed previous values of companions attributes modified earlier by console to default, so entire gameplay also changed... Changing atttributes for companions
  8. This Friday, join us while we play Pathfinder Adventures on twitch.tv/obsidian 4:00PM PST I will be playing Black Fang's Dungeon on LEGENDARY difficulty with 6 characters. The scenario will have extra powers that make it more difficult and will also limit my travel between each location on the map. Tell me which characters you'd like me to play in the attached poll. If you don't know who these people are you can find more information here: http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/tags/iconics/meetTheIconics I could only include 10 possible answers on the poll so if you want Valeros the Fighter
  9. http://www.smh.com.au/world/bernie-sanders-would-hammer-donald-trump-in-a-headtohead-race-for-the-white-house-20151223-gluj3l.html http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/poll-against-bernie-sanders-donald-trump-would-get-schlonged-20151223
  10. Don't care would have been the right option for me as well if it existed when I voted. Should the POE that was released have been more appropriately considered Early Access, rather than marketed as a finished product, based on these comments: "Since the release of the game with have fixed around 1000 bugs with the help of the community." Why were 1000's of bugs in a game that was released as a finished product? "There are many of you, with many different playstyles. It isn't something that we can easily replicate on our side so we will gladly take any help that the commun
  11. If you're going to pick "Yes I did and I'll tell you why!" why not TELL US WHY! All the negativity here (and elsewhere) are seriously making me think I got hosed from this game. From what little I've been able to play (I really REALLY suck at these games due to the real-time nature of the combat,) I've been enjoying it but according to this forum (and the two chans' forums,) Obsidian screwed up on damn near every single aspect of the game. Keep in mind I don't agree with these things personally. These are just things I've seen mentioned. The story is weak The classes are either too ba
  12. If you've done multiple playthroughs, choose all that apply! Interested to see which races and classes people gravitated to the most. (I had to split the classes into 2 questions, since their polling only allows 10 options per question and there are 11 classes total)
  13. Update by Brandon Adler, Producery Fellow Hey, everyone. This is just a quick and dirty update for you on the backer poll we mentioned in our update from last week, some pics of the strategy guide, and news about PAX East. Our next update will come out in the next few weeks when we will discuss how backers can redeem their game from the Backer Portal. Poll Results First, we would like to thank all of our backers for taking the time to vote. It is very important to us that you are able to express your choice and voice your opinion about the shipping of rewards. At close to 75% of
  14. At the current state of the game, combat remains its major flaw, where instead, this should be one of its major strengths. Obsidian is trying their best to eliminate bugs & tweak combat to make it fluid & fun-to-play. Backers are crowding the forums suggesting ideas on how to 'fix' combat since everybody wants combat to feel as enjoying as in the IE games, but also refreshed, absent GM sucker punches and not susceptible to exploits and cheesy tactics. All of this effort is sincere and worth commended for. The purpose of this poll is to determine whether you feel a radical ch
  15. Noticed this thread here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68940-really-old-player-here/ .. and like many others, felt 29 isn't really all that ancient to be quite yet. But I can't remember (that's age for you) if there's been a poll of average PoE forum dweller age. And if there has been, what is the age bracket now anyway. And then when making the poll, figured I'll as if you discovered gaming yesterday, or have been gaming since rocks were invented. -- And then I was going to go up to 40+ yrs of gaming in poll options, but mucked it up because of age-unrelated reasons.
  16. I returned from my summer trip and do want compare my personal feelings whith feelings another people. Personal favorites of my Worst Tourists top is Britts. Always totally drunk, loudly, aggressive in big companies (but very quiet alone, cowardly), though mostly harmless ( their brawlings looks childish ). Often by own offensive actions create dangerous situations for yourself. Girls often looks terrible, fatty, cellulitis, ugly tattoos everywhere, strange dresses. Germans is number 2. Same thing as Britts, but more quiet and mostly avoid real conflicts ( though this is probably their
  17. Just your standard "what x will you play as?" topic where no one reads the posts as you're only here for the poll. Doesn't make for interesting conversation but someone had to do it. I'll probably be rolling aumaua as I usually prefer to play as one of the 'unique'/non-standard races and I thought the aumaua portrait in this week's update looked pretty cool.
  18. This poll and thread is a 're-launch' attempt of another thread (@ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65236-co-operate-with-torment-ton-in-allowing-shared-art-assets/ ), with clearer languaging around the (now multiple) poll questions. The really key thing that would make this happen (or not!) in any form is dev interest, of course, and that is what these threads/posts will hopefully stimulate. For myself, Q1: Yes - of course. :D Q2: Only if the devs feel like it. Not attached either way. Q3: As Q2. Cheers!
  19. The recent discussions about Combat Challenge =/= Obfuscation and the inclusion of a stat popup and Bestiary logs raises an important question to me regarding a particular feature of the Infinity Engine games (and Dungeons and Dragons) that I rather enjoyed. In all of the D&D campaigns that I played, the target values of skill checks and Armor class were never revealed by any Dungeon Master, you had to do the math yourself. You might be able to figure out what the AC of a monster was if you knew the value from the book and the DM was using it or you could approximate it by the armor th
  20. Okay,so I thought it would be nice to do a simple poll on crafting. The main point is to see which games out of my limited selection you would like to see influence the PE crafting system the most. Obsidian will obviously do their best to make the most compelling crafting system that'll add to gameplay and enjoyment. This will hopefully be able to give some sort of indication as to what games we'd like to influence the crafting system. Hopefully my selections as answers are reasonable and offer up a suitable array of options.
  21. Across the various forums (Here, RPGCodex, SomethingAwful etc) there seems to be a fair divide about the existence of Item Durability in Project Eternity. Here is a response from J.E. Sawyer to give context. The purposes of it as described in this post seem to be: A money sink in case players don't invest in the Stronghold and to prevent non-optimal placement (or waste) of skill points when investing points into Crafting on two or more characters. Do you think Item Durability has a place in Project Eternity? If you do not 100% agree with the proposed mechanics, what d
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