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  1. Q for the devs: Per the main/front page of PoE's website ( eternity.obsidian.net ), is "Distribution via Steam and GOG (DRM-free)" still correct in light of this publishing deal? I assume so, but offical words would be appreciated. Never mind, I saw this somewhere: Re: the deal with Paradox affecting the DRM-free nature of POE: "We will be providing both Steam and GOG digital versions of Eternity. The GOG version is still going to be released. The partnership with Paradox has not changed anything we have promised to our backers."
  2. Awesome, thanks for the update/link to the official word (from at least one dev team). No word on whether things will be actively forbidden... Hmm. Sounds like it will be quite an interesting artistic divergence. Will have to wait and see!
  3. Well, some discussion coming up, and thanks for all that. I'll do some snipping and replying. Thank you for being a voice of reason. Feel like you are the only person that gets completely where I am coming from. :D If anything, I have the following 'goals' by these two threads and polls: 1) To draw attention to the shared engine natures of the two games, by anyone (including devs, fans, backers, etc). 2) To avoid, by laying of a co-operative ground work between these two dev teams, the conflicts that occurred in IWD/BG days by a sort of prepatory "fair use
  4. This poll and thread is a 're-launch' attempt of another thread (@ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65236-co-operate-with-torment-ton-in-allowing-shared-art-assets/ ), with clearer languaging around the (now multiple) poll questions. The really key thing that would make this happen (or not!) in any form is dev interest, of course, and that is what these threads/posts will hopefully stimulate. For myself, Q1: Yes - of course. :D Q2: Only if the devs feel like it. Not attached either way. Q3: As Q2. Cheers!
  5. Starting a new thread & poll with much clearer languaging, taking into account as much as possible that has been said here...
  6. Hello All, I think I made a big mistake around the poll question. The way it is worded somehow implies that I am suggesting obligating/pushing art assets from one game to another. What I really meant is to simply make them (offically) available via the other game's respective modding tools. Lots of replies here, so I will do snipping! Thank you! I actually backed The Strange, completely forgot about it too. Cool idea for a mega-mod! See my rewording at the start of this post. This is more about engine/asset support than making either dev team's work dependent o
  7. Bolded points 1 & 2 = limited imagination much? See below. Well, for equal benefit for both, likely possibilities could include: - Monsters, of any type. - 'Natural'/wasteland backgrounds. - Any sort of small house/building interiors. Just off the top of my head, possible ideas for TToN assets in PoE could be: - Mechanized interiors as part of a giant knight/siege engine - 'Bloom' city as adventure where player group gets shrunk down into a strange, exotic plant - Any generic wasteland (potential link-in to desolate/desert like areas) - Normal or exotic plant zones (hidden
  8. Hello all, This is cross-posted in the Pillars of Eternity General forum (waiting for approval, I'm still a newb there!) and the TToN Game Ideas user voice section (same subject but with different game title in the subject line). Background: there were (and ARE still) a lot of awesome mods for the infinity engine games. However, there was some flak about 'illegal' mods - specifically, mods that extracted and used cross-game art assets, such as IWD components inside BG2, without the IWD game being present. However, now there is a great opportunity: two awesome rpgs being developed at the sam
  9. Hello, I was wondering about the feasibility of this - the subbing in/quick switch of a low poly alternative model when the character dies? Either generic, or perhaps somehow based/derived from the living npcs' model?
  10. Hmm. Great update! Per the general request, a few things come to mind: - Strong personality (of whatever type): a personality core that stays intact and influences the way they DO change, like a visual filter for their evolution - the 'filter' is still there, but the way things are interpreted/act out change (if that makes any sense??). - Depths of personality: hidden depths, some sort of mask/layer that can be uncovered in certain situations. (Obviously this could be overdone, and maybe only makes sense for a particularly 'guarded'/silent/quiet type, or certain overblown/hyperboli
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