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Found 6 results

  1. I do have to say I love the beta so far. The changes seem natural and not overly forced. I do wonder about replay-ability with the current stack of characters. Having 6 characters in PoE made the game ultimately re playable to a point that I'm still starting over with console built characters from the beginning, etc. I do love that the console is available on Deadfire, but I didn't see the all too important (end game feature) of building out ultimate builds to 'cheat' your way through the game on whatever difficulty with whatever build you wanted. ...all that to say- 5 characters probably
  2. With newest version ( I assume after updating to 3.0/WM2), changing the attributes of the Obsidian companions such as Sagani no longer works, unlike previous versions. While you can change in game with AttributeScore, any reload from a save sets the companions attribute stats back to default. Apparently they are now picking up companion default attribute scores from a table somewhere on loading a save. Atfer patching game discretly changed previous values of companions attributes modified earlier by console to default, so entire gameplay also changed... Changing atttributes for companions
  3. Use a console command to remove said ability and another command to choose another one? It kind of breaks my immersion (sorry, if I sound lame). I also don't want to break achievements permanently. Does doing this break them?
  4. Good day everyone! This topic will be about the console and mods. Everyone here have most likely played a game where they have encountered a problem. The npc didn't give you the item, the door is did not get unlocked, the npc actor did not spawn, the trigger for the quest did not activate, you did not get moved to whatever zone and so on. So what i hope is that Obsidian will sit down and make a console that allow people to use commands to get around problems in case they happen. List of commands that should be in the game (with a few tweaks) Spawn NPC actor Spawn item Increase /
  5. The reason I made this thread is because I simply am curious if I can change the skin complexion of my main character during gameplay. I would prefer something a little bit different than the ones I can pick in character creation. And only because that would be out of place, hence the topic about console commands! Maybe there are some worth mentioning. So, can I do the swap?
  6. I'm trying to make a custom party for testing, however, I have no idea how to open the console and add gold to my party. I can't seem to find anything with the forum search and the internet is vague at best. So far I've found that I'm supposed to open the console with the ~ key, however, that does nothing and I guess that's either because I have to enable the console in some ini file first or because I have an european keyboard. Anyway, wouldn't it be useful to have a proper thread with the console and the known commands be a sticky here in this forum so people can do some proper testing?
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