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  1. It's from before the recent updates so it there may have been some changes since then, but here's MaxQuest's list of Afflictions and Inspirations.
  2. The damage bonus from Transcendent Suffering still shows up under the inventory screen's unarmed damage popup from one saved game to another, at least. There's also a Haymaker modal for unarmed attacks which provides a penetration bonus at the cost of increased recovery time.
  3. Backer captain screenshot. Edit: Also, here's something from Sawyer via a recent Reddit comment about the trailer and boarding ship combat:
  4. With my most recent save I made promises to Hylea, Rymrgand, and Skaen before destroying the souls after all (which Skaen surprisingly didn't seem to mind in terms of the ending slides I got, despite advocating that I send the souls off to Woedica), but my prior two Watchers didn't make promises to any of the gods and finished the game just fine. I had completed all of the gods' quests in those games, though, so I can't say whether just finishing one of the quests is enough.
  5. My guess would be that those elaborations (of questionable accuracy in some cases) were added to make the available survey choices stand out/seem more interesting. They also didn't include any of the White Marches companions in the drop-down selection for blood pool sacrifices and they only implicitly addressed the matter of broken promises to the gods by allowing us to select one of the two "pledged to multiple gods" options. As far as oversights go, I didn't see any option for Watchers who didn't pledge themselves to any of the gods (as was the case for several of my Watchers who completed t
  6. The fact that boarding enemy ships is an option doesn't necessarily reflect deep-seated developer insecurities about the quality of ship combat any more than the option to fly different faction's flags to fool nearby ships that might otherwise be hostile does. Both options are thematically appropriate extensions of features that have been promoted throughout the game's development to start with: faction allegiances, faction hostilities, and piracy in general (which, at least in books and movies, frequently involves actually boarding the ships you mean to plunder rather than blasting them from
  7. Sawyer's been pretty active in responding to reddit comments made about the beta and the changes he's announced. I'll toss out some quotes from Sawyer here, but the link's better for getting a sense of exactly what criticisms and concerns he's responding to (this is in reference to the "Upcoming Changes to the Backer Beta" post at the top). #1 #2 #3 #4
  8. The ambiguity surrounding that stretch goal and its promotion is one of the things that annoyed me most about the campaign; some sources definitely make it sound like the presence of sea monsters in the game depended entirely on the goal being met, but there are others that contradict this. For example: The update itself listed, with the exception of the polpovir, monsters that weren't included in the "Monsters of the Deadfire" book and it ends with the following statement: "With this stretch goal we will add fishing and new sea monsters that you may encounter while sailing on the seas aroun
  9. No. While Eder and Aloth don't use any subclasses, that's not the case for the rest of the main companions. Per an older post from Sawyer's Tumblr, Pallegina will either be a Kind Wayfarer or a member of the Frermàs mes Canc Suolias, Maia has a unique ranger subclass (Gunhawk), Serafen has access to a unique cipher subclass (Wild Mind), Xoti can be a priestess of Gaun and/or a Sister of the Reaping Moon monk, and Tekehu can be a unique subclass of chanter (Storm Speaker) and/or druid (Watershaper). Sawyer also said that two of the sidekicks have subclasses, but he doesn't go into detail a
  10. Sawyer discusses overpenetration on tumblr, stating that the damage bonus from may be changed soon, and also shares his thoughts on the varying importance of penetration bonuses under certain circumstances. He also states that Fessina/Fassina has the Conjurer subclass. Multiclassing her will also be a possibility; this isn't particularly surprising given the current approach to companion class options, but I'm still glad to see some confirmation of flexibility in options for sidekicks. An earlier update that associated single classes (or a single multiclass combination in Ydwin's case) had
  11. I found this old post of Sawyer's, in which he states: The official wiki's Eir Glanfath page also states that the Engwithans have been "dead or gone for two millennia", but it cites page 57 first guidebook as its source and that page of the guidebook doesn't actually mention anything about two millennia. The only specifics that page provides in terms of chronology is as follows: "[c]enturies before the Glanfathans arrived at this location, the area was ruled by a lost people called the Engwithans (...)" The guidebook also has this to say under the description of the Savannah Folk
  12. Sawyer's thoughts on the goals for Deadfire's weapon proficiency system and how well they've been met so far. In regards to the current, situational approach to modals: The proficiency gain rate is also changing from 1/4 levels to 1/3 levels.
  13. The decision of background can be acknowledged without generating a variable set of NPCs that you can interact with (and yes, to cover the different families possible, it's almost unavoidable that NPCs would have to be specifically created in various locations for the purpose of representing them rather than just repurposing those already made to fit). Players will have dialogue options tied to their backgrounds, the aristocrat background included, but beyond that, this is another blanket statement on your part that becomes questionable when subjected to detail and context. Obviously, not all
  14. Let's bring your claim back down to earth and try applying it to this specific instance: Are you honestly saying that not mapping out all of the possible iterations of a Deadfire aristocrat's family reunion in-game will condemn this game to mediocrity? Actually, why stop there? If all the possible Deadfire noble families that could occur for each race and sub-choice available for the background need to be put in the game because the difficulty of effective implementation can't justify abandoning the effort, then by the same reasoning, they should devote time to developing ending slides, en
  15. Sawyer elaborated on barrel diversity and other objects with combat significance in the game:
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