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Found 1 result

  1. Something that I hope Deadfire will help settle (or at least provide enough clues to make sense of the backstory): Just how does Engwith's backstory flow? It occurred to me while compiling the story of the Endless Paths: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Endless_Paths_of_Od_Nua All sources, including Cabiros and Od Nua, state that the fall of the keep occurred two thousand years before present day. Given the interactions with the spirits and the general reverence Od Nua's Children of the Wheel show, it's safe to assume that Thaos' grand social experiment was not in motion back then, there were no gods. In fact, the loyalist guard spirit mentions praying to whatever god will have you, instead of invoking one of the pantheon, such as Berath or Eothas. This, along with the absence of other religious facilities, would indicate that they are still in the pre-gods era. On a narrative level, this makes sense, as Od Nua's Paths show the steady grow of Engwithan animancy and explain where they got their start. The soul storage machine prototype on level 8, identical to the one in Heritage Hill, is an obvious tie. Nagging However, the point where gods are unleashed and Thaos starts his missionary work is where I kind of lose track of the timeline. For starters, Glanfathans are said to have occupied Eir Glanfath for some two thousand years. As we know, Eir Glanfath is the site of Sun in Shadow where the gods are made. Glanfathans' rabid defense of Engwithan facilities, especially the barring of foreigners from most of Eir is a clear ploy by Thaos to keep the kith away from Sun in Shadow and finding out the truth about the gods. Second, Lady Webb states that Leaden Key dates back more than two thousand years. Barring it being Thaos' book club, it would mean that the gods were created before Engwith achieved animantic mastery. Third, your party members and especially Kana mention that people have been believing in gods for thousands of years. While two is certainly thousands, it's a bit technical. Making Sense To make sense of the timeline and given the absolute reliability of Od Nua and the adra dragon's testimonies, pegging the fall of Nua's fortress at circa 800 AI, the gods' creation must have occurred after that date, as did the missionary effort. The apparent discrepancy in dating is the result of Thaos' deliberate interference, aiming at establishing his faith as older than it truly is. That said... In the setting, 800 AI corresponds to roughly 400 BCE (assuming PoE dates to roughly the 17th century), the height of classical Greece. It's a ****load of time, in other words, and enough for religion to gain traction and spread, we only need to look at Christianity and Islam for examples close to home. Especially when you have an immortal capable of devastating entire civilizations to keep his dirty secret intact. Questions Does anyone have any sources I can peruse to figure that out? Or perhaps the devs can weigh in on the subject? It's frustrating to not have enough data to go on (though I have a hunch it was a deliberate choice).
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