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  1. Aww.... Pretty sure i had enchanted my Pirate's Disappointed to Legendary Status Was it a legendary disappointment? That was probably the Worst pun I've ever read. Anyway, back on topic: The weapons I want to see ingame are The Unlabored Blade and the Gyrd Háewanes Sténes mainly because those are my favorite of the Soulbound Weapons and I play a mage
  2. That's what threads in geeky forums are for. Ok then. Oh god Please devs make this as a DLC weapon
  3. and that is simple: make a unique item comparable to the "Larder Door" unique item in sheer "WTF is THAT!" and "Smoke weed every day" categories What's your opinion about it?
  4. Okay... Offtopicing from talking to a character with an interesting background (Ydwin reminds me of CSI Las Vegas) to a complete discussion of the game. That something interesting Yeah. Decided to not pick the game later and get it at day one. First, because people had said that I like Ydwin because of "Self-Love-Things" when it's because I love CSI and I hope that if she's a follower in the expansion, Her questline is like the investigations from CSI - Hard Case with the protagonist as her partner. and second because I want to see the Create a Story part of Character Creation. Hope it's
  5. Since you're here can you confirm that Xoti still has her sickle and shield lantern and that the last comment made on Fig officially about her dual wielding scythes was a mistake? Thanks in advance. She does not and to my knowledge was never intended to dual wield scythes oh but in my playthrough, Xoti will go berserker in my team with a Akimbo Sickles
  6. God, just leave them out of the main game and introduce them completely in the expansion... This is a mess. Isn't that exactly what that quote says? So mess avoided. Yay. No it's not. She'll be in the main game as a sidekick. Sidekicks aren't companions and don't eat into their writing resources. They are more like glorified mercenaries. Right, we all read the updates. The problem comes later when, assuming she becomes a companion in the update, Ydwin suddenly develops a lot more depth and interaction. To handle that, they would need to give her a reason why she changed fro
  7. I'm not worried. There's a good chance that Fishing and Ydwin will be part of an expansion. look at Zahua: before he was known as "Forton" in early builds of the game and then he was scrapped. he returned in "White March - Part 1" as the Zahua that we know: our favorite drug-fueled monk.
  8. lol Anyway. My favorite theme in the pillars series is how the soul is important, since it fuels Magic, Cypher abilities and the Watcher abilities
  9. I'm not proposing that. I don't mind her as a sidekick. But I really prefered that she was a companion. Just that. "Time is not a river, but an ocean in the storm" - I use it whenever I play a game multiple times I want to try multiple outcomes (But I fail miserably)
  10. That's almost my reaction with the exception of when they revealed Fulvano's voyage and the annoucement trailer Priorities I guess... fap fap... ಠ_ಠ This answers why I like Ydwin
  11. That's almost my reaction with the exception of when they revealed Fulvano's voyage and the annoucement trailer
  12. Don't get me wrong guys, I'd love to see the other features. but the story of my character, Alexander Raine, who is a son of a influential Deadfire noble, had Ydwin as his romantic partner (I also like Pale Elves). now I feel that one part of that story is gone. I really want to explore Fulvano's Voyage. and that is what is still saying to me to buy the game, Just not immediately Also: Xoti is my least favorite character, because she serves Eothas' Gaun aspect. and he stole my character soul, disabled my soulbound weapons and destroyed days of work.
  13. one of the more stranger posts I have read It's because, when I take interest on a game, I take interest in a particular feature of it. just that
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