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  1. Agreed. I really want them to build a P&P game that can rival the big boys, along with a few books. This franchise has a lot of potential.
  2. I know you like to troll everybody about this game, but it actually makes sense for you to search and find hidden items in "Scouting Mode." In fact, a scouting mode for searching things something you see a lot in old school RPGs.
  3. I'm just not interested in first person party RPGs anymore. I think Wizardry 8 and MMX tired me out. I rather have a new version of the 2004 game.
  4. I just ignored the quest all together. I just don't see any reason why an outsider should bother helping this place at all.
  5. In act 3, iff Pallegina is not in your party, then that guy from Valian embassy gives you a quest after you encounter the Leaden Key ambush.
  6. I doubt will get one as a playable race, but I would love to see one as a companion. Deekin anyone?
  7. Eh, Clerics are certainly not bad melee combatants either. They can reach the base accuracy as higher fighters, rangers, and rogue with their specialization talents. Priests of Skaen can also get minor sneak attacks when using their specialized weapons.
  8. Two words - multiclass inability. Seriously all the good Paladin stuff in bg2 comes from Keldorn who was simply a well written character. And well, not that bad compared to other premades, and i see this problem has made it to PoE as well. Honestly, multiclassing was overpowered, and I consider them classes of their own. They pretty much triumph over any single class builds. Doesn't[ mean a single class build "sucked" though.
  9. Considering how grand mastery was weakened in BG2, I don't see how they're that much inferior to fighters. They still function well as fighters like every other fighter class in that game. Plus they have access to one of the most overpowered kits in game.
  10. Same. I know people are going to say it's "a lot of work," but the differences in performance will benefit everybody,e specially for us people who are gaming on Linux where unity performance has it problems.
  11. You're hated for this class seems unhealthy. Perhaps you should show your video with other classes fighting this class to prove your point better.
  12. So you're calling something like Masks of the Betrayer pitiful?
  13. It's not he's game. He had to salvage what Ferret Baudoin lefted over. That's a FACT. Not like it matters who game it is. I love NWN2. <3
  14. And IWD2 was the weakest part of BG-IWD era. NWN2OC must be one of buggiest, most boring games in the whole genre. Actually, PoE is probably the best Sawyer game for me. Pleasant graphics, nice music, serviceable story and combat, reasonable number of bugs. Don't know why people keep saying NWN2 OC was a sawyer game, because it was not. He only took over to finish it up after the original head of the project went to bioware.
  15. People are just exaggerating. Both classes are fine and they don't need any changes. Some people (like Loneknife) have this MMO mentality where EVERYTHING has to be equal.
  16. I'm not really into RPG romances, but I fell in love the first time I saw her. <3 Anyway, the game does have romance. Eder is one of the best bromances in RPGs. :D
  17. It's nice that your main companions have a lot of voice acting, but I definitely want to hear VA on minor NPCs were appropriate. I'm sure nobody can forget Tiana nagging voice when she was looking for rumar in the copper coronet. Just having their introducting line voice is good enough.
  18. The stronghold is a disappointment, and it's pretty obvious they didn't pay much attention to it during development. All they had to do was copy NWN2's keep, or even add a few meaningful quests like the ones you got in BG2's strongholds.
  19. I was going to reply to the question in your post, but the fact that you think any of the of BG1 companions comes close to someone like Eder or Durance makes your post Null And Void.
  20. Yeah, the game hasn't out sold the EE games despite the fact PoE was released a month ago and the EE games were released more than a year and a half ago. PoE sold around 350,000 copies in a month, which was the same amount that Divinity Original Sin sold. Yep, totally unsucessful games.
  21. I have to scratch my head when people say they don't talk much. Companions in this game actually have A LOT of dialogue. They usually have something to say during every quests. However, this game lacks character development between party members, They make simple comments to one another when you leave a building, but there needs to be more than that. There needs to be conversations where the player character can talk to more than one party member at the same time. Or even more than 2 party members having a discussion.
  22. the companions and exploration are not even close to BG2 and the plot is standard cookie-cutter stuff. I give you exploration, but PoE's plot is more cookie cutter than BG2? BG2 has better developed companions? Um, nope.
  23. I don't find the chanter directly comparable to other casters anyway. They feel more like fighter/marksman that uses their magic as support, like the Paladin.
  24. I use my Priests as Melee hybrids, so I always have them in heavy or medium armor. Works well for me in PoTD, but of course, this may not be the most effective way to play them.
  25. I don't see the problem. I'll still get my mods for free at the Nexus.
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