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  1. well, Wing commander completed 25 years saturday http://www.wcnews.com/news/2015/09/26
  2. oh snap, i lost this one =( i still need to buy CoH 2 later
  3. Playing warhammer 40k: space marine again exterminatus and capture points classic are full of people again =D
  4. Guys Satoru IWATA is dead http://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-president-satoru-iwata-has-passed-away/
  5. I wasn't expecting Siege of Dragonspear to bridge Baldur's Gate and its sequel the way it did, and I was pleasantly surprised, especially looking back from Baldur's Gate II and seeing how the mid-prequel sets the stage for events to come. - Chris Avellone Siege made me feel as if I'd come home after a long absence to find old friends waiting for me, with the same life and spark I remembered from when they first journeyed by my side. - Chris Avellone http://www.siegeofdragonspear.com/
  6. Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear * XPAC between BG 1 e 2. * 2nd Ed. Rules. * New Class: Shaman. * Large battles with Armies. * New Visual and Ui Effects like lifebars and etc(optional) * Journal popups * A more cleaner and organized Character Sheet. * Extra Difficulty Settings, including True Hardcore. * BIGGER THAN Tales of Sword Coast & Throne of Bhaal Together.
  7. Baldur's gate EE receiving a MINSC Xpac http://www.baldursgate.com/
  8. Anything is better than tomb raider reboot Which is basically Crystal Dynamics BUTTHURT over amy henning's Uncahrted after She left when they scrapped Legacy of Kain Dark Prophecy and Dead Sun also i will play fallout 4 as i play Quake 2
  9. OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOI http://www.rebellion.co.uk/blog/2015/6/29/an-open-letter-to-battlezone-fans http://rebelliondevelopments.tumblr.com/post/122765145116/an-open-letter-to-battlezone-fans Ken miller and Nate Mates are freaking out ATM on BZforums and BZC =D, also mike arkin said that WELCOME BACK RAVE GUN!
  10. and i still wish to see Adra Falanroed as a companion like a Knowlege quest
  11. atleast we have something in common, thus -Scrapped quests(not only those on the CK files, you could kill braith as a quest, put a end on the Thieves Guild) -Lots of cut stuff(Hammerfell road, Throwing weapons, Polearms and spears, dragonstar, arena settlements) -Companion quests(Lydia was supposed to be Brogruff's Niece, also the Regicide committed by his sons during Mephala's quest) -Lack of ****ing decency to admit that they removed spears, Oblivion casting and polearms because of PS3 and X360 limitations and Skyrim CK being a horrible piece of slag(even if Fallout 3 and New vegas us
  12. in fact, i felt that oblivion was bigger than skyrim and it was Skyrim Tamriel Worldspace: 3808 x 3008 [ 119 x 94 TES4 size cells ] = 6.9km x 5.4km = 37.6 sq km = 14.5 sq miles Oblivion Cyrodiil Worldspace: 4288 x 4128 [ 134 x 129 TES4 size cells ] = 7.7km x 7.4km = 57 sq km = 22 sq miles Morrowind Vvardenfell World: 2688 x 2816 [ 84 x 88 TES4 size cells ] = 4.8km x 5km = 24 sq km = 9.3 sq miles Fallout3 Wasteland Worldspace: 6304x6400 [ 197 x 200 TES4 size cells ] = 11.3km x 11.5km = 130 sq km = 50 sq miles Fallout3 New Vegas WastelandNV: 4096x4128 [ 128 x 129 TES4 size cells ] = 7.3k
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