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  1. They should have released the ship combat earlier because I think it's too late to give a lot of feedback now. Two months is not enough time to make a lot of advancement to the ship combat. I guess it's a good idea for them to just make an instant board option to appease the people who don't like the combat. .
  2. and it's pretty obvious he's trying to start drama.
  3. I 'll never understand why people get triggered by another person's choice of clothing.
  4. .but it did. It wasn't super slapstick, but there was a plenty of moments extremely humorous, especially if you're using characters like Eder, Hiravias, and Zahua. I urge anyone that's a fan of more light-hearted elements to put Hiravias in your party. It seems he doesn't get enough love.
  5. While balance is important in any game (whether single player or multiplayer), I think it's obvious that they can't easily balance over 100 of different multiclass combinations. IMO, as long as you can beat the game with any combination of classes, then I'm good for now. They can keep balancing with patches over time. I'm sure they'll think of something to equalize multiclassing option with single class option
  6. I'll miss the story based adventures from PoE patch 3.0. They were interesting to read and gave us lore about other parts of the world.
  7. You're aware of the changes coming in the next beta patch right? A number of currently Fighter exclusive passive abilities are going to be added to the proficiencies, allowing all classes to take them without using one of their ability points. Fighters aren't getting anything to replace this loss, in fact they're still going to be able to take those passives as abilities even though they could take them as proficiencies for free instead. I'm aware since I have been watching the streams and I still don't see the problem as long as fighters still have all of their abilities from PoE1 in the end. # of abilities doesn't determine a class usefulness.
  8. I personally don't see why they need to do anything I think fighters are fine right now, especially if their end up with all of their tool from PoE1. They also have one of the strongest subclasses in the game.
  9. Despite your personal opinion, if we go by Josh comments in that previous stream, it seems Obsidian is debating to go down this route after seeing the success of Divinity Original Sin 2 (which sold over 1 million copies in a couple of months on ONE platform). Considering they are investing even more money into this game compared to the first Pillars, it's pretty obvious they want this series to be successful and more than just a niche series. I honestly expect the game to be fully voice acted by the time it comes out whether you like it or not.
  10. But you can? Fighters got some cool high-level abilities during the later parts of PoE. Charge had to be one of the most enjoyable abilities in that game. I'm assuming those abilities will be in PoE2 as well.
  11. NWN2 is my favorite CRPG of all time.The sheer number of options and flexibility is definitely a reason why. That's why I was looking foward to PoE2. With multiclassing, subclasses, and a lot of skills to choose from, it would make the game as flexible as NWN2 for me. Glad they're bring general skills back.
  12. Honestly, no universal talents is a deal breaker for me. I would like to continue using my single class priest from PoE instead of going multi, and having no other talents (and even passives) besides spells is making the class extremely bland for me.
  13. I think the answer is pretty freaking obvious. It's just Fardragon being stubborn when he knows he's wrong.
  14. If it is due to budget constraint, i had like it that they retain the animal form. make the form slightly different such as bigger/smaller/slimmer and maybe different colors to distinguish it? My point is it looks better as the animal version. Sarcasm dude......
  15. Wait what??? No, not really. Plenty of CRPG's (is that even a thing anymore?) have raised to bar since then. Morrowind's extreme level of freedom and open world, unique multiplayer integration of games like the Souls series, even Original Sin 1 pretty much did every 2 did first, since 2 is just 1 with some slight gameplay enhancements/balances and a better story. Morrwind is not a CRPG.
  16. who keeps bumping these ****ty topics? This whole Ydwin anime meme is just making this forum unbearable for me to read now.
  17. We already have a sidekick topic with the same information and the portraits, so what's the point of this topic?
  18. Kaiden is a bro and Ashley is a ****. Pretty obvious why character I sacrified.
  19. I actually did earlier--NinjaMisogynist is the very first person on the Obsidian boards I've ever ignored, so congrats on the accomplishment--but my point still stands. He can't hold a coversation without going off about SJW's and how gender equality is evil. He's going to start spewing about how women are breed mares whose only purpose is to spew out children again, and more explicitly. It will *only* get more explicitly misogynistic and less-and-less related to video games the more we let it happen. We don't need this ****. This board had a *great* culture and a *great* atmosphere and environment. This place is awesome. One thing we absolutely do not need or want is his ilk regurgitating this venom all over the boards. This needs to be cut off at the root *now*. If NinjaWomanHater want's to talk about video games, that's all fine and dandy. But you should slap his ass with a warning every time he starts to spew his bile. This isn't Neogaf. Stop being a **** by ignoring the mods and being hostile. It's this kind of crap that's going to close the thread. Hopefully Gifted1 does a thread cleanup instead of closing an interesting thread.
  20. You mean like what yo're doing. You started this whole crappy discussion in the first place troll.
  21. While I'm not a fan of Tyranny at all, I seriously doubt that's the reason it sold worse than PoE. Because from what I've seen, many of the core audience of PoE like Tyranny.
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