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  1. Bad game cache it looked like- after fixing that- its good now. yay...
  2. Well...I mean sure. I don't want Diablo, just a way to be able to play this game as long as possible. So sue me....
  3. Last patch performance was decent- this one I can't even play. Battles just stagger and hang and stutter. I'm on a 6700k with 2 nvidia1080's in SLI (390.65). Any insight here? Obviously bummed- was looking forward to playing this weekend.
  4. The new BB made me realize this game as we all know will be badass- and I find myself wanting more of it before its even released/beaten by anyone. Devs- are there any thoughts to endgame atm? Doing bounties (random bosses/crews) and randomly generated dungeons would be badass- I know it sounds Diablo-esque. But goddammit this game is already incredible. Just an old Goldbox gamer dreaming...
  5. I've figured out some of the basic stuff like 'GiveItem sword_exceptional' or 'GiveItem plate_armor_exceptional" but where do we find the list of items? I know the items list is an archive now, etc which is fine but where/how do we bring up the items to be able to really play with as many builds as we want from the get go? And guys- I really appreciate the attention to detail on each different spec of armor/weapons- really looks good!
  6. Just run the console ~ and type- iroll20s and use the console commands from PoE 1- i think its GivePlayerMoney x or something...
  7. I do have to say I love the beta so far. The changes seem natural and not overly forced. I do wonder about replay-ability with the current stack of characters. Having 6 characters in PoE made the game ultimately re playable to a point that I'm still starting over with console built characters from the beginning, etc. I do love that the console is available on Deadfire, but I didn't see the all too important (end game feature) of building out ultimate builds to 'cheat' your way through the game on whatever difficulty with whatever build you wanted. ...all that to say- 5 characters probably
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