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  1. As silly as muscle wizards can be, I would be sad to see it go. Just like intellect barbarians, PoE has quite a few builds that challenge fantasy conventions and I wouldn't want to see this system lose that quality. I don't mind resolve becoming a more casting oriented stat but deflection, healing and damage is a tremendous amount of power to put on one stat. I like healing being on might but moving that to resolve makes a lot of sense to me. Perhaps both might and resolve could increase spell damage, at reduced or increased amounts as necessary. This way you could have both the convention
  2. Many good points here. Yes I will max perception for monks. Toying around with monk more, I am really starting to appreciate their abilities but I still find their talents lacking. Not sure if it was a bug but when Wellspring of life was active, I saw absolutely no changes in the stats of spiritshift weapons (though it worked for transcendent suffering), so wellspring of life really didn't suit my needs. Being a level 6 single class druid for that matter still had just the +4 accuracy and 15% damage bonus on their weapons. I saw no scaling at all. There are certainly many combos to
  3. Cheesing Wellspring of Life and lifegiver seems to be the main way people are doing that. It gets you stupid amounts of healing and DR but I suppose I just want the satisfaction of knowing a monk's expertise in unarmed contributes to spiritshift somehow. The damage on spiritshift is pretty good without transcendent suffering but I think it lacks in the accuracy department, which is my main gripe for barbarian, fighter and anything else you combine druid with. Also, both druid and monk have very few talents and they share the three defense talents which gives you next to no options. It look
  4. The big issue to me is not being able to reselect your target after casting a spell. In PoE1, you often could select the spell again and reposition it several times before the casting time finished. In deadfire, the spells are immediately locked out and so much as budging an inch wastes the spell slot. This combination is just too punishing when a spell like fireball has a 6-second cast time and friendly fire.
  5. 1) Obvious issues with text formatting. Journal updates often have words stacked on top of each other and are illegible or with very large gaps between words. Even simply missing words sometimes. 2) After leveling a paladin/wizard and choosing Zealous Aura, the character has two copies of each aura both in the character sheet and ability tray. 3) Paladin's Oath of Devotion and Deep Devotion are double applying, so a +19 bonus to defenses AND a +10 bonus. 4) When hovering over weapon damage, the tooltip appears as "=0" on every character I have made. 5) As a fighter (unbroken)/r
  6. First off, the dual class system is what I dreamed of while playing PoE1. This kind of thinking really blows the class system wide open. Being able to further specialize an ability like Smite to get another bonus is also a great choice. I acknowledge and like how removing general talents makes individual classes more unique, but without those 30-40 general talents there really are so few options each level. Right now it feels like a 1:1 trade off with dual classing instead of talents; however, if some form of general talents were added, this system would be incredibly versatile. If there a
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