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  1. Running Win7x64. I have 3 monitors. all same resolution - 1600x900 (not max resolution for 2 of them). GPU is Nvidia gtx 1080 Game initially started taking up the right half of left-hand monitor, all of middle monitor, and left half of right-hand monitor. It looked like it was expecting there to be 3 more monitors below mine. I got that closed. Started again. This time, monitors flicked between black screen, desktop, a very low-res version of windows 7 desktop (without my icons) and black screen again. Game never appeared and no music. Then I came here and learned I'm not only one havin
  2. NPC: "What??!?! You think this is a f**** library and I'm your personal librarian?!!? Get the hell out of my house!!"
  3. This stems from "This character is talking to your party, so let's use this time for out-of-place lore exposition!" syndrome. Ideally, there's a lot of dialogue to be had in the game, throughout the world, but if you want to find out all about Kingdom X's history or Lord AwesomeDude's reign, you have to get bits and pieces from many, many different people, all of whom are individually referencing bits of lore and history contextually and relevantly. OCCASIONALLY you should probably find a person who's willing to let you ask them for a history lesson. But just making all the NPCs be info re
  4. Bug still there. Paid Geyda to have security to go to Heritage Hills to use vessels. Message is that she is back waiting to do her work on prisoners. She's not in the main hall. Message came in on 12 Fonestu, now it is 14 Fonestu. Says she will leave in 6 days.
  5. Sorry, but maybe I was not clear in my wish. one pointed out something I would be ok with and that would be considered partial voice-acted, and that was if the NPC would voice their introductory greeting dialogue. I would be ok with that. But what I have a problem with is you get the first page of dialogue voiced, then 3 pages of nothing, then one line on page 4, then nothing on next page, then page 5 is voiced. It's almost like the voice actors were recorded before the script was finished and the developers expanded the script post-recording. And paying low-budget "actors" to r
  6. Playing all the previous Obsidian games, one thing that is painful.... partial audio recording of in-game dialogue. It is VERY PAINFUL to have a dialogue that is only partially recorded. I just went through one set of dialogue actions and only the VERY LAST line of dialogue was recorded. Please, either do not record any dialogue for your new Deadfire game... or record ALL OF IT.
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