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  1. I'm the type that likes to switch around companions in my games, and I had no trouble completing both Durance's and Grieving Mother's questlines.
  2. Considering you have the choice of siding with Raedric or ignoring the questline all together, Raedric's Hold would have been a terrible choice if it was the only stronghold. Most of us have been monitoring Rope Kid on SA forums for over a decade now. It's Josh Sawyer.
  3. PoTD gets easy lategame regardless on whatever you tackle the WM early or not. I personally think you should just do it as soon as you can to get access to newer companions early.
  4. Balancing a game is fine. If a certain skill is making the game boring or is breaking the game, then it's cool. However, overbalancing things because someone is butthurt about x being slightly stronger than y in a single player game is a waste of time and energy, especially in a game that's been out for god knows how long now. Does it hurt your invisible teammate's feelings that a mage is doing more dps than a rogue, despite the fact that rogue is viable enough to get through the game. It just leads to nerfing things that don't need to be nerfed.
  5. I've seen guesses of Winter and Spring - November seems very early - my guess would be Spring 2016 but that's pure speculation. I doubt it will take that long as spring. It only took 5 months for the first part to come out.
  6. Do people not do their research. They said the expansion was going to be like Baldur's Gate TotSC since for over a year now.
  7. IMO, a tank is more than just having high deflection and casting support spells. The fighter has a lot of crowd control and the ability to engage a lot of people with defender, which makes them excellent for controlling enemies on the battlefield. IMO, it's certainly a great tradeoff for having less deflection.
  8. All I know is I'm pissed off that my priest of Berath can't use the St. Ydwen's Redemer due to some dumb class restriction, so I guess not.
  9. The first area is pretty nice in this game. You actually get a variety of nice RPing options, and the first dungeon is not only short but it has multiple of ways of getting though the dungeon.
  10. Even though he's gone from Obsidian, it doesn't mean he can't contribute someway to obsidian's newer projects. He can still offer advice or do some contract work like's he doing in Tides of Numenera and Baldur's Gate SoD. I'm hoping he gets a chance to make another CNPC in pillars 2.
  11. Honestly, as much as I like this game, he's a bad lead designer and some of his derision left some huge flaws in the game. The stronghold's current state is probably one of the worst things about the game. Quit being so melodramatic. So the game isnt perfect. You claim you like the game but dont like the lead designer of the game. This post was trying to give constructive ideas for the stronghold. What is the point of posting your whiny crap. As for this post, I do like some of the ideas for stronghold. My point was to give my opinion and to expand on what clownboy is talking about, which I assume is allowed. If it offends you, then you're welcome to put me on your ignore list.
  12. Honestly, as much as I like this game, he's a bad lead designer and some of his derision left some huge flaws in the game. The stronghold's current state is probably one of the worst things about the game.
  13. "What more can you want?" How about being able to have an ogre with a bazooka as a main character? Now that would be cool. Looking forward the expansion. To the OP - simple really. Did you enjoy and if so do you want to play more POE? I'm ok with the ending as is - it's the story of the Watcher. I'd hope that if there is POE2 that it would be with a new character and that they could deal more with the back story regarding the gods then. Generally agreed, although I'd prefer they go with something less cosmic for PoE2. To make a comparison, it's sort of like how Persona 3 set the high watermark in terms of scale for that franchise, such that it's virtually impossible to ever go bigger without undermining the setting's foundations; that, in turn, has let them tell (comparatively) smaller stories without much serial escalation, since the truly foundational conflict has already played out. PoE reveals the truth behind some pretty important mysteries surrounding Eora, and I think that sets the stage nicely for some smaller stories. That's a lie and you know it. Yes, insult not just my opinion but also me, personally, on something inherently subjective. That'll make you sound reasonable. NWN's OC was a sloppily executed mess of fetch quests and fantasy cliches. This is a fairly common opinion, which is why I feel comfortable tossing it offhand. You are welcome to dispute that opinion, and obviously the consensus on it doesn't make it some kind of objective fact; enjoying NWN's OC is not a personal fault. You are allowed to have fond memories of things that other people think are bad. Hell, you're allowed to have fond memories of things you think are bad. But those fond memories don't make them somehow magically, objectively immune to criticism. For the record, I don't fault Bioware for NWN's garbage OC - they were busy with other things, and the OC was clearly meant as a generic sampling of what the toolset could do. But when I compare it to their (still decidedly mediocre, but much improved) later offerings in the expansions, or especially to fan modules (like Pig Farmer, or Tales of Arterra, or anything by Stefen Gagne, to name a few personal favorites), it's difficult for me to say anything about the OC other than that it stinks. But yeah, the UI was pretty solid. BW has always been good about that. Got to say I have really fond memories of NWN OC. Not that it was an awesome story, but still it's what happens when you view something through nostalgia tinted glasses. To be fair, there is something like that with all the old IE games, though it's not as obvious as with NWN. Mainly because they were stronger stories. They have dated well overall, though. Certainly much better than most games of their age, and many newer ones! I'll never under than hate for the original NWN campaign, and it's not nostalgia to me since I've play it later than most people. I enjoyed the story, the characters and companions, the voice acting, the loot, and the exploration aspects of it. It was the originator of the modern Bioware formula of "do these series of quest of any order and then something happens." The combat wasn't too great, but I'm not a big fan of any type of RTwP battle system.
  14. The lack of random events is one of my disappointments in the game. In Fallout 2 and Baldur's Gate 2, many events can happen at anyplace or anymore. It's more than just random battle. Just some random meetings in the world that makes the world seem more alive.
  15. Hmmm...that's interesting as at the beginning of D:OS the number of Kickstarter Backers is presented in big, bold, lettering...21,040, is the number Larian states in the game itself... You also don't seem to be aware that Obsidian puts the number of Kickstarter backers for PoE @ 77,000 +...again, in the game itself... ...Which leads me to believe you have neither game else you would surely know these things... Hint: in the future it might be wise to consider "Steamspy" a questionable source at best... While steamspy isn't 100% accurate, it is a close approximation. As a game developer, I can confirm that the numbers on steamspy for our game is very close to the numbers that were sold on steam.
  16. Around a half a million copies is pretty nice. Divinity had that many copies after 2 and a half months (plus early access). By the way Arsene, you should check out this portion of the site. http://steamspy.com/sale When games get cheaper, they move a lot of copies. Cheak out the numbers for games like Talos Principle, Metro: Last Light Redux, Shadownrun, and Cook, Serve, Delicious for the steam sale. These games sold a lot of copies during the steam sale because they were VERY cheap. It makes me wonders how many copies games like Divinity Original Sin or PoE will sale once they're less than 10 dollars.
  17. That's what I figured. I'm surprised most people didn't speculate on it that much. Glad to see Forton appear in some form. hopefully zahua will have a similar\the same background to Forton.
  18. Called it! Rogue girl (well okay, she's a robot) and bald-headed monk. Geez. Get a bit more creative Obsidian! ._. You think mixing it with the construct trope will improve on the age-old female rogue trope? You did so well on most of the original companions and now that. Seriously, a construct companion is not unique or creative at all. In fact, the construct sidekick is almost a standard in RPG releases these days. Grieving Mother was unique. Durance was unique. And both achieved that in a non-gimmick-y way. ... I already miss Chris Avellone's influence... No offense, but until you know about the character's personality, you can't really judge what the character's about based on the character gender (if this character even has a gender)?
  19. It'd be really weird if you couldn't, as this is an expansion, not a sequel, and the trailer starts off from Caed Nua, rebuilt by "you." So yeah, I think it's safe to assume that we can continue playing with our current characters. Although current companions probably will not show their faces as their story arcs are finished in ending slides. Which is why I hope to see at least five new companions in expansion. Just because their story can be finished in the main game doesn't mean they can't appear in the expansion. They did say the expansion will be similar to Baldur's Gate TotSC.
  20. Notice how he doesn't mention Pillars of Eternity at all.
  21. I guess he got sick of sawyer's crap and people always cutting his ideas. This is a good thing for him.
  22. As an artist, I can tell you I could probably do a portrait for a few major characters in a little of a day. A small portrait is cheap to make, but add that into the overall art budget, then it becomes expensive.
  23. Honestly, he world isn't that much darker than Forgotten Realms in my opinion. However, I think the game just needs a few more light hearted and funny characters to help lighten up the mood. PoE2 could use a few characters who don't take everything too seriously.
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