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  1. We're working on it. Right now we have to provide the patched dll in order for the mod to work. This requires us to make separate versions for every platform and it always breaks on a patch. The (tentative) plan is to deliver the mod and the patcher as separate downloads and let users patch their own game dll. That means that, in cases like this where the mod doesn't appear to have broken anything obvious, and is at the very least functional, users could just repatch and get one with life. Spring's been away the past couple nights. If nothing else, I will try to release a windows compatible version tomorrow night if he hasn't had the chance to. My personal patched version looks fine to me (but then, I don't use every mod). So just a new .dll would make it work again? Could you upload that?
  2. Having each update break the mod is already frustrating as a regular user, I can only imagine how much it pisses you guys.
  3. Patch fixed blurry text, but the Area Maps are still blurry.
  4. PSA: the respec command with the IEMod now allows you to respec attributes as well.
  5. Just checked the nexus page and the beta is available now: http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/download/425
  6. I quit playing the game in April because load time were at about 20 seconds. It doesn't sound like a long time but this game has an absolutely enormous amount of transitions. I came back for 2.0 and bought The White March. I am sorely disappointed to discover the loading issue hasn't been fixed. What's worse is it doesn't seem to be getting fixed (( They today at the PAX panel that next week's patch should improve the loading times. I'll believe it when I see it ,though.
  7. Just a quick update, due to PoE (Hero edition alone, not including the others) surpassing Divinity: Original Sin on GOG, which has sold more than a million copies according to Larian. Steamspy says D:OS has 864k on Steam. If we call it 850k, that's at least 150k on GOG. If PoE sold more than that on GOG and we consider 450k for PoE, that means 25% of PoE players (including backers, of course) got their game on GOG. Much more than the percentage for TW2, CDPR's own game which held the "record" before The Witcher 3. It'd also put the game's sales figures above 600k and makes it considerably more successful than Wasteland 2.
  8. Don't think we've gotten as far as an ETA, but it seems to be going well. Most mods are either functional or look like they should be fixable. The console is definitely fixed. We still have to do a pass through all of the mods to make sure their code is fully up to date. We're also trying to get the mod set up so that it's easier to see what has to be changed/fixed the next time there's a patch. Great news! Would it be possible to mod the game with only some of the files in the repository to make the console work? I got stuck in the main quest after talking to Maerwald and that can only be fixed with the mod.
  9. ETA on the beta version? Could you make a version/separate download with something that allows the IE Mod console commands? Just until you're finished with the full version. Some of these commands are pretty vital to fix bugs.
  10. Should've used the Grieving Mother instead of Pallegina in your first playthrough, would've made things a lot easier. Two ciphers can be a powerful combination, but you're gonna need some intense micromanagement to avoid hitting your pals with two Antipathetic Fields at once. I've yet to see Zahua in action, so I can't say whether he's good for your frontline or not. Having Durance is extremely useful in many fights, even if his build is subpar. I'd advise against removing him.
  11. 2.0 did a real blow to Ciphers, if you ask me. Perception can't be dumped anymore, so Dex can't maxed. You still have to add as much Might and Intellect as possible, so Dex has to be 10; 12-14 tops if you want to sacrifice Con or Res. In short, +27% attack speed bonus (again, maybe +12% if you want to risk it) for a min/maxed Cipher is basically gone, so focus per second takes a serious hit. Least they could do is buff the initial focus again.
  12. You got a buff, you hit enemy who has beneficial effects, you get X seconds to your beneficial effects while they lose x presumably. But some companions get more seconds, one gets more crits, grazes converted, etc, and Edér doesn't have a bonus at all.
  13. It also says "steal X second duration from each beneficial effect on the target" on my companions. How does that work?
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