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  1. As in topic: Are Teheku Shark form attacks 1 handed, 2x 1 handed or 2 handed? Or it depends on weapons he is carrying? And how about normal druid forms?
  2. Hi guys, First of all I have already completed the game on hard. I was roleplaying so only companions, no respec etc. My setup was: Frontline Me (Fighter) Eder - Fighter Pallegina - Paladin Damage dealers Aloth - Mage Hiravias - Druid Support Durance - Priest And with this setup I did, but that wasn't easy What do you guys think about my idea for 2nd playtrough (again hard and roleplaying)? Frontline: Zahua - Monk Pallegina - Paladin Eder - Warrior Damage: Grieving Mother - Cipher Me - Cipher Aloth/Hiravias - Mage or Druid
  3. Hi guys! There is still no info on Pillars Wiki, and I am trying to figure out where are new companions. I am going to start new game, and I wonder if they are available soon, like the rest of companions. Last playthrough I went stright to Cada Nua and then for all caompanions before I even did 1 quest in Gilded Vale. So I wonder if this is still possible in case of new companions. If they are somewhere far in the expansion, that means I have to have strong party already to get them.
  4. Hi guys, Can someone explain to me, why pistol/blunderbass Cipher is so good idea and many people are using this combinations? What is so special about cipher with guns and not for example bows?
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