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  1. I don't know why they are even bothering with pick pocketing. The system has never been done well in an RPG in my opinion. If you screw up, then you just simply reload. Once you max out pickpocketing, it becomes overpowered to the point where you can steal anything.
  2. I like Sagani, but one of the best? I like her character and her personal journey, but I thought the way her story played out was kind of dull, and she acts like a mere acquaintance than a friend to you (there no development between her and the watcher). I can think of MANY companions in an RPGs that are more interesting, especially from PoE1.
  3. I wouldn't mind as long as the wizard isn't a requirement. The enemy mage should still be beatable with any of class combinations.
  4. Lliras attacks you no matter what you do or say after taking the baby. I don't think he's all that nice either considering he wants to secretly poison in father instead of handling it another way. I took the baby so she wouldn't have to deal with that kind of drama. I had no intention of being somebody's assassin nor someone baby murderer.
  5. No. The health / endurance split was one of the best aspects of PoE's mechanics and added a lot of strategic depth to encounters. No, it wasn't. PoE's battledidn't last long enough for the endurance system to even matter. Thankfully Ropekid is smart enough to get rid of this crappy system by go back to a system that was never broken to begin with.
  6. I'm honestly glad that their getting rid of that crappy convoluted system that was in PoE. Just stick with one health bar like in other games please.
  7. I'm not letting any of those **** or their machines touch my watcher. Bad enough I had to tolerate them back in the Dyrwood. I'll gladly keep the old way of changing attributes.
  8. Heh, I disagree. Grieving Mother is a milf, and I think Sagani is kind of cute for a Dwarf woman. Maybe Xoti doesn't fit what the European call conventionally attractive, but she would be considered conventionally attractive where I come from (New Mexico). Ywdin pretty attractive as well....just look at some of the comments about her on this board.
  9. No offense to the developers, but I find this strange. They're ok showcasing themselves in public on camera all day, but they're so private they're against referencing themselves in a game they're making? That doesn't make any sense to me. I'm a private person in real life, and I rather do the latter than the former.
  10. In your opinion. I think the boat looks fine and they shouldn't bother trying to adjust things for a few whiners.
  11. Topics like this are the reason why I'm GLAD we're not reaching that 5 mil stretch.
  12. Notice how you're like the only person complaining about this everywhere. I doubt anybody else cares how accurate the boat looks.
  13. I don't mind picking up a some non NPC crew members you can talk to like in mass effect or Tyranny, but they need to increase the ship's size because the lack of personal space is going to be an issue.
  14. Not that I give a damn about the sexual orientation of people in general as long as they play nice, but I do give a damn about statistical arguments. So I ask you this. In a fictional world with magic, dragons, and lion companions. Do you really find it prudent to use statistics of the real world to justify a position, limiting the creative freedom of OE to make the game as they see fit? I think it's rubbish. Considering PoE world's takes a lot of things from real history, yes. I hope ropekid sticks with that principle. I stand by what said, so I'm not going to argue about it.
  15. I agree that Eder is probably a given, because EVERYONE loves Eder. I'm hoping for Aloth, because I roleplayed my elf rogue Watcher having a soft spot for him in Pillars 1. It would be interesting to see how Islmyr affects a potential romance plot... my Watcher told Aloth to harmonize with her, but that means they would be having a threeway... Lol, my Watcher is also a rogue elf and I too have high hopes for Eder and Aloth being romanceable and available for female Watchers. And I'm sure something hilarious will come where Iselmyr is concerned, too bad I told Aloth he doesn't need her t
  16. I don't know why they can't have any quests. I feel that both Ydwin and Bonteru should have some sort of mini quest based on their story. Devil of Caroc's quest in WM1 was literally you talking to some guy and choosing between 2 decision. Heck, a lot of characters in BG2 had quest where you just talked to one NPC. I know Ropekid said that it takes a lot of time and budget to add content to companions, but surely it wouldn't be hard to add a simple quest similar to the quests I just mentioned.
  17. Except they're more than just custom characters. They do have a personally, they do have banters, and they do make comments sometimes. Just not much as the other companions since they don't have the relationship system. Some of you people here really need to do your research.
  18. I can understand them translating the first two langauges because they're required, but I'll never understand why they bother translating for most of those languages when a lot of these Europeans know English. There still refuse to do a Portuguese translation even though Brazil is starting to become one of the biggest PC gaming markets.
  19. If Xoti is the 7th companion, then who's the sixth one? I'm only counting 5 companions on the official artwork.
  20. The story wasn't told well at all even though it had a lot of good elements. The whole Thaos bit was pooly written. This is something I hope they improve in the sequel.
  21. In those 10 years, you think he could have at least learn how to improve the art style in addiction to using the same assets. Anyway, I don't mind Obsidian using the same assets for PoE. Baldur's Gate 2 used a lot of enviromental assets from BG1 like caves, temples, and houses. Obsidian can certainly do the same thing for Pillars 2 to save time and money.
  22. To be fair, I'm almost entirely sure an Obsidian-made TB game will still be better than D:OS in everything but combat, because quite frankly, everything but the combat sucked in D:OS. I guess it's a matter of taste. I enjoyed the colorful graphics and some of the characters in divinity original sin. I definitely enjoy the music in that game (I thought Pillars music was unforgettable in comparison). I also thought it was a refreshing change of pace that the game was light-hearted compared to other games in the genre, which help the game have an idenity in someway. The main storylin
  23. I take it you never used a priest of Skaen? They are definitely one of the most deadliest melee fighters in the game if you spec them correctly.
  24. Why would you want Chanters to "fill an alternate role to priests" ? They're already filling a different role, unless you can offer me a priest build which can offtank while providing healing and buffs/debuffs for an unlimited period of time. Thanks to the per encounter spells, my priest in PoTD can do all of that at level 13-14.
  25. As I said before...... I didn't even use Durance that much since my main character was priest. I still completed his quest before part 4.
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