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  1. I haven't played the game yet! But i want to join in the celebration! This Feature is AWESOME! Whoever thought of it should be made PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD!
  2. I understand your point of view. I do agree to an extent that the way that resting is applied in IE games is really not that good. Or pillars for that matters. But I would still like a mechanic that resets the characters stats to its more ideal state that is not fully automatic and that involves a cost. I think that makes each fight mean more as you are left with this figurative scars in the form of loss stats for the comings fights. Perhaps it should not be resting, or perhaps resting should only be allowed inside of towns and the only way to recover abilities or health outside of towns should be through expensive potions that also have secondary negative effects.
  3. IE games only lacked penalties for resting, but in my opinion that was a bad choice.
  4. My guess is that what people dont like is being penalized with time. In pillars one (mind you i have still not played the second one) when you ran out of camping supplies you had to go back to buy new ones. All you did was waste time to go back to the town and then back again to the dungeon. I think the penalty should be anything but time, you should loose either money (a lot) or experience or loot for resting inside a dungeon. It should be something that you really dont want to do, but can save your ass in a bad situation at great cost. That way it would be more interesting.
  5. I guess everyone feels different about this. I belong to the crowd that prefers long dungeons, per rest abilities and penalties for resting so that you are forced to do some resource managing to achieve your objective. How long they are really depends, for me, on loading screen optimization. If the load screens are too long, a multi layer dungeon becomes insufferable, if there are no loading screen, or extremely short, the long dungeons becomes very fun.
  6. They could make that kind of scaling optional. I personally dont enjoy scaling as it makes it seems like the world rather than existing regardless of the player, exists for the player and contantly adapts to the player, making it seem more like a dream than an actual world. But i dont mind if its simply an option.
  7. I think you have mistaken DLC with an xp boost. Those DLC give you content to play, not power to make the rest of the game even more unbalanced than it already is. No, you have mistaken this DLC with content. A fight DLC is not content, there are only two reasons to buy it: 1) enjoyable and challenging fights (since for Obsidian this lately meant statbuffing enemies and keep the overly sophisticated 'let's bumrush the closest character' combat script, you are guaranteed to not get any of this) 2) rewards (as the level cap is incredibly low and you can reach it halfway into the game already XP it gives is meaningless). So, why buy this DLC? Just go anywhere else on the map and fight mobs, same thing. I'll let slip this stupid 'develop a better game' argument - I can criticize as much as I want, they can listen to it or not, just as I decide to buy their product or not. I don't have problems with level cap. I have problems with a level cap that you reach in the first quest hub if you happen to solo, keeping you at max level for over 50% of the original game. If you add more content you just add more time people spend on max level, which is honestly boring due to the fact the game doesn't really offer more than the very good leveling/character building. So, yeah, sure, NWN2 OC had max level of 20. Then came the first DLC and they increased it to 30. For BG: 1 was 89 000 xp 1 expansion increased it to 161 000 2 was 2 950 000 xp 2 ToB increased it to 8 000 000. Hell, even poe 1st expansion gave 2 more levels and the second further 2. Current DLC scheme from this game reeks of lazyness and greed. In the case of baldurs gate two, TOB was set after finishing the game which made raising the level cap rather mandatory. That is not the case with deadfire´s dlc, although maybe it should also be that way. Personally i would prefer if both the rate of gaining experience was slowed down and the next DLC also increases the cap a little bit (and also has the difficulty to make it interesting with a higher cap). I know there are mods that can do that, but personally i feel that because slowing the rate of experience gain is such a popular request they should just apply in the base game. Also they could increase the difficulty level of the main story quests to compensate for a higher level cap.
  8. I would like an hypnotizer or a charmer focused on controlling enemies during combat and influencing npcs outside of combat Could also be called influencer. My idea is class that is not so proficient in combat, but makes up by being better during dialogue options.
  9. Wow! I don't agree with the OP, but this looks like an answer you would find in Reddit, not in this forum.
  10. Yes, but i think the change was not to protect users' privacy, but simply to protect their own valuable information. That is why they have also eliminated methods to estimate sales that don't depend on checking users' libraries.
  11. I assume that Steam is so deliberately unclear regarding the sales information is that it sees it as information with potential market value in case at some point they would like to sell it. I imagine many companies would only invest in game if they see similar games are selling very well.
  12. I tend to use the amount of user reviews a game has as a way to measure their success. I am not sure if this is a good way to measure sales (perhaps someone can instruct me on it?), But i have noticed that Deadfire has roughly half the user reviews on steam of battletech (a game that launched at a similar time and that probably has much less budget). I have heard that battletech was considered an absolute success, but still the difference is really really big)
  13. jokes aside, I really meant what i said.The name watcher seems to imply that our main role in this world is to observe what is around us. It sounds passive to me, and because of that it feels uninteresting. It could be just me, though. Maybe other people enjoy the name and don't feel the same way about it.
  14. Just the name Watcher is boring. It feels so passive. Really, I am here to watch? that's all I do? Don't i at least get to so something more interactive? At least winking or giving people long uncomfortable stares? anything really... I even rather be titled the Onanist, at least that means i am doing something.
  15. I would much prefer a new IP using the same engine and similar gameplay, but in a completely different setting, to be honest.
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