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  1. Microsoft these days don't care where their games are as long as they're making money. They're even releasing some of their games on the Nintendo Switch.
  2. I never buy games from the Microsoft store, but looks like I'll be buying this game from there. No way are those money-hatting **** at Epic are getting my money. I refuse to use their launcher if they are going to doing crap like this.
  3. I am also sure that POE 3 will be the next big project from Obsidian No it won't. Sawyer has made it very clear he wants a nice long break from PoE They can make PoE3 without Sawyer. Sawyer wasn't even the director the PoE2 DLCs. They can, but they won't. But there's no harm in holding on to your dream. Feel free to show your proof kid. But even if you don't show any proof, there is no harm holding on to your dream either.
  4. I am also sure that POE 3 will be the next big project from Obsidian No it won't. Sawyer has made it very clear he wants a nice long break from PoE They can make PoE3 without Sawyer. Sawyer wasn't even the director the PoE2 DLCs.
  5. Pretty sure you know it's already optional since it was stated a few posts up. It's obvious that you're trolling.
  6. And I killed her in the first game. (Crazy cat ladies. Ew.) You seem obsessed with hating this fictional character.
  7. No. The whole point of the world map is exploration. Just use fast mode.
  8. "wahh, he disagree with him, so he's a troll." If you don't have anything useful to say, then stay out.
  9. Rekke is definitely coming back if there is a pillars 3 coming. If you take him to Ukaizo, he will ask to stay with you. There also a bunch of hints near the end of the game and in the last DLC that Yezuha will play a big role in the coming years.
  10. Makes sense. Rarely will people play the highest difficulty, but a lot of people will complain about bugs.
  11. In the currrent beta, food is only consumed while you're sailing. If you're on foot, only daily wages are consumed. This is a recent change that I think they're sticking with.
  12. I work freelance around 5 hours a day. I have no need to take vacations since I'm single with no kids and have a lot of free time throughout the day. :D However, I'm still going to wait a few weeks to a month before playing. I'm busy playing a few other games at the moment.
  13. Yeah, it's truly insane to assume that a company would try to be as good (or better) as their competition. They have completely different gameplay, completely different class systems, completely different tone, completely different stories, the graphics are very different both in style and presentation, one of them is even multiplayer focused while the other is explicitly a single player game. Other than being isometric RPG's they really aren't similar at all. Many don't like Eternity that much, but loved Original Sin, and vice versa. They tend to appeal for completely different reasons. Some people may like both, but that doesn't mean they are competing. Case in point, I won't play Original Sin unless I have a friend online who wants to play with me. Because as a single player RPG, I think it sucks. Just because both games aren't similar in exact features doesn't mean they're not competing with one another. That's like saying Final Fantasy and the Tales series aren't in the same genre because they play and look differently. Both Divinity and Pillars are top down western RPGs that focus on gameplay, roleplaying (C&C) and story. One series has a multiplayer, but the entire game can be played as a single player story driven rpg. Deny it all you want, but they are competing with one another. Both games always get compared when someone is looking for a CRPG.
  14. Agreed, especially the street fighter sub class rogue. IMO, it's probably one of the most dangerous front line subclasses in the game. I certainly don't think they need any buffs right now.
  15. I'm not one to care too much about balance, I noticed the Enemy AI changes right away when I played through 3.0. When it comes to combat, there is a huge amount of differences.
  16. How are you able to make that comparison when you are evaluating them by different metrics? What are the scales here? The scale is effective contribution to the party's success. In PoE for example Durance was far more effective than any rogue. I haven't done a mathematical analysis to demonstrate that, I just know it from experience, but I have no doubt it could be proved. I would not be surprised if the additional damage output across the party from from just Dire Blessing casts alone amounted to more than a single rogue's damage output for the whole game. Not to mention the DPS increases from protecting the entire party from Terrify, Confuse, Charm, Dominate, Paralyze, etc etc scrolls
  17. Very true and valid but do remember that you are on an Obsidian forum. Prepare to be burned in witch's fire and crucified lmao By the way, welcome to the forums! Hopefully we don't scare you off, it's nice to get from fresh blood but unfortunately new members tend not to last very long. You say the same stuff every time. Nobody is attacking him. In fact, a lot of people here agree with the topic creator on the subject if you look through the beta forums.
  18. Lore Question Can godless priests exist within the lore? We know that Priests don't get their spells from the Gods, so perhaps a godless priest could get spells based on their own beliefs. Game Question Will fire godlikes get updated (or new) portraits? They look completely different in PoE2, but they are still using the old portraits based on fire godlikes from PoE1.
  19. Now who's the monster Not whoever sacrificed Zahua. You guys need to abandon the D&D alignment concepts, it really does not apply well to Eternity. Even in the pillars world, killing someone painfully like that is considered a cruel act. You can't even do the sacrifice anybody unless you have a point of cruel disposition. I think the reaction from your companions is proof enough how monstrous it is.
  20. They should have double checked this survey. A lot options that were in the game were not there. I never do the Raedric questline in my games, but I forced to either choose an outcome for it or choose "I don't know."
  21. How. . .Just. . .How. . .I ended the game with like a quarter of a million. Aside from the Paladin shield in the first town, I never paid for anything. The best loot and spells are plundered off dead enemies. . .What the devil did you find to spend your money on? There is a lot of good unique loot you can get from the stores. You're missing out if you ignore them. You not going to find items like shatterstar or forgemaster gloves on any enemies.
  22. are you having a bad day? or is this how you usually communicate? He's like this all the time.
  23. Agreed. You have people on here and certain other forums bragging about how easy POTD is. Howver, for the majority of us, it's pretty hard, even for a CRPG veteran like myself.
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