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  1. I didn't find it underpowered at all in terms of damage, not with cat form anyway, far from it The cat/Stelgaer form was extremely overpowered, especially on a class that also had decent aoe, summoning, and support spells. I'm not sure why it was never nerfed.
  2. Your post is extremely vague. I'm not sure if we can have a dicussion if we don't know what you're talking about.
  3. Really? Rescuing her from those backward savages is probably the least evil thing you can do in the quest! Really? With the evil dude dead she could have been a chieftain of those backward savages without any worries. Instead she got kidnapped by some crazy adventurer with no permanent home and probably no skills in baby raising whatsoever. It's all looking very shady to me, but now I guess even every paladin and "Goody Two-shoes" will go and kidnap that poor baby just to have extra content in the sequel. It was entirely selfish on my MC's part. It was one of the two arguably evil things he did in his otherwise fairly spotless benevolent/rational/honest career. He saw a chance to secure an heir and he took it. I don't think arguments that her adoptive brother deserved to die would fly, the man wanted to kill his father because he was a freaking would-be crib murder. The best moral argument I could find is that you wanted to remove the baby from the entire fight and just didn't expect a fight to the death resulting from it. Well, the fact that he wanted to kill his father instead of handling it another way could be a good enough reason for some people. I find it shady that he asks a stranger to kill his father instead of going to the elders to deal with the problem. I can see a benevolent person who doesn't believe in assassination or execution taking the baby since that people wouldn't want the baby to be in that kind of environment. The Glanfathans are.....brutal people. They'll kill you for simply as getting into an argument or trespassing. IMO, the Glanfathans are not good people, but at the same time, I understand this is their way of life. This is from my perspective though, so I'm not saying my opinion is fact. I never take the baby though. I'm not a fan of kidnapping, even though I think both Liras and SImoc are bad people.
  4. He's talking about when one NPC randomly talk during one line, and then not say anything in the next line, and vice versa. It happens a lot during companion conversations (like Durance). The player character has nothing to do with this. I think most people are fine with a non-voiced protagonist.
  5. I thought so at first, but after the success of DoS2, I think it's likely that were considering it.
  6. I rather not see a thread get closed because you're angry over one troll you can easily ignore. One of the things I like about this board is mods not closing every topic because someone gets angry.
  7. There will not be full voice acting. Actually, we don't know yet. Even Josh sawyer said on a stream months ago that he wasn't sure yet. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/205646747?t=19m51s
  8. And then SonicMage117 shows up to concern troll. Yet another thing we had no way of predicting.I'd ask you what exactly about my comment is trolling to you but you'd probably just throw insults per usual. You'd be right. Leave it to the fanbase to put up the defense of "They're delaying to polish things" but never in gaming has there been a delay which produced a better quality game. So it's crazy that people keep living in that delusion. This is obviously not a good sign. All we can do is hope for the best, but don't hope too much. When the game launches, we'll see how smooth things are exactly.. for now, as fan boys we are encouraged to join in the hype! God, I knew you were going to go with the "fanboy" response. You're so freaking predictable.
  9. Most of the upgrades are simple upgrades that you do yourself in the ship inventory screen.
  10. Josh was hinting another beta update before.... However, the game comes out in three weeks. I guess we're not getting anything.
  11. Cernd? Really? I don't think I've ever seen anyone bring up Cernd as a memorable character from BG2. To each their own though. I like him because is generally a nice guy and not a **** like the other Druid you get in the game. Someone doesn't have to be over the top or a **** to be an interesting character. =\ Also, despite shapeshifter limitations, I love the class, so naturally, he always ends up in my final party.
  12. Based on that Josh game informer interview, I had a feeling that character was romancable. And with that character's line a work and "reputation" around Netaka, I think it makes sense for that character to goes both ways.
  13. Eh, other than Aramintai being a bitch, this thread seems like every other normal obsidian thread. It's nice to have disagreements. lol, I hope the mods don't close it. Also, love the new Eder. He's actually channeling his inner Max Von Sydow instead of whatever that "default" portrait is supposed to be (don't get me wrong, it's looks great, but it doesn't look like PoE1 Eder). =\
  14. While I don't like SJW either, you sound like a complete a**hole here. That doesn't mean she's wrong. Well, I think it's a hyperbolic exaggeration, so yes, I think this person is wrong.
  15. While I don't like SJW either, you sound like a complete a**hole here.
  16. I skipped the quest because it either required you to murder somebody or steal a baby for yourself. I was not interested in doing either one of those things.
  17. Honestly, you don't even need a mod; you can customize your character stats yourself in the game files. It's pretty easy to mod the game since the game files are a lot more open this time.
  18. Not a problem for people like me who always switch party members. There were 11 companions + the player character in PoE1, so I had plenty of use for most of the good weapons I found. I'll do the same in PoE2.
  19. Agreed. We actually learned some new things from Josh, and the streamer actually knew what he was doing.
  20. The American accents make sense for the people of Dyrwood and Readceras. They're both former colonies of Aedyr, just like how US was a former colony that belonged to England.
  21. As a hardcore PC fanatic, I'd just like to say: get a grip. There absolutely no evidence that PoE2 has been dumbed down for consoles. uggh, please don't do the thing that people on resetera do where you just quote a singple post from the first page to make a point. He calmed down if you look at the other post on this thread. Nevertheless, I agree your message.
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