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  1. Same problem. Tried it again after the patch, reloaded an earlier save, sided with Furrante, sided with Aeldys, and went all the to the end of game. Nothing worked
  2. Same here. I even reloaded an earlier save, tried siding with both Furrante and Aeldys, neither worked
  3. love the rebalancing and making casters more viable amazing mod
  4. Do we know to what extent deadfire companions will be customizable? Some questions: Can we respec them (once or unlimited)? Can we change their ability scores? Can we change their classes (doubt it, but wanted to ask anyway)?
  5. I was testing out an unbroken/monk build to use wave of force to trigger disengagement attacks. Enemy gets knocked away, but it doesnt seem to trigger disengagement. Is this a bug or intended?
  6. Hmm is brand enemy supposed to give permanent fire DOT damage until end of combat? I tried using it but it didnt seem to do any damage (nothing on combat logs, mob hp still uninjured). Not sure if bugged or i'm doing something wrong
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