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  1. Hello, at the start of release i had the problem with ultra widescreen resolution that at top right corner of the screen the scroll would never completely disappear. I came back after your latest patches to see that its still not fixed. Its visually very disturbing. Please fix this See screnshot the ultra widescreen bug is visible everywhere at startscreen and ingame:
  2. I think my party was far from min maxed not even close. The difficulty was simply not enough to be worthy of the hardest setting for my taste.
  3. Could someone move this into Deadfire Characters builds, Strategies & the Unity Engine (Spoiler Warning!) I see this topic fitting there.
  4. I loaded my old save i had with shattered pillar fist only monk and saw that it is unplayable the way i intended the playstyle after all the patches so i started new game with a new party. The only rule i had: Story characters in party only no sidekicks. I played PoTD upscaled all. My party was: My main Char: Helwalker/Kind Wayfarer as Burst Healer and No#1 dmg dealer. Eder as Fighter Tank Aloth as Fighter/Wizard to support the frontline Maia "the red handed" ranger/rogue pure damage dealer from the distance Vantir: Chanter/Priest support for brilliance buff and summons (Vantir re
  5. Quest and internet suggests it is in the brass citadel but i searched everywhere in sneak mode and nothing there to see or grab is it a bug?
  6. Blocking with cipher summons is also viable But yea this and brilliance buff in combination with some skills.
  7. Gratz on the kill. The way i see it this boss requires a chanter in the party if played according to NC rules (NC = no cheese). E.g hiding behind a rock or between spiders for 15 minutes and let Gouging Strike / Paladin debuff do the work.
  8. Mhh looks like my battle mage aloth wasnt a bad decision after all i gotta adjust the script for spirit lance and clear out. But Scoredeos edge and salvation of time how could that possibly work together without sounding like a programm bug?
  9. Im curious to hear as i missed quite a few patches have any good unique combos/summoned weapons in mind? I think proccing swift flurry of itself got nerfed. Atleast i never managed to trigger it of itself maybe im just unlucky. I remember it proccing 3 to 4 times of itself doing 200+ damage combos in one go.
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