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  1. Hello, at the start of release i had the problem with ultra widescreen resolution that at top right corner of the screen the scroll would never completely disappear. I came back after your latest patches to see that its still not fixed. Its visually very disturbing. Please fix this See screnshot the ultra widescreen bug is visible everywhere at startscreen and ingame:
  2. I think my party was far from min maxed not even close. The difficulty was simply not enough to be worthy of the hardest setting for my taste.
  3. Could someone move this into Deadfire Characters builds, Strategies & the Unity Engine (Spoiler Warning!) I see this topic fitting there.
  4. I loaded my old save i had with shattered pillar fist only monk and saw that it is unplayable the way i intended the playstyle after all the patches so i started new game with a new party. The only rule i had: Story characters in party only no sidekicks. I played PoTD upscaled all. My party was: My main Char: Helwalker/Kind Wayfarer as Burst Healer and No#1 dmg dealer. Eder as Fighter Tank Aloth as Fighter/Wizard to support the frontline Maia "the red handed" ranger/rogue pure damage dealer from the distance Vantir: Chanter/Priest support for brilliance buff and summons (Vantir replaced xoti) Comments about classes/party: Monk: when you not go for the ordinary kitchen stove/blunderbuss monk cheese then non-multiclass monk seem to suck compared to the options multiclassES provide especially with devil or carock breast plate. Its a shame that this plate hides behind a decision 2+ years old in a previous game. I had the 'almost' perfect savegame to import from PoE I: Palegina is a kind of wayfarer/ sacrificed hivaris for dexterity because my monk was dex focused for action speed and had gifts of the mashine but the wrong devil of carock ending.... Anyway about the wayfarer combo: i cant tell how often the burst healing turned semi hard fights into lol auto script it was crazy and felt very powerful and was nice to watch and play. Eder: Pretty solid companion from the first part i have nothing to add. Aloth: I kind of regret that i have multiclassed him because the PL 8/9 spells especially minoeltta standard cheese is just too storng. I wish Aloth had special sub class choices instead of standard warrior/wizard. Still he was pretty tanky as a fighter/wizard and did a good job of deflecting enemy attacks. Although the damage was pretty low because buffing takes time and time for buffing is missing time for dpsing. Maia: Perfect Muticlass choice rogue/ranger but also no specialisation. It was the first time i got the chance to play the game with her and the red hand i have to say holy**** the 2x 140 dmg crits in a row to single targets were awesome. Really good companion and excellent damage dealer! She came very close to my swift flurry/heartdrumming proccing monk in terms of dps to single targets. Vantir: Was exactly the combi i was looking for: chanter/priester the optimal support. Although his constituiton vlaue made me a bit sad. About beast of winter: It was too short and too easy just the dragon boss upscaled all on potd took longer than a few seconds of fight still AI script managed to beat him. Slayer Seeker DLC: I remember only 3 fights where i had to manually do something first there was the fight against some constructs i didnt see it coming and my party had almost all pierce weapons obviously i changed to crush damage weapons and destryoed them. Second there was some undead army which seemed to endlessley come back and attack in waves. With some proper resource management and manual coordination this is what i would call a well balanced fight for the difficulty i expected! The other fight that was worth remembering were some fish monsters that hided on a higher platform protected by barrels where my AI script failed and did nothing to destroy the barrels. Im not gonna mention Belranga as that boss is pure cheese either block with spiders or chanter summons and do the brilliance/ancient memory time lapsed trick to GG. There are even cheasier methods i saw hiding behind a rock and letting gouging strike do the work ... Give the damn spider atleast some kind of jump or pull to pull characters in melee range and focus priority on characters and not cheap summons. Bound items: it is miserable if you need something like: suffer 100 times a character effect when in the dlc playthrough i had maybe 2 with said character. Please dont make the bound item so much hustle to unlock bound abilities. For next DLC: please make Path of the Damned a worthy difficulty its the hardest setting to choose from. I expect to only be able to beat PotD upscaled all in a party because if its possible to beat alone in lame solo cheese fashion then the game is super easy in a party of five!
  5. Quest and internet suggests it is in the brass citadel but i searched everywhere in sneak mode and nothing there to see or grab is it a bug?
  6. Blocking with cipher summons is also viable But yea this and brilliance buff in combination with some skills.
  7. Gratz on the kill. The way i see it this boss requires a chanter in the party if played according to NC rules (NC = no cheese). E.g hiding behind a rock or between spiders for 15 minutes and let Gouging Strike / Paladin debuff do the work.
  8. Mhh looks like my battle mage aloth wasnt a bad decision after all i gotta adjust the script for spirit lance and clear out. But Scoredeos edge and salvation of time how could that possibly work together without sounding like a programm bug?
  9. Im curious to hear as i missed quite a few patches have any good unique combos/summoned weapons in mind? I think proccing swift flurry of itself got nerfed. Atleast i never managed to trigger it of itself maybe im just unlucky. I remember it proccing 3 to 4 times of itself doing 200+ damage combos in one go.
  10. My by the way: I almost finished the walkthrough with all quest by now with kind wayfarer/helwalker and i have to say its absolutley insane! 70+ Crit (without the additional lash effects) swift flurry procs and the heals. I completely replaced xoti in my party she became useless to me. Also i found how how maia performs with red hand as rogue/ranger and holy ****... she outdepeses my monk which is a really hard task. PotD with this party is a breeze Still too easy after all those patches... I regret that i made Aloth a battle mage it isnt too good damage wise i should kept him as a pure wizard.
  11. Okay just tested how Alchemy levels work on the effect of potions/drugs with a lvl 20 Nalpazca/Bleak Walker and lvl 21 Alchemy skill In short: Alchemys does not push effects anymore. For example Taru Taru drug says: +3 Might +3 Constitution +3Dexterity This effect dont become +4 or +5 or +8... no matter the alchemy level. Also Potion of Physical Strength: +2 Might +2 Constitution +2 Dexterity will get overwritten by the effect of Taru Taru drug. So no stacking. For anyone who stands infront of the decision nalpazca or helwaker: You can have everything a nalpazca have with drugs/potions and 50% dmg bonus just with less duration on drugs Btw: The Tooltip on the wiki for Black Flames (Flames of Devotion) the class skill form Bleakwalker is not 20% anymore its 12.5%. My decision: Helwalker/Wayfarer!
  12. Still increases the duration, which one could argue is the more important thing, especially for Nalpazca. (More wound generation) Okay now this got me super confused you said: 'Alchemy now only affects the PL of potions, drugs, and poisons. So, perfect for Nalpazca.' which i unerstood yes 'Yes you still get insane stat bonuses from alchemy when taking drugs/potions' Then the quote above says otherwise. To me it reads 'Alchemy only increases duration' in which case i will go helwalker. I guess i will roll twenties a nalpazca crafting debug some drugs and see for myself whats going on with alchemy. And yes i play on PoTD before it was possible to reach some lame will defense values with potions and drugs to be imune to supression caused by debuffs.
  13. To find out that Shattered Pillar Monk is utter trash now. Went from super OP to (for me) unplayable. I played the game the first two weeks it came out a lot have changed since then... Time to reroll i guess. I got one question im planning to do either a Nalpazca paladin multiclass or a Helwalker Paladin multiclass. I prefered nalpazca because of the insane stat/accuracy/crit bonuses from pots and drugs. But im not sure when i read the patch nodes from 1.2 what those mean: "Alchemy Skill no longer affects "Poison" keyworded spells and abilities. (It still affects applied poison consumables)" From reports in the forum i read that Alchemy does not work anymore on increasing the stats that potion and drugs provide is that correct? In that case there is only one good monk subclass left and my decision is clear. I just want to be safe about how alchemy skill works in 1.2 - can anybody tell me maybe?
  14. I havent tested it yet but the price question is if if you get wounds by triggering rooting pain / Carnage in 1.1 (i guess no?) if so then shattered pillars Otherwise you should consider Drugged up Nalpazca/Berserker or Helwalker/Berserker for really hefty damage dealers without being too conditional.
  15. It would be 160%, no? Maybe my math is letting me down but 6.25 * 2.6 where 2.6 equals to 160% increase because 100% increased damage is a doubling (x 2) 6.25 * 2.6 = 16.25 or did i miss something? But i get the jist Accuracy was the best stat since PoE 1. and is becoming increasingly popular as enemies become harder to hit because of adequate stat scaling.
  16. I can confirm this bug. I had this since Nekata too as a permanent Buff and it was probably since i met Palegina on the street. Plus when i did my playthrough it stacked with Exalted Focus for a total of 10 Accuracy. Another reason why the game is very easy on PotD if everyone gets 5+ Accuracy for free.
  17. Its not a nerf Arcane Dampener always worked against positive effects. And its also not about logic from real world applied to a game with ghost vessels and magic. There is still paladin multiclass with monk that gives you ludiculous defenses for 3 skill points to the point where a lot of enemy spells start to miss even on PotD. If anything than the increased appearance of Arcane Dampener enemy wizards increased the difficult a tiny bit. Still there seems to ve almost infinite room to cheese through the difficulty.
  18. The crash after arcane dampener is working as intended. You can avoid it by cheesing up your will defense as one of the posters above mentioned.
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