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  1. What's the latest version that doesn't have this AI behaviour? I might try switching from steam to gog to rollback to older versions I want and avoid such unlucky patches. This bug seems to be easily reproduced, yet 2 weeks passed and no hotfix, not comments from devs on progress/patch eta. Enough of waiting for me Like the Arcane dampener bug interection with nalpazca that been reported 4-5 months ago multiple times
  2. are you trying anything to separate enemies on gorecci street? I've always had to use a trap or sparkcrackers or something to manually separate them before combat starts or else I pull everyone. Can confirm on a post-3.1 update that the training room with various skeleton enemies everyone comes now. Would have been particularly brutal except a different bug meant that I was a higher level before than when I would normally be dealing with the skeletons. No, just placing trap in front of my team and provoking fight with bow/gun was enough to make gorecci fight into 2 phases (v2.0 and
  3. Plugging in, after 2-3 months of break, I started game again on Potd + berath's 2+ to all attributtes + scale everything, up + deadly deadfire mod from nexus. Noticed I couldn't split enemy group on gorecci street and engwithan site top room (traning room with various skeleton enemies) anymore (positioning far behind, sending scout with range weapon to provoke few enemies to come to my group). I know people are probably asking for more difficulty, but 5-10 enemies attacking my lvl 2-3 tank is a kind of stretch :D
  4. Bollocks, and I thought after this long time game would be patched enough to play without major hiccups Thanks for link, it pretty much answers my question
  5. I had a long break (2-3 months or so) and came back today to start a first legit full run. Like earlier, I took potd + deadly deadfire mod, and noticed when I'm trying to split tougher groups, whole group swarms to me, no matter if some enemies were far away and hidden in fog of war. I used to provoke and drag, for example, 2-4 enemies to my team hidden somewhere far away, finish them, then push to remaining enemies. I'm talking about first island quests (engwithian site, or large group of salvagers in semi drown town part, with well). It would be dissapointing if it was intented change, k
  6. Everything is getting looking so professional, keep doing your awesome job
  7. https://gfycat.com/FlimsyLinearHapuka Idea was born from Bmac's answer to my PM about reloading mods and I decided to make a simple macro tool. Basically it automates some tedious actions modders do. In v0.31, you can: - reload mods with F6 hotkey (puts reload console command and loads a quick save, you will need it, press F5) - spawn single Rotghast at pointer, F7 hotkey - spawn multiple Rotghast with amount you specify (1-9), F10 hotkey. Have fun with spraying! :D - PrintInstance oei_hovered on any hovered object, Ctrl+Right mouse button NOTES! - you may need to launc
  8. Peardox, Xaratas and Kilay found 2 interesting strings, there they are: <Entry> <ID>4967</ID> <DefaultText>Steam Workshop</DefaultText> <FemaleText /> </Entry> <Entry> <ID>4969</ID> <DefaultText>Publish this mod to the Steam Workshop? By publishing this mod, you agree to the Steam Workshop <link="https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/workshoplegalagreement">terms of service</link>. You will have a chance to review the mod's Workshop page before making it visible to the public.<
  9. Ah, you told me on slack, sorry I forgot about it. Truncated means what?
  10. @Bmac, is 4k required? If yes, would you consider allowing us to use smaller resolutions to avoid wasting empty space/memory? Also, important question for me - is it possible to create atlas that can be used by multiple mods, separated in folders? Could be a matter of folder structure, for example /override -> tonpix mods -> single icon atlas + folders for different mods, separated in folders?
  11. I haven't seen any devs/supports admitting to anything, just saying they're investigating Though, what sense it makes if you have BOTH drug buffs and withdrawal (which should come from drug buff being gone) ?
  12. 1. take drug 2. let enemy cast Arcane Dampener 3. wait for Dampener to wear off 4. you will notice you have both drug buff and drug withdrawal. On nalpazca, you have one more withdrawal coming from monk sublass It's 100% repro. I reported it month ago, told support via email, primarily support guy thought the spell is casted by friendly, after clarifying this, he said it will be reinvestigated again. It was 2 weeks ago. (you can check emails with typing my nickname in searcher) Multiple threads reported it. First report appeared 2 months ago. Can you tell me why - with multiple
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