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  1. Typical as always, people complaining just to be complaining on these forums. And you know what's funny about the whole thing? Many companies did this before, no one else complained about it. Monolith Soft made Xenogear and Xenosaga. Irrational Games made Systemshock and Bioshock. From software made Dark Souls and Demon Souls. Hudson made Star Force and Star Soldier. Oh, and who doesn't know about Far Cry and Crysis? All of these are the result of being part either being part of another company or because they didn't have the rights to the old series. Some fans considered the newer games spiritual successors, while other considered them sequels. I'm glad it's using the name Torment, and I hope they won't changed the title to please a bunch of people whining on the forums who think it's "despicable".
  2. For player - yes For dev - not so much As a game developer, I can tell you that it's not as hard as you think. At least, when it comes to non environmental gore.
  3. Surely if they going to take their time out of their busy schedule to travel with some nutjob like the main character, then the main character should have some influence over them. Otherwise, why travel with someone you don't like or travel with someone who doesn't have the same ideals as them? Besides, a person who is very charismatic can change a person's opinion about life. Look at Kane from Command and Conquer, or even Hilter if we're going to bring RL into it.
  4. Sure they can add it, but I want an option to turn it off. Gore has never been my cup of tea.
  5. Fighters: Would like to see more archetypes of this class besides dual weild/two handed/tank styles. Even though we have the beserker class, I'm sure they can come up with some more interesting build path for both classes that are unique. Priest: I would like priest to be similar to D&D 3.5 clerics, which is what I think they are going for in this game. Basically hyrbids who can specialize in support, melee, or nuking. In fact, it seems that some priests get unique traits depending on their chosen god, similar to the domain system in D&D3. Rogue: Just like the fighter, I would like to see other rogue types besides thief, assassin, or some of a nightblade.
  6. Any I the only person here who noticed some of the European fans being extremely xenophobic whenever another foreign culture crosses their medieval European culture? You people are aware how Europe got things like gunpowder and firearms in the first place? Both Asia and Europe have been in contact with each other during that period.
  7. It's a bad idea to mention JRPGs on this forums, because it results in some (fairly amusing) xenophobic attacks.
  8. I personally wouldn't mind seeing random encounters having a few references every now and then.
  9. 1/8 of the companion writing tyme dedicated to sappy Fan Service. I wish someone would write a low-combat romance CRPG, even an indie one. They would make a fair bit of money and lots of folks would be happier and not haunt games like this with their demands. Romances are part of the Infinity Game family tree, like it or not. The only series that didn't have them at all was Icewind Dale, which also didn't have meaningful character-driven relationships of any sort. BG1 had no romances. Um., pretty sure you can romance a NPC in the BG1 expansion. That was the start Bioware romances IIRC.
  10. Needs token black guy that can liven the party up by cracking jokes and being goof.
  11. Obvious troll is obvious. You even have "troll" in your little title. Just put nikolokolus on ignore; he's always trolling topics he doesn't agree with.
  12. I really loved alternate start mod in Skyrim, which allowed you to start in many different areas in the world or even part of a faction. I would really like to see it in more RPGs. It doesn't have to be story intensive or anything, but it's a great way to keeping replayability fresh.
  13. All I have to say is thank God that George Ziets is workign on the project instead of MCA doing the story on his own. The only good story MCA produced was Fallout New Vegas DLC (Torment doesn't count; half the lore was already made).
  14. Rather note have an overused evil villian; that's mainly an antagnist for "good" guys. If we must have antagonisst, please us have multiple antagonists that we an choose from, like in New Vegas. I would also like the ability to either join the protagonist or even take over their organization if that's possible.
  15. oh screw off. The man has the right make suggestions. Not to mention it is a skill that has been used in many RPGs.
  16. Obviously said by someone who doesn't speak Espanol at all. British and American English are nearly the same when it comes to sentence syntax. As an American, I can understand anything written in British English, but as an person who learned Mexican Spanish, I have a hard time following some Spanish material from Spain.
  17. Must have taken you a while to find a video which has almost every graphical setting turned off. You are just being utterly ridiculous now, especially with comparing a game developed in 2004 with a game developed in 2012. Go troll somewhere else, it is not needed or appreciated here. Really sick and tired of elistist fanboys like you and nikolokolus who trolls topics of opinion you dont agree with. It's always the same senario on this board. "blah blah blah, I want this." "No, you can't have this because it doesn't fit the spirit of the game, and since I don't agree with you, then you're a troll" If you dont like what he's saying, then ignore the freakign topic. Everybody wants different things in this game, and he has the right to defend his opinion thank you very much. I really wish the mods do something about people like you.
  18. I'm surprised their isn't a topic on priests yet. I'm a bit disappointed that they're calling then priest instead of clerics. Priest in my mind represent a man in cloth, while a cleric implies a devoted soldier of a church. But hey, a name is a name. But I digress. I'm glad they're basing them of DnD jack of all trades Clerics instead of just making them healers that suck at everything else. I just hoping Priest have the spell varity that clerics had in DnD? Having priest be excellent healers are nice, but hopefully they can do other things like The ability to used 'unholy' magic and summon the undead (skills of an dark cleric?). The ability to buff their physical power with spells (like Divine Power and Rightout Might) and use some divine melee skills (if specialized of course). They should be also be nuke well with a variety of different spells....if they specialize into nuking. Being characters that depend on wisdom, they should be less prone to spells that affect the mind (mind control, confusion, etc). The ability to summon celesial beings at higher leves (from a lesser demon to a deva I guess). So, what's your opinion on this class? Edit: I agree they should have some (minor) differences depending on their God besides their weapon choices. Perhaps something like the domain system in DnD3?
  19. Does that mean you will stop posting now please? I rather you stop posting instead. You're twice as annoying and trollish as he is.
  20. The Paladin dicussion reminds me of a blog post from WOTC from 3 months ago. http://community.wizards.com/dndnext/blog/2012/04/19/paladin_versus_cleric:_fight! I don't mind the inclusion of the Paladin class, but they will to make them fundamentally different than priest in gameplay and story, otherwise they might as well stick to Priests.
  21. Everybody is always talking about the European market, and asking for Polish, Italian, and Russian translations, but what about the Brazilian market? It's nice that every other Latin American country get to play this game in Spanish, but the people in Brazil speak Portuguese instead of English. Brazil is the bigest gaming market in Latin America, not to mention it's one of the fast growing gaming markets in the past few years. Surely we could get a Portugese translation since unless many of the eastern country (like Japan), we actually buy a significant amount of games made in America.
  22. And by clerics, I don't mean the priest class you see in many MMOs that a lot of people seems to be requesting for. I'm talking clerics similar to the clerics you see in D&D. Divine magic users who not only nuke, support, debuff and heal allies, but they can also be decent tanks or fighters as well thanks to their use of blunt weapons and the ability to use chain or plate mail. If you know your D&D history, then you are aware that clerics were based on crusades back in medieval Europe (while Paladins were based of the knights like Lancelot). If this game is going to be based on Infinity Engine games, then surely they mimic some of the style of classes. I just swear, I'm going to be dissapointed if cleric class in this game is going to standing in the back wearing cloth and healing all the time.
  23. Forgive me for adding another poll (because I know you guys are sick of these), but I'm just curious on whether people would like a dog companion. Since both Arcanum and Fallout had dogs as companion, I figure, why not stick with tradition and add dog companion in this game? The dog's class doesn't have to be unique, so he could a slightly modified version of the fighter class that would fit dogs. For example, the dog would have "headbutt" instead of "shield bash", but both skills could be exactly the same damage-wise. Obviously, a dog companion won't have as much character development as the other companions, but he could react to certain situations and you could makes some funny banters with the dog (similar to the dog in Dragon Age Origin).
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