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  1. I disagree completely, I think the companions should be shallow and forgettable. I really hope Obsidian doesn't listen to TC!
  2. I'm biased. Guess I'd see it so I can bitch about it; I'm that kind of ****. Or so you can see what the fuss is about and talk to your co-workers about it. Don't go see it alone though, just in case it bores the **** out of you like it did for me. That way you can go for dinner or something after. Try to bring kids. (I hate kids in the cinema but this is the kind of movie you'd bring them. If you don't mind beheadings...)
  3. I'm so offended! OP reported for racism! My feelings! Merry Christmas!
  4. Have you ever played the game Nier? The whole game is based on the tragedy of things you can't change. Of doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. Life is a lot like that. People doing things they believe in, doing the only thing they possibly can do from their perspective and sowing misery and suffering in their wake. They don't mean to. They really genuinely just do what they can to protect those they love; they do what they believe in. Doing anything else would be a betrayal of their own beliefs and convictions. The true tragedy of the human condition.
  5. Double-sided blades from D&D, such as the double-sword, the double-axe and the double-mace. To use them effectively you'd need all the usual dual-wield fields, plus exotic weapon proficiency in them. In return you got an off-hand that deals slightly higher damage (1d8 vs 1d6, for example), generally with a better crit modifier. The main advantage was that it'd let you cast Magic Weapon and Flame Weapon on both ends at once in one spell, saving your wizard spell slots.
  6. Yep, pets in video games are a waste of time since games are about playing them. Effort should be spent on improving the writing, the combat and so on before you do any of these peripheral and cosmetic things interesting only to a small group of players. And nope, playing video games or having pets in real life isn't a waste of time; it's a hobby like every other.
  7. I'm just not a huge movie person and modern movies rub me the wrong way. You can probably tell.
  8. There will never be peace until all that is left is ashes.
  9. I saw The Hobbit. It sucked. A) Three hours of bad CGI and poorly choreographed fight-scenes that had no reason to exist other than to fill time. B) Thirteen or something dwarves with rhyming names that are identical other than the name. Who thought this would work in a movie? C) Gollum, what a horrible waste of time that was. And people like this? No wonder I'm bitter! D) Sock'em, Rock'em Golems. Are you seriously? E) Endless repetition. Gandalf saves the day. And again. And again. If my ticket hadn't been free and hadn't come with an excellent dinner I'd have written off the night as a complete waste of time. f) Not a single dwarf can read old dwarven? g) Radagast more like wastingmytimegast h) Pointless witch-king tie-in i) Uninspired music j) 48 frames is eye-torture, boycott
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