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  1. It is not even about balance guys. For example clerics runes were incredibliy broken even in the final versions of PoE. Or some cypher spells like reaping knives of mental beams, like battle-wizzards. But you had your own choice what to use and what to not use. Im mostly scared of linearity instead of bad balance.
  2. Yo. Im not really interested in some forum holy-wars or kinda of that things. I just want one of my favorite games to shine properly. I didnt mention at the first message about casters talents. That is even more funny. For example in older DnD games you could always affect of modify your spells, take some other offensive or def talents and choose your spells. In new PoE2 casters dont even have talents. Their perks is 70% are spells from previous game and some bonuses like +10mental#reflex def. That is even more funny than melee and ranged specs. You had a great spell ideas in Tyranny with al
  3. Hello there, your fan is speaking. Yesterday i checked the latest PoE patch and im still frustrated. What is this really? I consider myself to be the great follower of your games and game decisions. I've played all of your RPG based games, went through the max difficulty of last pillars and that was interesting with my custom builds and party variations. And what do we have now, in 2018? After the great mechanic of first pillars combat and talents? The weapon choice and the 10+ to defences at the talent tree? Seriously? What kind of multiclass are you talking about, if the main classes are inc
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