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  1. I too have JUST started experiencing this issue today. For no apparent reason. I'm thinking that the game has been stealth updated or something because for 40 hours I've had no issues but today I cannot play the game because everytime I click my mouse takes 2 or 3 attempts to register a single click. Honestly, I expected better from an Obsidian release. Shame that there are these kind of technical bugs.
  2. UPDATE : - Well, after about 7 attempts at loading the save file, without changing anything, the game just let me roll on. Played for a few hours and didn't crash once after that. I would love to know what's going on.
  3. Upon entering Tikiwara from the boat my game experiences a hard crash. I can't Ctrl-Alt-Del. I can't Alt-Tab. It just locks up and the PC refuses to respond. If I click on Tikiwara but choose "Leave by Foot" then re-enter the town at the other end, it won't crash. As soon as I approach the beach, it crashes. By crash I mean freeze and become non-responsive. This is the second time this has happened. First time was upon loading into Sacred Stair. I tried about 15 reloads/restarts and eventually if just didnt crash one time so I was able to progress. I should say that I've not experienced a game crashing in a good few years despite playing hundreds of games. I have a simple setup, more than capable of running the game (as I've had 40 hours of pretty much crash free gaming with this game so far), but right now I am very pissed off because I cannot progress. I don't want to call the game a "buggy mess" because it's not, but man, there are some major bugs. Add to that that quest sequencing and updating is all over if you do things in an order different to what the game wants you to (without telling you beforehand, I might add) and you have to wonder what the hell the QA people were doing in the months they had to test this game. I mean seriously, these crashes are seriously impairing my enjoyment, especially as I have to cold reboot every time because the PC goes totally non-responsive. I have NO DOUBT that the game is at fault here.
  4. I can't argue with the OP in terms of pacing. The pacing once you hit Neketaka is way, way off. If you're the kind of person that likes to do quests in an area before moving on then there is a section in Neketaka where if you read all the dialogue you just wander about having exposition and story bits blasted at you for a good couple hours. I remember itching to fight something. Thankfully once you get past that the pacing picks up again and strikes a good balance between story development and combat. Also, to people saying the game is "non-linear" I don't think they understand the term. This game is about as linear as they come. Yes, you can do things in a different order to your pal, but you are still playing a game with a linear main story, just like the first one.
  5. They just need to make her a loli or have twin tails and she's a walking anime or a teenager first Mary sue character design. For the record, I've got nothing against pig-tails or goths who like lollipops. But to be fair in the brief introduction I got to her character in game there was nothing gothic about her. She's an animancer. Also a bit of a nerd, but then so was Liara T'Soni and she was my blue waifu during my time with Mass Effect. Not every character can be original, and a trope done well is sometimes better than a poorly written "original" character.
  6. The enemy ship has quite a good chance of sinking you first when doing this if they have more hull health than you do--in fact, you will probably take more damage this way than you will just closing to board, not to mention the numerous random effects that can destroy your resources if you're unlucky. There's nothing INTERESTING about the system, it's degenerate. Enemy ships won't surrender, you can't take ships as prizes or ransom prisoners, so the enemy ship just fights to the death every time. All you can do in ship combat is sink them, so the only question is "what's the most efficient way to accomplish this". I didn't say it was interesting, I just provided a method of winning seas battles. I've won every battle so far...in my 40 hours or so with the game that's about 15 battles. Against ships with as much as 1/3 more hull points than mine. I've won EVERY battle. No trouble. Partly because the AI doesn't seem to be very good at knowing when to fire it's cannons. And to be honest, in the early stages this is MORE time efficient than fighting a boarding battle with a low level party. EDIT:- Also, picking up Wyrmtongue Cannons makes fights trivial as they also set fires on the enemy deck which gives the AI a fit and has them reassigning crew and putting out fires instead of firing their cannons.
  7. I think the ship to ship combat could have done with a better tutorial but it just sounds to me like you don't grasp what's going on there. You can win any sea battle by doing the following Approach until in gun range (you should know the range of your guns) Move to port or starboard to get "side on" with the enemy vessel Hold position for a turn then fire your guns. "Jibe" (which is basically a 180 turn) Hold position then fire your other guns Rinse and repeat the last 2 steps until the enemy vessel is destroyed Also enemy vessels have a "difficulty" rating, if you're attacking one with skulls attached to it, you aren't ready. If you're really threatening to leave a bad review because you had to hover the mouse over a word that was new to you (and might I add, that adds to the immersion of the game considerably) or because you don't like the accent of the voice actors then, good Sir, I put it to you that your review might not be worth anything at all. EDIT:- Also, never read Dune. Because then...*gasp*...you'd have to turn all the way to the end of the book and look up some made up words in a glossary when you needed to be reminded what they meant!
  8. I like it. It makes picking up a new Grimoire exciting and the fact that they are rare spells in some Grimoires that cannot be selected at level up just makes it even better I honestly don't get the negativity around this system change. You can still choose spells on level up and given that spells/abilities are now all per encounter it really doesn't matter than you can't chose the extra spells given by the grimoires, and as I said, finding a unique Grimoire gives wizards some exciting loot which is usually reserved for fighting types only.
  9. Principi = Pirates, ruled by the Council of Pirate Captains Valian Trading Company = Traders from Valia, ruled by the Ducs Bels of the Valian Republics Royal Deadfire Company = Traders from the kingdom of Rauatai, ruled by the rauatian Ranga Nui (King). EDIT:- Keep playing, Pallegina is involved later on and you can indeed recruit her.
  10. I'm doing my first PoE 2 run on PotD. Had a few hard fights so far but nothing insurmountable (unless you include trying to do quests 3 levels above your current level which is just stupid - you wouldn't escape the dungeon of Irenicus and then immediately rush to take down The Twisted Rune in BG2). I spent a lot of time with PoE 1 and made an effort to understand and exploit the new Affliction/Inspiration system as well as tailoring my characters abilities toward having synergy against at least 2 defences. I honestly don't understand how anyone could struggle with the game on anything less than Veteran though. The same was true of PoE 1. Especially people who have purported to finish games like BG/BG2 and Icewind Dale where if you played on "Normal" (which still wasn't "Core" but many people didn't even realise you could change the difficulty) there were certain encounters that were incredibly challenging.
  11. This is pretty much my feelings about it. I won't use the sidekicks because for me there is no point if all they are are the equivalent of hired adventurers with a couple voice over lines. I would have much preferred an extra single full companion to 4 barely fleshed out ones. Maybe they will do the justice to Ydwin (I wasn't a backer and don't know anything about her yet) in the DLC's. Again, be great if a dev could drop a line here to give us a hint.
  12. UPDATE So I moved the game off my SSD onto my hybrid HDD and then verified the game cache. I also turned off Steam Overlay and Steam Cloud Synchronisation. Managed to load the files no problem. Just to be safe I deleted them both and made new saves in case it was some kind of corruption.
  13. Hi, Really enjoying the game so far, despite narrowly avoiding what I think it a corrupt save file (thank God for OCD saves). I've just met Ydwin and remember her being a stretch goal at the funding stage and I'm just wondering if any developers / community managers can talk about or find out if she will be upgraded to a full companion in one of the 3 DLCs that are planned for the game? Surely the extra money from said DLCs would allow this to happen given you weren't far off (relatively) reaching the goal in the funding stage. Hope to get an answer, Thanks for making an awesome game
  14. I have just had this exact same thing happen to me. Played for 40 hours, no problem. Today, I go to load a game and it just freezes 2 seconds after loading. I've changed nothing. I've updated no drivers. Literally nothing between last night and today when this started happening. I just don't get it.
  15. Hi guys, I know you will be able to go through a section during the prologue of Deadfire to set up the choices you made from PoE1 but my question is how in depth is it and how much does it affect the game? For example, importing a ME2 save in Mass Effect 3 changes literally hundreds of interactions due to your actions in the first 2 games whereas in The Witcher 3, importing a TW2 save only controls the appearance of 2 extra characters across the entire 100 hour game, (and you can make those choices easily through an in-game scene). I guess what I'm trying to do is discover if there is any point in replaying the entirety of PoE1 just for this save import feature. If all it does is change characters starting points and sets up the backstory then I'll probably just use the prologue choice thing in the new game as long as that covers it but if there are subtle nods or characters/quest changes throughout the entire game, ME style, then it might be worth it to replay the first game. Any info on this would be much appreciated.
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