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  1. Errr, well, ok. You didn't really answer anything. I know the fighter is decent. It's just inferior to other options. There is nothing a fighter can do, that another class can't do aswell or better. I think all fighters use plate? So I don't know why you mentioned that. Is there some robe fighters out there? My figher has 1 knocked down per encounter. But yours is knocking down left and right? Ok. If you want to play devil's advocate, you have to try harder.
  2. With the recent gross over nerf of Defender, I don't see a reason for having a fighter in my party. Damge? no, other classes are better. Tank? Has nothing over the versatility of a paladin. Especially if your main is a paladin. The fighters "thing" was it could be speced out to be a super tank, This was balanced by the fact that he's/her damage was terrible. And now? atm, I'm not seeing a reason to have one in the party, aside from role playing. It's not that they are "bad", but in relation to other classes, he sits on the bench with the chanter. The dev's inabilty to make chanters goo
  3. When I reach max lvl on this play thru, I will revisit this thread to see if in fact enchanting Hold-Wall to max will bring it up to Wreaker damage. That said, there are only 2 dragon eyes in game for max range upgrade to subperb. If you waste these on Hold-Wall, you can't for example use them on Leap-Spitter. Finding weapons that alrdy have the superb trait is pretty huge. If anyone would actully like to go back to my orignal question, with opions on why one is better than the other. With expamle of why. That would be great.
  4. Climhazzard, http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Unique_Weapons. Keep in mind many of the items stats are not up to date. If you have a spicific question for a item I will help, if I know it. Yes, Francis, I'm trolling my own thread, you got me. Dispite the fact your the one ignoreing my original post to go on some personal vendetta to prove that the weapon Hold-Wall somehow competes with the Wreacker. What can I say, in my game Hold-Wall doesn't come with any enchant other than speed. Even if it did come with superb it's base damage would still be lower, but I think I'm talking into t
  5. I'm wrong about reading in-game numbers? Ok. The might of your individual toons is irrelevant so I'm not sure why you mentioned that. Perhaps your drunk? In my current up to date patched game, no enchants, wreaker has 56 max damage and Hold Wall has 41.
  6. Your wrong, Kaylon. Not all weapons have same base stats. Borresaine does not have the echanting room to be superb. The Rain comes with superb, + speed mod (asumming it works), plus higher min-max damage. So, in this case, It comes to player preference, the higher damage, dps of Rain vs the stun of Borresaine.
  7. Currently, no. I save enchanting for max lvl, typically. Wreaker, comes with suberb, and has room for a damage lash. As for Hold-Wall, who cares, it's not a top tier weapon.
  8. I'm getting these numbers from in game, as I have both items. The wiki is not up to date and not to be trusted.
  9. God, Erlking, your killing me. I know the stats on Hold Wall, everyone does, cuz it's in the first town, why are you listing it? Do you belive your the holder of some secret knowlege? You could have googled Wreacker and saved yourself a pointless post. HoldWall max dam is 41, Wreacker is 56, that is a mammoth difference. Not all weapons are the same, WHY do you assume they are? Wreacker can stun on crits + the prone that is on all arbalests. Fully aware of the importance of speed on weapons, BUT if the above post is to be belived, it's currently bugged and not providing the bonus.
  10. Exoduss, I'm fully aware of how rogues work. Not the point of the post. I just want opions of these two weapons. That is unfortunitly hard to get. Your right tho, swift swap is a game mechanic. And technically not cheese. I personaly would not get satisfation of useing these talents. Erlking, Accuracy is huge, it's not just about chance to hit, the more you have, the less chances of glaze hits, better change of crits. Saying that acc is not that big of a deal is a lack of understanding of the game. Sorry to be harsh. But your clueless. If your your not aware of Wreackers stats, the
  11. Hold Wall, it's speed mod is great, assuming it works, as a above poster said it doesn't. I can't see anyone taking swit aim over vicious aim, + 10 acc is too big to pass up. Aedrin's Wrecker blows away Hold Wall. So, I'm not sure why you brought this weapon up.
  12. Exoduss, I appreciate your responce, trully. Thank you for taking the time. But as mentioned, Cipher is useing Leap-Spiter. All range use Penetrationong shoots. I think that goes without being said. You said bow only work for rogue, but did not back that up with anything. I confess, I don't understand what you mean. Yes, rogue opening from steath hits hard. Dubious if thats better than say wizard opening with mass confuse or mass knock down. Doesn't seem the case. Also, topic is not about rogue. I consider, fast swap between multipal range weapons to be cheese. It's not something
  13. Thank you, Akimbo. For your opinion. The way I see it, you always need Penetration Shots. No matter what. 5 DR pass is huge, period. I honestly don't see how you can say " penetrating shots" are not needed. It's not a matter of "I want to use bow". I'm indifferent to weapon type. If you feel Arbalest is superior, in this case, the unique one Wreacker, you have to provide examples of why it is. What better choices are there that you mention? Yes, Arbalest has higher damage per shot, but, that does not equal to higher dps. By picking hunting bow/war bow. You don't have to take gu
  14. I have read the opposite, whats true? IDK Lenas with it's DR mod is still less damage than The Rain. "if" the speed mod is not working due to a bug, it will be fixed at some point, I assume. What does Lenas have over The Rain? Cuz I'm not seeing it. While I do appreciate all the comments, really, I do, no one has yet to comment on my orignal post. What weapon is better, and why.
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