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  1. I felt all the companions were evil other then Kana. Korgan was actually a nice guy because he didn't like harming kids.
  2. Ya thats actually the case think about it. The whole world has been held back in Animancy for the longest time. Everyone in drywood is either mideval inbred or stupid. Eder for example is ignorance personified. Drakes have the intelligence of house cats. The most intelligent person in pillars is a selfish **** that doesn't want to explain anything to anyone and keep everyone arrested development when it comes to souls, the meaning of life and just about everything.
  3. Please... So you find logical creature with no eyes can be blinded?.. Or total fire composed creature can burn....This is lazy....And kinda stupid...Some ennemy must have some immunity don't doing so means go in the realm of nonsense...and see a creature with no eyes blinded no matter how you turn the table but sound Lame and stupid.. This things is what add to gameplay strategy and depth.. Deny them is just a lazy decision no excuses... That was a bad choice... And not logic at all.. you blinding their SOUL man not their eyes... Absolute immunities were meh in DnD. At times it felt l
  4. Pantheon of gods always tend to be selfish douchebags and that is exactly the vibe I got from the pillars of eternity gods, it doesn't help their case that they also not even real gods. So I gave the souls to Woedica, there needs to be one big boss like Zues or Odin to police the rest of the kids in the playground.
  5. Yes one handed is good if you using a weapon that stuns on crit. I had pallegina frequently land stuns on those giant golem bosses at end of game didn't even use her sworn enemy paladin buff. And if you don't crit with one handed weapon its usually guaranteed you'll at least hit or graze and slowly kills whatever high deflection mob your attacking.
  6. I got to say Eder felt his happy go lucky attitude and emotional thinking was annoying. Man was it LOL funny putting him in that bloody pit. Grieving mother is second worst with her obsession with muh babies, think of the babbies! I love kids but I just wanted to do a babality on the bitch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6aD5PvXvBg
  7. The gamespot review is legit. I say all the other ones are bull****. This game has plenty of bugs like your cursor glitching out or spell effects lasting forever etc. All this stuff detracts normal people from the game. Also the writing was to excessive at points. Now this isn't bad for people that don't like reading but for people that dont some of my friends for example... Well lets just they can be almost done with the game and still don't know what the plot about LOL. Also the load times are very annoying especially in the city segments of the game I feel like I'm playing a playstation era
  8. Actually I say for barbarian constitution is a must and perception you can dump and is useless and heres why. Deflection for barbarian is crap at best you can pump it through deflection ring and priest spell so you don't get crit. Early game con is garbage but late game DR HP tank barbarian is arguably best tank in game. Plate, barbarian talent, special acquired armor talent and you have great DR, pop some support spells you can get it even higher. My barbarian did 100k something damage and on top of it was a great tank. The only bad thing about barbarian is lot of the hardest fights in the ga
  9. Well since I identify as a transfluid fusion gender quasi dragon person. When I saw that ignorant poem in the game I was ready to get my fleet of 100+ lawyers to sue Obsidian or personally fly over and roast their HQ.
  10. talked to everyone could be a bug. Please can you provide the link to check the faction rewards? http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Second_Skin
  11. How do you get this talent I see in the wiki. I'm a champion for them and did all their quests.
  12. Well I'm surprised there a lot of dorks with expendable incomes. $45 dollars is quite a lot.
  13. Depends on the character class. There probably going to be fights in this game like dragons or mass wave of enemies. Where the best defense could be having a higher hp pool.
  14. Obsidian selling it too high. I be surprised if it top seller on steam day it released. 30 bucks I say is a good price to set it too. Elder scrolls mmorpg should be like 20 bucks instead of 60 because its crap. Shame making video games so expensive.
  15. My guess is that dex will be more relevant higher levels and with enchantments. In dnd early game ights are fast later on they tend to be slug fests. Also defenses may be important factor in fights in the game. Ignoring will and reflexes could get you stomped in some encounters. Developers could make mind flayer enemies that attacks ignore deflection and target only will for example.
  16. I think the growlanser games also slowed down your action if your character is moving while its qued. But then again that was a real time TURN based franchise. Personally I don't know how it detracts from gameplay because I haven't fiddled with it but from what I understand you still WANT to move at times. OP reminds me of those dudes I remember in games like DDO that obsessed with having haste pots and constantly be moving at like 200 percent of their movement speed. Wuts so bad about penalizing movement and giving the enemy AI a edge?
  17. whats the news on godlike? Do they suck cuz they cant wear helmets? like why pick a fire goldlike when you can find a helmet that gives 5 dr.
  18. Seems like the topic creator simply likes one setting over another. Nobody cares about infinite lore. Only if they like said lore. Dragon age is more realistic while dnd is high fantasy where one guy can kill 1000 orcs. Personally I like mixing sci fi with high fantasy. I think its really cool having a setting where you mix both. The lion clothed barbarian with a broadsword has the same chance to beat a laser gun shooting assassin. It all comes down to their individual power level. Everyone has the potential to be awesome no matter what technology they use or gods they believe in.
  19. lol walking and collecting rocks and plants simulator. DAI had some fun things to it but its gameplay for the most part was ****. If PoE does worse obsidian should switch to games to fast food company.
  20. Loot isn't hard won man. All you have to do is fine one +1 weapon your character is proficient in and you won the game. The game was littered with mmorpg like hey go kill this ogre to collect my ring, axe, kill 7 zombies. The traps were nothing a fighter with high con can't run through for the most part. Cloakwood have your fighters run through to clear and forget about your squishy companions. Also the best loot is conveniently put in the city districts you will likely go through on your way to finish the game.
  21. you can definitely beat bg1 in 20-30 hours first play through. Ya okay if you do all those outdated mmorpg type fetch quests maybe after wasting your time reading and going back and forth for all them you can add 20 more hours. Most of the loot was useless, encounters were easy, there were basically 2 types of encounter in bg. Easy? highlight all ur guys and right click hard, with casters and the like? summon monsters, highlight everyone and right click.
  22. A completionist run of a game that is supposed to be longer than BG1? 20 hours? How much money are we talking about betting here? The infinity engine games don't take long to clear. Blast through one map and another before u know it the games over. Especially since this game has a fast forward feature it'll be even easier. I can think of so many older game that took longer to beat then BG1. Blood omen, jet force gemini etc. BG1 was one of those short game on the PC for me that you blaze through like vampire redemption.
  23. 20-30 hours If I have to make a bet. 30-40 maybe. The longest game single player game I ever played where I actually spend 100 hours of my time to beat the main story and complete everything had to be front mission 3. I don't take account open world sandbox games like skyrim because of their redundant gameplay and because beating the main story in those games takes like 5-10 hour tops.
  24. judging from pax gameplay the game looks fairly easy. Not as cheese difficult as low and mid level adnd were you have to deal with how hp scores and hit or miss.
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