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  1. someone needs to make a easy mod where u can romance the companions by having them quiz you on their bra size, underwear color, etc. After you find these items in odd places like giant camps and kobold dens. Then u get sexy fan art pics. There you go romance players satisfied.
  2. I think anything better then neverwinters combat system. 3rd edition dnd combat is trash in general. ALL the fights are decided by the plethora of buffs before the fights happen. Neverwinters combat was fun to watch and thats about it.
  3. I'll probably go with a barbarian then whatever else. I think when I first played a infinity engine game way back when and was a noob I made a barbarian. Theres something really appealing about a class that gets slugged around and plays with death. A berserker kind of fighter is cool in general in most media.
  4. What about druids and shapeshifting? I remember reading a long time ago they could find some more "exotic" shapeshifting forms in the world, has it been confirmed or is it unsure too? What they need is a giant troll quest that leads the player in search of a dragon shapeshifting form. Be like the ultimate power egotistical **** waving quest in the game for druid players. Starts off with you talking with a dragon who mentions how you can shapeshift into if you learn the wisdom of the masters. If you have a perception of 19 you can tell he bull****ting you. If not you can take the quest and
  5. Joes not really known for being a console gamer. He plays plenty of simulation and strategy games for pc. In fact I think he more geekier then old school crpg gamers.
  6. Its been established in gaming you need at least 24 inch arms to pull a trigger effectively.
  7. Good and evil is subjective in real life. In fantasy world where every thing has magic power and such a degree of self independence the subject doesn't apply. Maybe for beast races and certain god touched individuals self mutilation and eating faces is honorable. Who really are we, the player, to judge what makes us the moral authority of other souls and their culture.
  8. The sequel will in fact be about romance. There will be several potential love interests some companions from pillars that you can choose to romance. However the one you choose to love will be snatched from you by Awakened souls of bears that have long history of the soul characteristic of "caring". You the player after the events of pillar of eternity learn you were in fact one of these bears. You must venture in the forest of care a lot and confront the bears and discover your hidden past, accomplish their tasks beset upon you and if you choose embrace caring nature of your soul or attempt t
  9. your best bet is to play the both and do a comparison video. Baldurs gate and infinity games have aged. Even with higher resolutions mods/patch they look bad because the game engine you can tell was not designed to support them ever. You can argue art style is better but not resolution and texture 3d graphic quality. If I had to compare where we are now from infinity using a game. Infinity engine games are the Wiis xenoblade chronicles, nice but blurry on wiis limited graphical capabilities. POE is xenoblade on the dolphin with highest native resolution and fan made hd texture patch.
  10. if ur seriously consider buying games. You want go with GoG since you can get refunds. Steam doesn't give refunds unless their is a fault with the game. If you want to take a risk and want steam achievements go with steam. You can totally get robbed in 2015 and pay 60 bucks for a game like dying light and have the game run like crap because you have a AMD card and the developer choose to do a secret deal with nvidia.
  11. real talk. What does it take to get this level of dialogue, graphics and animation in pillars? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_11r1yE3FI#t=226
  12. The funny thing about these animation threads that pop up on every game. People don't even begin to think about the technical aspect involved in making them. The limitations of game engine or the giant hurdle animators got to learn what works and what doesn't. I doubt ****ing 8 gigs of ram on a animators computer is what keeping the animations from being naruto shipudden ninja storm or whatever. Maybe if there a sequel obsidians team works out better animations but now I think the games set in stone.
  13. Put a cricket curse in the game where you hear the cricket sound in every area of the game unless you appease the cricket god by sacrificing npcs in the main cricket map or have the character you made in character creation commit suicide.
  14. Isn't mostly everything done? they have months of preparation before release. Someone ought to go in their office and slap them all silly if their a lot of technical issues at release.
  15. I like what underail a indie rpg has going for its experience system. You get to choices oddity or classic. Classic you gain xp like baldurs gate and those other old school games by killing stuff and completing quests. In oddity mode you get xp not by killing things but by collecting items in game world your guy studies and gains xp from. Gives more flexibility on character builds. Enemies still do though drop items your guys can study and get xp from and crafting materials. You can still reach level cap going stealthy and not being very combat focused which is great thing about oddity experi
  16. I always thought skyrim was massively overrated game. I remember my impression getting top of the biggest mountain in the game that leads to that monastary was a utter dissapointment. 10 thousand steps supposably and its supposed to be the biggest mountain in tamriel. Ya right I walked up dozens of mountains and some even were pilgrimage sites like the one in skyrim with bible quotes instead of skyrim lore lol. They all were way longer and bigger in scale then skyrims. That is the thing about skyrim it gives this grandeur illusion that its this epic big game when really its world is smaller th
  17. WTF are you talking about? In Morrowind you can't change anything. Who's in control of Balmora? The Tel'Vanni. Who's in control of Morrowind? The Empire. In Skyrim your actions determine whether or not the country remains a part of the Empire. That's a pretty big deal. NPCS least reacted to your reputation, start of game gaurds call you scum end game they worship you lol. End game guild quests like fighters/mages guild had multiple choices you can make. You can only side with one dark elf house determining which one dominates morrowind. Game was ahead of its time. Skyrim it felt like
  18. That is the problem with elder scrolls after morrowind there is no reactivity in the world or any REAL politics, it gives the illusion that there is this sandbox element where you can change things but the world is very static and takes no notice. Todd howard and bethesda crew obviously don't care at all. Because less scripting work involved and they prefer it this way themselves.
  19. The combat in skyrim is crap compared to oblivion. Even with different kind mods it comes down to you one shotting the enemy or they one shotting you mid late game. Least in oblivion with obscuro overhaul the combat stays relevant. Enemies can be moving fast as light shooting fireballs at you that don't drop you dead instantly same deal with melee combatants. They tried to make it more REALISTIC in skyrim with momentum and blows feeling like they have impact but it was way more cool when everyone can run backwards like unreal tournament and not one hitter quiter each other. Not to mention
  20. Well for steam its pretty easy, dont final release a beta or bug filled game. A game can then have very good review rating purely from fanboys and sell okay. From there if the game really good it can get outstanding 9/10 or 10/10 overwhelming review rating. Both sell good, overwhelming games tend to sell way more, good luck achieving that though unless the game is fun enough too appeal instantly for casuals and hardcore gamers like this war of mine and rogue legacy.
  21. Always thought the witcher games were meh. First game was okay, second game was a system hog. Both the witcher games I would say the combat system was bearable although not good as say dark soul games. But Witcher has more interesting game world/lore, well that depends how much you like geralt. A man whore monster slayer.
  22. Pillars wizards are not DND wizards. Not all rpgs handle wizards the same. In the wizardry games they are glass cannons with some buffs debuffs. Seems like thats what they are here also.
  23. You think whips would be over powered in DnD and similiar fantasy settings. There is magic so why do the whips not wrap themselves around whatever they being whipped at and strangle disable them.
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