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  1. Pros: Nice Graphics for a isometric. Not DnD its nice to see something different. Stronghold system, added fluff is always nice. Stat system. Personally found dnds stat system to be fail in all editions. game world and reputation system. Be interesting to see what obsidian can make. Negative: Its hard to say seeing we seen no gameplay yet. The soundtrack didn't wow me. This section would be huge if I played the game because I like to critic.
  2. This one seems a little non-intuitive to me; if you're having to defend against more than one attacker is seems like your likelihood of inflicting damage would actually drop unless the two opponents are getting in each other's way. I guess it must be a soul power... Its called being psycho, having killer instinct. Barbarians are those soldiers in war who get a massive excitement and adrenaline rush when faced with overwhelming adversary. When other soldiers are cowering with fear their vision jumps to 20/20 looking to inflict death.
  3. Hmmm how do you guess the plot with everything they shown us? I'm Guessing back in pillars of eternity beowulf days, thousands of years ago. Shamans would infuse a fragments of heroes soul in the pillars we see. Basically the pillars are a celebration of culture and life. Recently some nerd animancer fiddled around with the pillars and damaged them. Now the pillars are leaking like the fukishima reactor with wierd bizarro soul fragments of long gone heroes. Making portion of the world populace sick and experience soul anomaly. The pillars leakage also caused soul the whole soul reincarnation t
  4. Not sure if serious. Someone should try making a infinity engine game in rpg maker. Somehow make it work or even surpass the original game in entertainment lol. Copy all the maps and make them rpg maker style or knights of chalice like. Icewind dale would be a good choice.
  5. a delayed release for a infinity engine like game? I doubt it. All you got to do is design a bunch of maps. Just pop up unity rpg maker 2014 edition and git gud.
  6. man these previews don't tell us anything we couldn't know day 1 lol.
  7. Yes one can but that doesn't automatically dismiss his observation and opinion (and correct me if I'm wrong) that sexual violence is often used as a shortcut to convey strong emotions to an audience. I would be inclined to agree. I would not say, however, that it should be off limits. Just that it's inclusion ought to be thought out and measured in the context of the story that is being told. Like most here, it seems, I am not into sexual content designed simply to titillate. If that is the goal then I think it will nearly always come across as awkward. Fortunately that won't be an issue h
  8. I disagree, because rape gets used in fiction so much as a quick, cheap, easy stab at drama or plot point that it's lost all meaning. Overuse and casual use makes it less shocking, not more. You can call anything a quick, cheap, easy stab at drama or plot lol. I think rape is among the most boring devices to establish someone as a villain. Worse are only burning orphanages and kicking puppies. Your example is basically a scenario about a guy who's unable to cope with his suffering. That's fine. Having him being a man of virtue and reputation who's raped by monsters looks more lik
  9. I think rape would make for a powerful plot device. A high ranking male paladin part of a order gets captured by Bugbears and gets raped turns him fallen and demented. Blames his order for his rape and secretly plots to destroy it by seeking a paladin with slightly rebellious nature and tricking him to further his agenda. If I can suspend my disbelief and not feel like a giant douche killing thousands of humanoids who have families in the sword coast I can handle rape being used in game also.
  10. The racism in project eternity will be this Super athletes showing their dominance by sitting on emasculate men.
  11. When I read this I thought they can explore stuff you don't see put in entertainment media like rape and incest. Game of thrones type stuff. Like Baldurs gate what if Korgan was secretly working for Irenicus and revealed he raped Imeon, who does the player side with? Korgan who can unlock secrets of your god powers or your whiny half sister who bitches and moans about everything 24/7?
  12. To be fair, there are some innovations on the MMO market going on, like sandbox MMOs (Arche Age), the adaption of action combat mechanics (TERA, Wildstar), player housing (RIFT, Wildstar) and innovative quest design (The Secret World). Also, there's currently such a big shift to f2p going on, that there's pretty good mmos available f2p now. RIFT is probably the best of those. It basicly does everything that WoW does, but with added world events (RIFT is actually the first MMO that really nailed that zonewide-event mechanics after the terrible failure that was warhammer online) and pretty a
  13. Forget about mmos, mmos are a dying genre. Dark age of Camelot was the best everquest clone. WoW just popularized the everquest formula. 2014 bethesda releases elder scrolls online mmo and guess what. ITS TERRIBLE might as well play 1998 everquest or some random f2p mmo trash. Its essentially a single player game with chat rooms. The everyquest mmo formula already started simple and basic as can be and now today its even been downgraded. Its a waste of money to make a mmo unless you a game design god.
  14. Good thing obsidian realized how off the pcs looked in the original artwork they revealed and made efforts to make it look better. Very important to make it look like pcs are part of the artwork or otherwise you have games like fallout 3 where it just looks off. Your guy in fallout 3 like he is rollerblading everywhere around the world while everyone else some nub that does rollerblade.
  15. clerics paladins should be able to be fallen. Its goofy in badlurs gate 2 couldn't you kill servants of your god in the temple district and still have access to your gods powers. And you could do this in icewind dale series also probably.
  16. I think the spell effects look good from what we seen. The lightning on the magic missle and fireball look good. Visually it looks like a uprgrade to the 1990s spell fx heroes of might and magic 3 graphics aka baldurs gate magic missle. If the developers feel like it they can show same spells with diffierent graphic FX and have the community vote on what they think looks better. I think we can all agree that neverwinter nights 2 went overboard in all the flashy colors and lights. A fully buffed character looks like a shadow plant rock rainbow. I rather have the flashy effects though then
  17. depends Legend of Grimrock all said and done was a good fun game. If this turns out good half a million or million+ if its really succesful.
  18. There are only two games I can think of that did level scaling HORRIBLY wrong. Oblivion being one of them and the other some hack and slash diablo like game I played.
  19. We haven't seen any real combat videos to see. Low level combat was the most visually thrilling in the infinity engine games. 2 fighters swinging their two hand swords back and forth, who will hit, who will die? If Obsidian can somehow capture that aesthetic look and feel with the 3d models we have now that be cool. Visuals and animations go a long way into making a hack and slash combat system look good.
  20. You don't see tomes in many rpg games. I think they have the potential to be potrayed as being cool. We just need more fantasy games, cartoons and 3d cinematics where you have wizened old coots read stuff from their books and **** bricks on people.
  21. It changes nothing. If a soul is just someones essence then they can go through life living in bliss not caring about it. I can see some people not wanting to die if they find out a lot useful things from their soul power.
  22. I never was a fan of the infinity engine games music besides a few tracks what were amazing. Arcanum soundtrack was annoying how it all the music emphasized on one instrument but was alright. Medieval music sounds awesome and can be very atmospheric but at times sounds mundane and boring. Personally I'm more of a fan of high powered fantasy sounding music like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCT-JDMTI5I. This bossfight music you can imagine a wizardry samurai twirling his katanas at rapid rates before opening his palm to blast enemies with fireballs and a epic back to back combat ensuing.
  23. There being a optimal path the community can agree upon on. In fallout 2 if you were a slaver you were treated like a piece of **** which is awesome. But being the goody good shoes felt too unnatural. There should be waaaaay more consequences if you cross evil people. Irl crossing psychopaths could you get murdered, lose your job or even get you in trouble with the law. I think its dumb in crpg when the heroes confront evil "well hurr we can just kill them and problem solved." I want to see a more complicated scenarios when dealing with such groups or persons. Like if you refuse to work with t
  24. I like how obsidian is going to recognize the character for being sarcastic, friendy, or whatever personality if they consistent with choosing these dialogue options. How about for dwarves intimidating you threaten to cleave the person you are talking legs off. So a witch living in the woods, a human lord, town citizens etc. Eventually you'll get the reputation for that lulzy **** dwarf that wants to cleave everyones legs off if they oppose him or not.
  25. Reading text and dialogue is entertaining if it isn't concentrated and predictable. Like only party members have a lot of stuff to say or those npcs in "X" building or these lore collectables.
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